How to Set Up an International Hotline in Cyprus

You can also create international hotlines as part of a humanitarian effort from afar. To the people within the country, the phone number is toll free and local to their country.

Nicosia Cyprus Building

With its rich history and gorgeous setting, Cyprus is a popular destination in the Mediterranean.

However, it’s not always practical to travel to Cyprus, and political instability in neighboring Turkey may give you reason to pause your plans to visit the island nation in person.

If you’ve been working on establishing a business or nonprofit organization in Cyprus, one of the easiest ways to communicate with Cypriots from afar is by setting up an international “hotline” using international call forwarding numbers.

An international hotline using a Cyprus call forwarding number is a form of call diversion whereby callers in Cyprus would actually reach your office or recording located in another country.

Below are a few ideas for using international hotlines for business purposes in Cyprus:

  • You could set up a Cyprus toll free hotline number that would be toll free and easy to call for those in Cyprus.
  • This number would ring to the destination phone number of your choice — in virtually any country of the world.
  • You could use an auto attendant to route callers based on their needs, such as press 1 to report a service outage or press 2 to speak to an agent.
  • You could set up a 24/7 recording that relays specific information to callers. For example, if you’re looking to hire local sales representatives to sell your company’s goods and services in Cyprus, you could create a recording that details the opportunity, talks about the benefits of working for your company, and explains how they can apply for the position if they are still interested. Though relatively “old school” by modern Internet communications standards, phone in hotlines, including international hotline phone numbers, can still be an effective way to communicate a message to the masses.

You can also create international hotlines as part of a humanitarian effort from afar. To the people within the country, the phone number is toll free and local to their country. However, the phone calls coming into that hotline can be routed to a call center located elsewhere. This allows agents to help people in need without having to travel to the affected country or deal with the logistics of a battered infrastructure or civil unrest.

The ability to get a hotline up and running quickly is essential in the case of a crisis — and you never know when a crisis might strike Cyprus or any other place in the world. With our international call forwarding service, you can establish toll free global hotlines in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how our global call forwarding service works:

  1. First, pick the country and phone number type that you want to establish. For example, if you’re setting up an international hotline in Cyprus, you’d choose Cyprus and most likely choose a toll free number.
  2. Next, set the destination phone number. This is the number where your calls will be forwarded. For example, you could forward your international hotline to ring to a call center in Florida, USA.
  3. Choose how many minutes you’d like to purchase for the month. Our international call forwarding service is offered month-to-month, with no contract, no penalties, and no surprise charges. Simply pay for the minutes used. Optional rollover minutes are available, and you can cancel at any time.
  4. Set up your greeting, PBX features, and/or voicemail. Our service comes with a variety of advanced features that can be set up to best meet your needs.

Since our international call forwarding service is offered month to month, you can create an international hotline in Cyprus for any short-term or long-term need. Create an account today.

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