Hosting International Conference Calls in Taiwan

Taiwan Taipei at NightYou’re in Taiwan on a business trip when it dawns on you that you need to host a group audio call with partners in Taiwan, other parts of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Normally hosting a conference call wouldn’t cause you much stress, but because you have participants around the world, you realize that this international conference call in Taiwan could be challenging.

Plus, you’re staying at a hotel where it costs a small fortune just to call your office back home — and your regular conference calling plan won’t work in Taiwan. What do you do?

As challenging as this scenario appears at first glance, it’s actually not all that difficult to host international conference calls in Taiwan — if you use the right international conferencing service, that is.

Our Taiwan global conference calling plans are the answer. With a pay-as-you-go international conference calling plan, you can use the service as needed and let it expire without penalty when you no longer need it. Meanwhile, our Taiwan conference calling service will allow you to:

  • Connect with participants around the world at low per minute rates
  • Use fiber optic PSTN telecommunication networks for the best call quality
  • Enjoy advanced conference calling features like MP3 call recording and moderator dial out
  • Host global conference calls in Taiwan on the fly (no reservations required)

In addition, your callers will be able to:

  • Dial into your global conference call in Taiwan by dialing a local phone number, or a toll free phone number, for their own countries
  • Access your Taiwan conference call from any type of phone including landlines, VoIP, and mobile phones

With our Taiwan conference call service, only those located in Taiwan will ever need to dial a Taiwan phone number. As the host of the call located inside Taiwan, you’ll immediately reduce your personal access costs by dialing a local, rather than international, access number. Therefore, you can bypass your hotel’s excessively priced international long distance service.

At the same time, your attendees in other parts of Asia will be issued local numbers for their countries as will callers from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They, too, will avoid international access fees. Not only does this reduce, or eliminate, their costs, it also reduces confusion related to dialing foreign access numbers. There’s no need for them to figure out their country’s exit codes or request an operator’s assistance.

Our pay-as-you-go international conferencing service is easy to use for everyone involved, and it’s an affordable choice with its competitive per minute rates for countries around the world. Whether you need to host a single conference call in Taiwan or plan on using the global conferencing service on a regular basis, our plans are as flexible as you need them to be — and the quality is exceptional.

Have you ever been faced with the need for an international conference call?

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