International Conferencing and the Legal Industry

Not only can you host conference calls with numerous participants from around the world, you can do so without overseas travel.

International Conferencing and the Legal Industry

International Conferencing and the Legal IndustryLegal Industry Conference Calls

International phone conferencing provides attorneys with a robust communications solution to costly international flights. If you need to fly in an expert witness from another country or travel to another nation to negotiate a contract, consider using an international conferencing service instead. Not only can you communicate with numerous participants from around the world in a teleconference, you can do so without the hassles of international travel.

Types of Events Suitable for International Conference Calls

Teleconferencing is an excellent choice for busy attorneys who want to conserve both time and resources. Many routine meetings can be handled via an international conference call including the following:

  • Client meetings – If your firm has clients located around the world, clients who travel frequently, or attorneys who travel frequently, international conferencing allows for group phone calls with all involved parties no matter where they may be located. Whether you have a new client located in France, an attorney on vacation in Belize, and a senior partner working out of New York City, everyone can gather together in a private teleconference at the appointed time.
  • Expert witnesses – Need to interview an expert witness from Europe as you build your case in the United States? Using international conferencing is an affordable choice that does not require any special equipment on anyone’s part. Each participant uses a standard or mobile telephone, dials the access number, and is joined into the conference call. You and your colleagues can ask questions, get clarification, and get a feel for the witness’s tone of voice and demeanor without having to travel. In addition, you can record the call or even have a court reporter present.
  • Audio depositions – Can’t wait until a witness returns from an overseas trip to hold the deposition? Consider using an international conference call to hold an audio deposition. Again, you, the deponent, a court reporter, and other attorneys may be located in different countries. However, by using international conferencing, you can also speak to one another in a group conference call.
  • Contract negotiations – If you need to be involved in multiparty contract negotiations, you may be able to accomplish a great deal of work in an international conference call. Not only can everyone involved join in the call from whichever country they may be in at the time, you can record the call for later as well as have the MP3 recording of the call transcribed if desired.

Meetings, interviews, depositions, and contract negotiations are just a few of the many ways that you can use international conferencing in your law firm. Other possibilities include collaboration with senior partners and overseas vendors, training and motivational sessions, strategy planning sessions, and even sales meetings with prospective clients. The options are virtually endless!

The Benefits of Using International Conferencing

You can hold any number of group interactions using a global conference call. Doing so can lead to numerous benefits including the following:

▪Less travel – Less travel means reduced travel expenses and increased productivity. For example, if you need to fly across the ocean once a month to meet with a VIP client living abroad, international conferencing can save your firm thousands of dollars each month in travel expenses. In addition, since you won’t be spending several days in transit each month, you will have more hours available for other clients. Reduce costs and increase billable hours by choosing international conferencing as often as possible.

▪Easy international dialing – With international conferencing, participants can dial unique phone numbers to reach your teleconference. What makes these numbers so special? They are specific to the callers’ countries. For example, a caller in Spain can dial a toll free number that adhere’s to Spain’s dialing conventions while a caller in the United States might dial a U.S. 1-800 number to connect to the same teleconference. This is especially helpful in addressing qualms about international calling costs as well as in helping callers connect to a conference call without needing operator assistance.

▪Easy MP3 recordings – Recording an international conference call is simple if your calling plan supports MP3 recordings. Having a recording of the call allows attorneys to review the call later or get the call transcribed if desired.

What to Look for in an International Conferencing Plan when associated with the Legal Profession

As a member of the legal profession, you need a reliable communications method free of advertisements, interference, and expensive long-term contracts. Fortunately, it is possible to get a high quality international conferencing plan that does not require a contract or impose monthly minimum usage requirements. Depending on your intended use, you can either get toll free or local access numbers specific to each user’s country. Keep in mind that rates vary based on the countries involved and that some countries have lower rates than others. If a country’s rates are higher than expected, you can use moderator dial out to call participants in those countries and get a better per minute rate.

International conferencing is a cost-effective way for attorneys to communicate with clients, partners, vendors, other attorneys, and other people located around the world. Whether you need to collaborate, negotiate, or interview witnesses, choosing a pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan provides you with options.

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