How to Get SMS Text Messages Sent to Your Business Email Account

SMS Text ForwardingSMS text messaging is extremely popular among users, but more cumbersome to manage from a business perspective. However, because so many of your customers prefer to communicate by texting, you’ll need an efficient way to facilitate that.

Here’s one of the best ways to receive SMS text messages from your customers and partners directly in your business’s email: SMS call forwarding numbers.

  • Sign up for a dedicated SMS call forwarding phone number. SMS forwarding phone numbers are a type of virtual phone number that accepts SMS text messages and then forwards them to the designated email box. You can also receive phone calls on the designated ring to phone number.
  • Choose your desired phone number. Currently, we offer SMS-enabled virtual numbers in select countries including USA, Canada, UK, and Romania. You can choose from toll free and local numbers.
  • Set your destination number. This is where any voice calls will be routed.
  • Set your email address. This is where your SMS messages will be forwarded. Both the sender’s caller ID and text message will be included in the email.

That’s it, you’re now ready to begin receiving SMS text messages in your business email account.

Many of your customers, partners, colleagues, and other business contacts prefer texting to talking on the phone. Providing them with a channel in which to do so is easy, even if you use a traditional PBX phone system. While they may be texting on a mobile phone, you’ll receive their messages in your inbox where you can quickly view them, forward them, respond, and more. You can even manage your SMS messages from your online account dashboard.

Like our other virtual phone numbers, SMS-enabled call forwarding numbers are available without a contract. Choose the monthly plan that’s right for you and let the texting begin.

Learn more about SMS Call Forwarding and Text Messages here

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