International Conferencing Calling Lebanon

Whether you’re in Lebanon or on the other side of the world, your global conference calls will be crystal clear.

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Ensure that all of your international conference call participants in Lebanon and other countries around the world have a great end-user experience by choosing an international conference calling solution that works well.

Lebanon International Conference Call Solution

Whether you are in Lebanon and responsible for hosting a global conference call or simply have a few attendees located in the country, the moment your conference call involves international participants, it becomes more complicated to host. Fortunately, our international conference calling service is designed specifically to counter these challenges.

For illustrative purposes, we’ll assume that you’re in Lebanon and would like to host an international conference call with participants located in the following countries:

  • Lebanon
  • France
  • Ireland
  • El Salvador
  • USA
  • Canada

While you could attempt to use your office’s PBX system for the conference call, your global attendees would need to dial your company’s direct phone number in Lebanon. This means that each attendee would incur international dialing costs. Not only that, some may need operator assistance to dial out of their countries. Also, some might not attend your call because of perceived difficulties or concerns about international charges.

With our international conference calling plan in Lebanon, you can overcome all of those objections. First, your participants will be able to dial local or toll free access numbers to your Lebanon conference call. These access numbers are specific to each country. For example, your callers in Ireland will dial an Irish access number while those in Canada will dial a Canadian one.

Though they may still incur local toll charges (depending on their proximity to the local number provided), they will not need to learn how to place an international phone call, nor will they need operator assistance. If you want to make sure they don’t incur any local toll charges, provide toll free access numbers to your conference call.

Now that access to your Lebanon international conference call is taken care of, let’s look at some of the other benefits of using our global conferencing service:

  • Low per minute international rates — Each call is billed on a per participant, per minute basis with rates varying based on the countries involved. Our international conference calling rates are extremely competitive, making hosting international conference calls in Lebanon more affordable than you may have thought. You can also reduce the per minute rates on select countries by opting to dial those participants directly. For example, the toll free rate for El Salvador is currently $0.39 per minute while the dial out rate is $0.17 per minute.
  • MP3 call recording — The ability to easily record your global conference calls is also beneficial. Whether you intend to keep the recording as a record of the call or would like to share it with absentee participants, the recording is easy to create and share.
  • Pay-as-you-go — Our international conference calling services in Lebanon and around the world are offered on a no-contract basis. Simply pay as you go without concerns about long-term commitments or minimum usage requirements.
  • Access numbers that work — 24 hour monitoring of our global access number system assures that your call will have no connections issues for your participants.

All of our international conference calls are powered by a global fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network for the best quality and reliability. Whether you’re in Lebanon or on the other side of the world, your global conference calls will be crystal clear.

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