Why it’s Important to Have Local Phone and Conference Call Numbers in Japan

Japan OsakaAn article on Business Insider about doing business in Japan made an important point about the difference between American meetings and Japanese meetings.

Where Americans tend to use meetings to brainstorm or make decisions, Japanese primarily hold meetings to gather information — and they tend to hold a lot of meetings before a decision is ultimately made.

So, what does that have to do with phone numbers in Japan? If your company has Japanese clients, sales leads, or prospects, you’ll need to be available for an extended time after your initial meeting to answer questions, provide additional information, and address concerns. Unless you’re willing to fly to Japan frequently, the phone will vital to your success.

However, these are customers and prospects, so providing a toll free phone number for Japan is ideal. You could also get a virtual global number specific to your customer’s city such as Tokyo, Osaka, or Kobe. Either way, extending this professional courtesy will make it easier for your Japanese business contacts to call you as well as show that you are a gracious, hospitable company to do business with.

We recommend two types of international phone services when selling to customers in Japan: global virtual phone numbers and international conference calls.

  • Global virtual phone numbers for Japan — These phone numbers, which are available as local or toll free numbers unique to Japan, are virtual in the sense that they are not tied to a physical location. You don’t need an office in Tokyo in order to have a Tokyo phone number! Instead, the Japan virtual number forwards all incoming calls to the phone of your choice. We include a lot of advanced calling features with our global virtual numbers and route all calls over fiber optic PSTN telecommunications networks.

By getting a Japanese virtual phone number, your prospects and customers will be able to return your calls or initiate a phone call without concerns about making an international phone call.

  • International conference calls in Japan — Many of your Japanese business contacts and sales leads will be making decisions by committee. This involves gathering a lot of information and consensus building. International conference calls are one of the best ways to be involved in this process. Our international conferencing plans include Japanese toll free access numbers and MP3 call recording tools (among other advanced features).

Participants in Japan and around the world simply call a local or toll free phone number to join the call and enter the conference room’s PIN number. That’s it. The call begins and you are billed only for the minutes used.

Like our global virtual phone numbers in Japan, international conference calls are routed over modern fiber optic PSTN networks for exceptional sound quality and reliable connections. Both of these international phone services are offered with no contacts, no obligation, no penalties, and no surprises.

You can buy a Japan virtual phone number with a bundle of minutes on a month-to-month basis, upgrading and downgrading your monthly minute allotment as needed each month. Optional rollover minutes are available. Our international conferencing plan for Japan is truly pay as you go. There are no monthly fees or minimums. Simply pay for the minutes consumed as you use them.

If you’re working on a deal in Japan, expect ongoing communications moving forward. Make those communications easier and more effective by signing up for a global virtual number and international conferencing plan today.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/6-things-to-know-about-business-in-japan-2014-6

View details about Japan conference calling here.

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