SOUTH AFRICA Virtual Phone Numbers

Cape Town South AfricaAccording to South Africa’s Institute of Export, South Africa’s combination of a First World economic infrastructure and a vibrant emerging market economy make it a sophisticated and promising market.

The Institute of Export also reports that South Africa has been making tremendous strides since 1994 toward becoming a major contributor to international markets. If you plan on doing business in South Africa, one excellent step forward that you can make is to order South Africa virtual phone numbers.

What Can a South Africa Virtual Phone Number Do for Your Business?

While you’ll obviously need South Africa virtual numbers once your business has officially been launched, we recommend getting your virtual numbers as soon as possible. The cost is minimal, yet the benefits robust.

For example, by giving your local business partners a local South Africa virtual phone number to reach you, you are sending a signal to them that you are serious about working with them on their turf.

Your virtual phone number makes it appear as though you already have an office in South Africa.

How You Can Use Virtual Phone Numbers in South Africa

There are several use cases for virtual phone numbers. A few include the following:

  • Using virtual phone numbers to establish a local business presence. Do you want your clients in South Africa to feel as if they’re dialing a business in the same town or country? A Cape Town, Durban, East London, or Johannesburg virtual phone number will do just that. If you prefer to use a toll free number for South Africa, you can order a toll free virtual number as well.
  • Using virtual phone numbers to look more professional. Your South Africa virtual phone number can help a smaller business appear larger or more professional — especially if you opt for a toll free virtual number. Our virtual numbers include valuable features that help build your credibility such as simultaneous ringing, sequential ringing, automated voice response systems, auto attendants, advanced routing, and more.
  • Using virtual phone numbers to make cheap international phone calls. While you may have a South Africa virtual phone number in order to help your local business partners or customers reach you internationally, you could also occasionally use it to make cheap international phone calls while visiting the country. For example, if you’re closing a deal in South Africa but need to call home, you could change the ring to number so that it rings to your home phone then dial the South Africa virtual number. This connects your call to your home phone, allowing you to avoid your hotel’s hefty connection and international long distances fees. Instead, you’ll pay your regular low per minute rates for your South Africa virtual phone number.

Our South Africa virtual phone numbers are offered on a no contract basis. Whether you need a temporary South Africa virtual phone number while you explore the market or intend to keep it for the long term, you’ll find that our plans are both affordable and scalable — and they’re loaded with the advanced features you need.

What do you love about doing business in South Africa?

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