Use India Global Call Forwarding Numbers to Stay in Touch Outside of India

Why Using India Call Forwarding Virtual Numbers Can Change Your Business Life

Mumbai Bombay Skyline
Mumbai Bombay Skyline

Stay in touch outside of India with global call forwarding numbers for your customers, business associates, or even family members.

By getting a global call forwarding number for India, your contacts can reach you anywhere in the world by dialing a local India phone number.

How India Global Call Forwarding Works

Our India call forwarding numbers are a special type of virtual phone number. Though local to India, these virtual phone numbers aren’t actually installed at locations in India, or anywhere for that matter. Rather, you will assign a “ring to” number to your India global call forwarding number.

Once set up, your callers in India will dial a local or toll free number to reach you wherever you may be. Whether you’re in Paris, London, Sydney, or New York City, or any other city, you can receive calls from India.

Your India global phone calls reach you by being forwarded internationally over fiber optic networks. These are PSTN (public switched telephone network) communications networks which are the most reliable type — far superior to VoIP. Whether you’re located in Southeast Asia or on the other side of the globe, the sound quality is carried through beautifully. With VoIP, this isn’t always the case. In fact, VoIP calls remain notorious for noise, echo sounds, stutters, delays, and dropouts.

India Global Call Forwarding Advantages

There are several advantages to getting an India global call forwarding number. For example, a global call forwarding number is:

  • Easy on your callers — The local virtual number that you choose will look familiar
  • Cheap for your callers — Get a toll free virtual phone number for India and your callers pay nothing to reach you
  • Easy for you — With a global call forwarding number, you can establish a local presence in India without actually having to be there
  • Affordable for you — We have highly competitive India global call forwarding rates
  • Flexible — Use your global call forwarding number on a month-to-month basis

By giving your Indian contacts a local toll free phone number for India, you are readily available to callers. They no longer need to think about whether or not they should call you. By taking the cost and complexity of making international phone calls out of the equation, you’ve removed a major obstacle standing in between you and your Indian contacts.

Who Can Benefit from India Global Call Forwarding Numbers?

Our India global call forwarding numbers are ideal for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise organizations alike. Offered on a month-to-month basis and without contracts, these plans are flexible, scalable, and affordable. Simply choose the toll free India global call forwarding plan that has the right amount of monthly minutes for your needs.

If you’re a small business owner just starting out, the Basic or Value plan should be just right. As your volume increases, you can upgrade to the next level. If you run a larger business or enterprise organization, our Premium and Enterprise plans have higher minute allotments and even lower per minute rates.

Since there are no contracts, no cancellation penalties, and no surprise fees, there’s no risk in acquiring your own global call forwarding number in India.

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