Initiating Global Conference Calls in Chile

There is no scheduling required to host your Chile conference call.

Santiago City Center SkyscraperOne of the challenges of doing international business involves holding global conference calls with a diverse mix of participants or when traveling abroad.

If you need to initiate a global conference call in Chile, for example, you may have participants in other countries who are unwilling to dial an international access number to join your conference.

The workaround — which is also an excellent solution for hosting global conference calls around the world — is to use a service provider that provides toll free or local access numbers for the countries in which your participants are located.

How to Initiate Global Conference Calls in Chile
Once you’ve signed up for your Chile conference calling plan, you’re ready to host your first conference call. You can chair the conference on the fly.

Once you’ve scheduled the call with your attendees, you’ll need to let your participants know how to join it. Assuming you’re located in Chile, you and your participants in Chile will dial either a toll free Chile access number or a local access number for Santiago (this depends on the choices you’ve made in setting up your conference call).

For participants located in other countries, decide whether to provide toll free or local access numbers. In most cases, you’ll pay less per minute for local numbers. In others, the difference between toll free and local access numbers is minimal. Make sure to look up the rates for the countries involved to determine which option makes the most sense for you and your participants.

Invite your participants. Send an email to all participants notifying them of the conference call’s details including time (preferably in local time or Greenwich Mean Time to minimize confusion about the call’s time and date) and access numbers for their countries.

What You Need to Know About Holding Global Conference Calls in Chile
Holding global conference calls in Chile isn’t overly difficult if you choose a robust international conferencing solution. Our pay-as-you-go global conferencing plans are ideal for international business professionals who want competitive pricing and the ultimate in flexibility. Whether you use the service on a daily basis or just once per year, you’ll pay only for the minutes you use.

It’s important to note that global conferencing providers are not created equally. Some have activation fees, long-term contracts, monthly fees, minimum usage requirements, hefty per minute rates, and quality issues.

In contrast, our global conferencing plans are known for:

• Superb audio quality (we use PSTN networks, not VoIP)
• Competitive per minute rates for countries around the world with even cheaper dial-out options available
• 24/7 operator assistance
• Contract-free, pay-as-you-go plans
• No minimum usage requirements
• No monthly fees
• Premium features (such as MP3 recordings) included at no extra cost

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