Communicating with Investors via Ireland International Conference Calls

Your potential investors will not need to rely on operator assistance to make an international call to Ireland, nor will they need to worry about the cost of the call.

 Bridge Dublin Ireland Eire City CanalIreland’s business startup scene is booming, making it an attractive potential destination for international investors. However, before booking a flight, many savvy investors will want to ask a few questions. Using Ireland international conference calls with founders and investors is a good way to set the stage for an in-country visit.

Depending on where your potential investors are located, traveling to Ireland could be a costly endeavor. Ireland international conference calls allow you to enter into preliminary discussions and address any concerns early in the relationship. As your international investors learn more about your vision and opportunity through your conference calls, they’ll be better able to make the decision to meet with you in person.

How International Conference Calls in Ireland Work

If your investors are in other countries and you’re in Ireland, international conference calls allow your investors to dial a local or toll free number within their own countries in order to join the conference. You’ll dial a local or toll free number for Ireland. All callers from around the world will be routed over a fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network and joined into an audio conference room via our conference bridge. Sound quality is exceptional, allowing your investors to hear your pitch and ask questions without interference, echoes, dropouts, or other signal issues.

Show Your Professionalism with Ireland Conference Calls

While you could use other methods to communicate in a group audio call with investors, most are complicated, hard for everyone involved to use, and fraught with audio quality problems. On the other hand, hosting an international conference call with country-specific access codes and exceptional sound quality signals your professionalism.

Your potential investors will not need to rely on operator assistance to make an international call to Ireland, nor will they need to worry about the cost of the call. Many will appreciate the fact that you’ve provided them with toll free access while others will view your thoughtfulness as a good business practice.

If you want to be seen as a professional an investor can be confident in investing in, you’ll want to look and act the part. Your choice in providing a convenient, high quality, and toll-free means of communication will go a long way in impressing your investors.

Prepare for the Next Round with MP3 Recordings

In addition to facilitating communications with your international investors, you could use the MP3 recording feature to record your conference calls. Later, listen to the recordings to critique your pitch, catch nuances you might not have noticed during the call, or review the information.

As you move forward, listen to the earlier recording to prepare for the next round. This can help refresh your memory and calm your nerves. It can also help to ensure that you don’t forget any action steps you’d previously agreed to perform.

Ireland international conference calls are a great way to communicate with investors before, during, and after the deal. Sign up for a pay-as-you-go account and enjoy the benefits of international collaboration. There are no contracts, activation fees, monthly fees, or minimums.

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