Moldova Global Conference Calls are Easier Than You May Think

Our affordable global conference calling plans make hosting conference calls with participants around the world as easy as possible.

Do you need to coordinate a group audio call with participants located in Moldova and other Moldova Flag Mapcountries?

Whether you’re located in Moldova or you have attendees located there, the moment any conference call involves international participants, it becomes more complicated to coordinate.

First, you’ll need a convenient way for your participants in Moldova to access the conference call, and you may want to provide toll free access to boost participation rates.

For example, if you’re a buyer in the United States wanting to discuss importing wines from Moldova with several producers and distribution partners in Moldova, your callers from Moldova will need an access number to join your conference call but your company’s toll free number will only work in USA and Canada.

You could give them your direct phone number, assuming your phone system has conference calling capabilities, but that requires your attendees to dial international exit and country codes. Plus, they may be hesitant due to the potential costs involved.

Fortunately, international conference calling in Moldova is possible — and it’s both easy and affordable. Our extended global conference calling plan supports over 100 countries including Moldova. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for a pay-as-you-go global conference calling plan (there are no contracts or penalties for cancellation)
  • Schedule a Moldova global conference call
  • Invite participants via email
  • Participants dial a local (to their country and/or city) or toll free (again, local to their specific country) access number
  • All participants are joined into a group audio call over a fiber optic PSTN network

By using our international conference calling plan, your attendees in Moldova no longer need to worry about how to dial an international phone number or ultimately pay international long distance charges.

Best of all, you’re not just limited to participants in Moldova and your home country. If you have attendees in other countries such as Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Canada, or Australia, they can join the call too. They’ll also use a country-specific access number to join the global conference call.

Another challenge of hosting global conference calls involves timing the call so that it is convenient for most attendees. Time differences between your country, other participants’ countries, and Moldova could mean that no matter what time you pick to host the global conference call, someone will be inconvenienced.

One workaround to this is to use MP3 call recording to record your global conference call, and then distribute the audio file to any participants who did not attend the call live.

Our affordable global conference calling plans make hosting conference calls with participants around the world as easy as possible. We use the best global networks to ensure audio quality and reliability.

With no contracts and no long-term commitments, you can use our Moldova global conference calling plan as needed.

Find out just how affordable global conference calls can be by browsing our list of countries and rates now.