Several ways to manage your Canada conference calls

When it comes to hosing conference calls with Canada, you have several convenient options.

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Three Easy Ways to Host Conference Calls Across Canada

When it comes to hosing conference calls with Canada, you have several convenient options. Below are three of the easiest ways to host a Canada conference call using our pay-as-you-go Canada conference calling service.

  1. Host a Toll Free Canada Conference Call

Perhaps the easiest option of all is to host a toll free Canada conference call. With this type of conference call, each attendee is given a toll free access number and a conference PIN. Whether in Vancouver, Québec, Montreal, Toronto, or a remote community in the Yukon, your attendees will each dial into your conference call using a toll free number. There are no costs to your participants whatsoever with this method, and you’re billed 2.9 cents per minute per participant. This is about as easy as it gets.

  1. Use a Combination of Local and Toll Free Access Numbers

Another option is available that can still ensure that your attendees can dial in at no cost, or at minimal cost, while lowering your costs a bit: using a combination of local and toll free access numbers. We have local access numbers for certain Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Alberta, Québec, Halifax, Ottawa, and Calgary. Have your attendees in these cities use local access numbers, which reduces your per minute rate down to just 2.9 cents per minute per participant. For everyone else, issue the toll free access number. Again, this is very easy on everyone involved.

  1. Use the Live Conference Viewer to Dial Attendees in Canada Directly

Our free live conference viewer is yet another easy-to-use option. This is a web application that allows you to manage your conference calls as they take place. You can also use the Live Conference Viewer to manually control the call in progress.

Each of the above options is easy with our service — and it gets even better! You can also extend your Canada conference calls to participants around the world if desired. For example, if you have participants in the United States who need to be on the conference call, you can invite them, too. We have dozens of local access numbers (1.7¢ /min) for cities across the United States as well as toll free access.

Thus, you can use our Canada conference calling service to host:

  • Canada conference calls with participants across Canada only
  • US – Canada conference calls with participants in Canada and USA

This is a pay-as-you-go conference calling plan with no contracts, no monthly fees, and no unexpected charges. We have exceptional audio quality and reliability, and our plans are packed with advanced features.

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