Jamaica Global Conferencing: Tips and Tricks

Our Jamaica global conferencing service works beautifully with the free Connect app, which makes joining and managing conference calls very easily.

Jamaica BeachHolding a global conference call with participants in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean is a cost-effective way to communicate, especially when compared with travel.

Our modern, fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network allows for crystal clear reception no matter where your participants are located or how well equipped their nations’ own telecom systems are, or aren’t as the case may be.

While our pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan makes it easy to host and participate in Jamaica global conference calls, we have a few conference calling tips to help you get the most out of your time collaborating.

  • Review your participant list. Have you invited the right people? What are the per minute costs for each participant’s countries? You may find that some countries, like Jamaica, have higher per minute rates than others like the USA. If it’s going to be a short conference call or if you only have a few participants in Jamaica, this might not be a concern. On the other hand, if you expect to call to be fairly long or if you a lot of participants from Jamaica, you’ll want to be aware of those costs and consider using moderator dial out which has much lower rates.
  • Prepare for your conference call just as you would prepare for an in-person meeting. It’s smart to create an agenda with time limits. The more focused the better. Share your agenda with participants in advance so that they too can prepare.
  • Set up reminders in your calendar or time management system. Whether you use an online calendar, a to-do app, or any other system, set up a reminder so that you are alerted about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. You could even create your agenda in Evernote, for example, and the set up the note with a reminder. If you’ve scheduled the call using our system, we’ll also send a reminder. Reminders will help you to remember the call is coming up as well as give you a few minutes to gather your thoughts and review your notes.
  • Use our the free Connect app. Our Jamaica global conferencing service works beautifully with the free Connect app, which makes joining and managing conference calls very easy. If you plan on using the moderator dial-out feature to dial your Jamaican participants directly, you can do so directly from within the app. This app is also a good choice for your participants.
  • Record your global conference calls. You can also record your Jamaica conference calls with just a few key presses during the call. The app also has a record button. No matter how you initiate the recording, you’ll receive an MP3 audio file at the conclusion of your teleconference. Many of our users limit their live calls to a handful of participants and then later distribute the MP3 recording to a wider audience.

Finally, relax and enjoy collaborating with your colleagues around the globe. Because international conference calls are so affordable, you can hold them frequently, allowing you to build stronger relationships over time.

aitelephone.com offers Jamaica toll-free number access and dial-out access for international conference calls with Jamaica participants.  In addition, each caller can download the free Connect App for iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.  The Connect app enables connecting to the conference call without dialing an access number.

How has your company benefited from hosting global conference calls.

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