Mexico Toll Free International Phone Numbers: Regular or Mobile Accessible

Torrel Latinoamericana Mexico City Photographs by Jorge LascarThinking about getting a Mexico toll free international phone number for your business? This is a smart move for any business serving the Mexican market.

After all, consumers need a convenient and free way to reach businesses with their questions, concerns, or need for technical assistance. However, did you know that toll free international phone numbers in Mexico come in two flavors?

Find out the difference so that you make the best decision possible for your business.

The Two Flavors of Mexico Toll Free International Phone Numbers: Regular and Mobile Accessible

You’re likely familiar with traditional toll free numbers. Callers dial the toll free number, the phone rings at your business, and your business incurs the cost of the phone call. Customers like toll free numbers because there’s no cost. =

They also perceive the business as being larger and more professional than businesses that do not provide toll free numbers.

Toll free numbers, however, are not international numbers. That is, if you have a toll free number in the United Kingdom, callers from Mexico would not be able to use it to reach you. Instead, you’d need a toll free international phone number specific to Mexico and configured to ring to your UK call center.

Regular toll free international phone numbers for Mexico work as designed — unless the caller is using a mobile phone.

According to, an estimated 65.5 percent of Mexicans will use mobile phones in 2015 with that percentage increasing each year. By 2018, 72 percent of Mexicans are expected to have mobile phones.

With more than half of your market using mobile phones, getting regular toll free access may not be the best choice as there’s no guarantee mobile callers will be able to use your Mexico toll free international call forwarding number.

A better choice would be to get a mobile accessible toll free call forwarding number in Mexico. Not only can you ensure that all of your potential callers will be able to reach your business toll free, our international call forwarding rates for Mexico toll free mobile accessible numbers are slightly lower than they are for regular toll free international call forwarding numbers in Mexico.

How International Toll Free Call Forwarding Works in Mexico

Our plans are easy to set up and use. Start by selecting the type of international call forwarding you want in Mexico: toll free or toll free mobile accessible. Note that regional (i.e., Acapulco, Cancun, Puebla, etc.) international call forwarding numbers are also available; however, they are not toll free.

Next, choose one of several month-to-month plans. Each plan contains a predetermined bucket of minutes with additional minutes available as needed at highly competitive international call forwarding rates. Consider adding optional rollover minutes or optional call recording.

Finally, share your Mexico toll free international call forwarding number with potential callers and use your plan for as long as you want. There are no contracts and no long-term usage requirements. You can cancel at any time.

Which Mexico toll free or local international call forwarding plan is right for you?

View our Mexico Virtual Number plans today.

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