International Call Forwarding for Small Businesses

International Call Forwarding for Small Businesses

International Call Forwarding for Small BusinessesInternational Call Forwarding for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you may not necessarily consider your business an international one. However, you may have customers, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, partners, and colleagues located in other countries. Even if you don’t currently, that could change in the near future. Whether you currently work with others from around the globe, expect to, or want to, setting up an international call forwarding number for your business is an option with numerous benefits for small businesses. Here’s a quick look at what international call forwarding could do for you.

Facilitate International Collaboration

Are you working with an important client from another country? Have you outsourced a part of your business to another person overseas? Setting up an international call forwarding number is one way to avoid international dialing confusion and concerns about costs. With international call forwarding, you establish a virtual number that is local to the country in which your client, partner, supplier, or other party resides. That number looks the same as any other phone number issued in that country; however, it rings to a phone located in your country such as your home office phone or mobile phone.

For example, if you’re based in the United States and have an important client in Portugal, you could get a virtual number from Portugal and set it to ring to your office in the U.S. Your client dials a local number to reach you and does not need to worry about international calling costs or operator assistance. As the international call forwarding account holder, you will pay for forwarding costs on a low per minute basis based on the countries involved.

Enable International Sales from New Overseas Markets

Many small business owners use international call forwarding to enter new markets. For example, if you offer a product or service that appeals to consumers in Brazil, you could establish a Brazilian presence simply by getting a virtual number for Brazil and marketing your offer. Consumers would see a familiar phone number that’s local to their country, yet the phone would ring at your desired location.

Create a Larger Image for your Small Business

Many small businesses appear larger than they are thanks to the ability to add international “locations” through the use of virtual numbers. For example, let’s say that you run an eCommerce store that sells products to customers in North America and the United Kingdom. While you may run your site and coordinate drop shipping out of your home, your customers don’t need to know that. By using international call forwarding, not only can you have an 800 number for your U.S. and Canadian customers to call, you could establish country-specific numbers for callers from Mexico and the United Kingdom to call. At first glance, it appears as though you have offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the U.K. In addition to appearing larger, these local numbers help to ease customer concerns about dealing with a local company.

Reduce International Calling Costs

As the owner of a small business, containing costs is likely a top priority. If you make a lot of international phone calls, you may find it advantageous to use international call forwarding as an alternative to direct dialing. This strategy takes a little price comparison to ensure that your per minute virtual number rates are lower than your phone company’s international calling rates. If they are, then use your international call forwarding’s online account management dashboard to temporarily change the destination phone number to the international number that you intend to call. Once set, dial your virtual number; the phone will ring to the number you just entered. Enjoy your conversation with the knowledge that you are saving money. Once the conversation ends, make sure to go back into your account management dashboard and change the ring to number back to its primary one.

Keep Connected When on International Trips

Another great use for international call forwarding arises when you travel outside of your own country. In many cases, your cell phone won’t work internationally. If it does, international roaming rates may be cost-prohibitive. Set up a local international call forwarding number before you go and distribute it to your family, friends, and colleagues who may need to reach you while you’re gone. When you arrive at your destination, buy a disposable cell phone and then set up your virtual number to ring to it.

Whether you need to collaborate with overseas partners, enter new markets, make your business appear larger than it actually is, reduce international calling costs, or stay connected while traveling, international call forwarding can play a role in making it happen. Not only can international call forwarding help to do all of the above, it can do so more affordably than you may realize. Pay-as-you-go plans with no minimum usage requirements or penalties are available with both excellent service and attractive rates. You may not consider your business international, but it could be. Get your international virtual number today!

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