Setting Up Virtual Phone Numbers for Iceland

As you set up your export business, you’ll meet with various partners in Iceland such as local distributors, authorities, warehouse managers, and suppliers.

Iceland PortThough Iceland has one of the smallest populations in the Baltic and Nordic region, it is one of the top 15 countries as far as per capita income goes in OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Iceland is also ranked by the World Bank in 13th place for “Ease of Doing Business.” To further Iceland’s attractiveness as an export destination, the country has limited consumer goods manufacturing capacity. If you’re thinking of exporting goods to Iceland, consider establishing a local presence by setting up virtual phone numbers for Iceland at the same time.

Iceland Virtual Phone Numbers Defined

A virtual phone number is one that is not locked into a specific phone such as a landline or mobile phone. Rather, you designated which phone your Iceland virtual number rings to at any given time — and you can change this ring to number as often as you’d like.

In the case of an Iceland virtual phone number, the number itself would be an Icelandic toll free number that works within Iceland but forwards to any phone number in the world that you designate as its ring to number. For example, if you have a call center in the United Kingdom, your callers in Iceland would dial a toll free number for Iceland, yet their calls would be routed to your call center in the UK.

Use Cases for Iceland Virtual Phone Numbers

You can use your Iceland virtual phone numbers in several ways. Below are two of the more common scenarios for exporters to Iceland:
• Establishing an Icelandic “branch office” — Not sure you want to rent office space in Iceland? It’s not necessary to staff a local office when you get virtual numbers. Simply order a virtual phone number for Iceland and set it up so that all of your calls are forwarded to the phone number of your choice.

From the callers’ perspective, they’re dialing a local business located in Iceland. The toll free number looks and acts just like any other toll free number in the country. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, it rings to another country.

Demonstrating your commitment to the Icelandic market

As you set up your export business, you’ll meet with various partners in Iceland such as local distributors, authorities, warehouse managers, and suppliers.

By providing these locals with an Iceland phone number, you are demonstrating that you are committed to entering the Icelandic market and making your business venture a success. At the same time, you are removing potential barriers to communicating with these local partners. They won’t think twice about dialing a toll free number should they have questions, want to place an order, or need to speak with you.

Sample list of Iceland companies:

A.G Sjávarafurðir
About Fish ehf
Actavis Group hf
Aðalbjörg sf
Agricultural Authority of Iceland
Agricultural University
agustson Ltd.
Air Iceland
Alasund Shipbroker
Alcan Iceland Ltd
Almenna verkfræðistofan hf.
Anna Guesthouse
Applicon ehf.
Arctic Comfort Hotel
Arion Bank hf.
Arni Magnusson Institute
Aseta Ltd
ASI Artgallery
Asíaís ehf.
Association of Chartered Public Accountants in Iceland
Association of Consulting Engineers
Association of Icelandic Fur Farmers
Atlantic Leather
Atlas Ísgata
Aurora Tours
AVIS Car Rental
Álafoss ehf.
Árbæjarsafn – Minjasafn Reykjavíkur
Ásver hf
Átak Car Rental

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