USA Philippines Phone Calls Cheap without Calling Cards or Hidden Fees

Use our prepaid USA – Philippines calls service and experience a better way to stay in touch.

Use our prepaid USA - Philippines calls service and experience a better way to stay in touch.USA Philippines Phone Calls the easy way.

Thinking about bypassing your telephone carrier (and high international calling rates) the next time you need to call someone in the Philippines?

Several cheap country-to-country calling options are available, but you’ll want to be aware of the potential drawbacks such as inferior call quality, complex PIN numbers, and dialing instructions, or hidden fees.

Fortunately, you can get the best of all worlds and avoid these potential problems with our prepaid USA – Philippines calling service.

Benefits of Using Our USA Philippines Phone Calls Service

Our prepaid USA Philippines phone calls bypass your carrier without complicated dialing instructions, giving you access to crisp international connections at incredibly low per minute rates. Below are some of the benefits our service offers:

  • Works from any phone — There’s no need for an Internet connection or an app, which is great for those who are not technically inclined. A mobile app, however, is available for those who prefer the extra conveniences and value-added features included in our Android and iOS apps.
  • Shortcuts — Dialing any number manually is tedious enough as it is, add in international dialing codes and access numbers to get the cheapest USA to the Philippines calling rates and you have a lot of numbers to dial. Fortunately, you can register your phone number so that you can instantly bypass your local carrier without having to dial an account number or PIN. In addition to this shortcut, you can also set up 99 international speed dial numbers. Simply use your registered phone, enter the speed dial number, and enjoy cheap international phone calls from USA to the Philippines.
  • No hidden fees or commitments — Our prepaid country-to-country calling plans have what we like to call “clean rates” which means what you see is what you get charged. For example, if the rate for a USA – Philippines phone call is advertised at 9.4 cents per minute and you talk for 10 minutes, you will be charged 94 cents for the phone call. There are no hidden charges, activation fees, taxes, or penalties.
  • Flexibility — Prepaid plans are extremely flexible because they adapt to your needs. For example, it may take you months to use up an initial allotment of minutes, allowing you to call and check in with family members or business contacts as needed. Meanwhile, if a crisis occurs and you need to speak more frequently, you can easily add minutes without having to be locked into a specified account type for months on end. Likewise, if you have the need for a higher call volume, we offer premium plans with the lowest per minute rates and a small monthly fee.
  • Your family in the Philippines Gets Low Rates Too — You can register your family members’ Philippines phone numbers in your account, allowing them to take advantage of low international rates when calling you.
  • Sub-accounts — You can also create sub-accounts for family members.

Calling friends, family members and business contacts in the Philippines doesn’t need to be complicated nor expensive. Use our prepaid USA – Philippines calls service and experience a better way to stay in touch.

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