Should You Order Virtual Phone Numbers for India?

Virtual phone numbers allow you to accomplish several objectives without breaking the bank.

Delhi India RoadThinking of exporting your goods to India? While you’re at it, consider ordering virtual phone numbers for India.

Virtual phone numbers allow you to accomplish several objectives without breaking the bank. Below are three reasons to order virtual phone numbers for India.

1. Signal to Business Partners that You’re Professional and Serious About Your Expansion into India – First, you’ll likely need to interact with local partners and authorities in India as you establish your export business in the country. By providing them with a virtual Indian phone number to reach you, you are also signaling your intentions to them. Your local phone number will show that you are serious about doing business with their country and that you don’t expect them to incur expensive international long distance charges to speak with them.

Remember, your virtual phone number for India will ring to the phone of your choice – regardless of where in the world that phone happens to be. You could route your Indian phone calls to your personal mobile phone in America, to your branch office in Australia, or any phone of your choosing.

Not only that, you can change your ring-to number as desired. When visiting India in person, for example, you could change the virtual phone number so that it rings to a disposable mobile phone you’ve purchased for use in the country.

2. Establish a Local Presence in India – As you begin marketing your goods in India, you may find it helpful to appear as if you have a local presence in the country. This can instill confidence among potential customers as they may balk at doing business with a company outside their country. Even if you don’t expect to receive a high volume of phone calls, being able to publish a virtual phone number for India on your website, business cards, and marketing materials will add local credibility to your company.

3. Establish a Means for Indian Consumers to Reach Your Company – Finally, you will likely have a few customers who want to speak with a company representative for some reason. Perhaps they’re more comfortable placing an order over the phone rather than online; maybe they have questions about your product; maybe they need technical assistance; or perhaps they have a complaint you need to hear. No matter what the reason may be, providing your Indian customers with a local means of reaching you is essential in ensuring that they will pick up the phone.

Several type of virtual numbers for India are available – all at competitive rates on month-to-month plans with no contracts.

Choose from:

    • Toll free virtual numbers for India (0008 and 1800)
    • Bangalore virtual numbers (including Bangalore mobile virtual numbers)
    • Delhi virtual numbers (including Delhi mobile virtual numbers)
    • Mumbai virtual numbers (including Mumbai mobile virtual numbers)

How are you using virtual numbers in India?

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