How to Host South Africa Global Conference Calls

Our Expanded plan supports more than 100 countries. These global conference calling plans provide high quality, reliable connections over PSTN fiber optic telecommunications networks

Johannesburg South AfricaWhether you’re new to hosting conference calls or a seasoned pro, hosting global conference calls from South Africa or with participants in South Africa require a few extra steps.

Don’t worry, they aren’t hard. Once you’re all set up, you’ll be able to host South Africa global conference calls on a moment’s notice.


  • Start by signing up for a global conference calling service. South Africa is part of our Legacy global conferencing plan, and the per minute rates are extremely competitive. We also support more than 119 countries with this plan including worldwide toll free and local access numbers.
  • Our Expanded plan supports more than 150 global access numbers.

Both plans offer different country rates to accommodate diverse customer calling requirements.

These global conference calling plans provide high quality, reliable connections over PSTN fiber optic telecommunications networks — and they allow your attendees from around the world to easily join your South Africa conference calls without having to dial an international telephone number.

  • Download our free Connect app. This app makes it easy to initiate, participate in, or manage global conference calls. You can store your access number and PIN in the app, quickly connect to your South Africa global conference calls, dial participants directly to connect them to the call, and start recording the call with just a tap.
  • Schedule an international conference call. Scheduling is easy with no reservations required. Whether you want to schedule a group audio call in advance or need to meet with a global team ASAP, you can quickly organize your teleconference. If you need any help, we have live, US-based operators available 24/7.
  • Invite attendees. Your guests can join your South Africa global conference call using any type of phone including landlines, mobile cellular phones, VoIP, and Skype-compatible phones. Rates vary from country to country. If you are trying to keep your costs as low as possible, you’ll find that using the moderator dial-out feature can get you an even lower per minute rate than our toll free and local access numbers.  Our Expanded version includes an access number in Johannesburg in addition to a country specific South Africa Toll Free number.
  • Record your call. Once your South Africa conference call begins, you’ll want to make sure to record it. Let your callers know that the call is being recorded and then simply press *2 on your phone to start the recording. If you’re using the Connect app, you can record the call by tapping the record button. We’ll automatically mail a link to the MP3 recording to you after the conference call. This is a free feature.

If you need to host conference calls with participants located all over the world, using our pay-as-you-go global conference calling plan is a great way to do it. You’ll get the best call quality thanks to PSTN networks; your participants will be able to dial in using local or toll free access numbers; and you’ll get competitive rates without having to lock into a long-term contract.

With our service, you only pay for the minutes you use. That’s it.

No plan fees, no prepayment, no monthly fees, no contract, -it’s pay as you go, usage only.

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