Sri Lanka Global Conference Calls

Colombo Sri Lanka Beach Need to host global conference calls in Sri Lanka?

Whether you’re located in Sri Lanka or have business contacts or family members in the country, as soon as a conference call involves international participants, it becomes much more complicated to coordinate.

Here’s what you need to know about hosting Sri Lanka global conference calls.

  1. Use a global conference calling service that provides Sri Lanka and global access numbers. The reason you need a global conferencing service in Sri Lanka is because traditional conference calling services only provide national and toll free numbers for that particular country. For example, if you’re in the United States and use a traditional domestic conference calling service, callers in Sri Lanka would not be able to join the call using the provided toll free number because that number only works in North America. While you could give them a non-toll free number (if available from your provider), they’d incur international long distance charges by the minute when participating in the call.

Our expanded global conference calling plan offers both toll free and regional (Colombo) access numbers for Sri Lanka along with toll free access numbers for more than 100 other countries.

This ensures that all of your international participants can join your Sri Lanka international conference calls simply by dialing a local access number without concerns about international long distance costs.

  1. Scheduling Sri Lanka global calls is tricky due to time zone differences. If you’re in India, this is less of a problem than if you’re in Brazil or New Zealand. How you schedule the call is up to you. However, keep in mind the purpose of the call and its “VIPs.” For example, if you are wooing potential customers in Sri Lanka, you’d probably want to schedule the call as conveniently as possible for them — even if it means that you must join the call in the middle of the night.
  1. Take advantage of available conference calling features. Our international conference calling plans for Sri Lanka and other countries include a variety of advanced features like MP3 call recording and moderator dial-out. Take advantage of these and increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of your Sri Lanka conference calls.

For example, when you record your conference calls, you can later distribute the recording to participants via an MP3 file. This is helpful in several ways including:

  • Making sure that everyone has a copy that they can listen to later.
  • Ensuring that participants who were unable to attend the call can hear it after the fact.
  • Having the ability to transcribe the call afterward.
  • Repackaging the recording as a training course or seminar (if applicable).

Moderator dial-out is a method where you can dial participants directly rather than requiring them to dial an access number. Our dial-out rates tend to be less than our toll free rates, making this a great way to reduce the total cost of the call.

How are you using international conference calls to communicate with others in Sri Lanka and around the world?

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