Hosting Global Germany Conference Calls

In addition to potentially being intimidated about dialing an international number, they may have concerns about how the group conference call will affect their phone bills.

Brandenburg Gate Berlin GermanyDoing business internationally often requires global communication with a geographically diverse group of participants.

If you or one of your colleagues is in Germany, hosting global conference calls is a fantastic way to facilitate communications.

Here’s what you need to know about hosting global conference calls from Germany.

  • You’ll need international access numbers for your participants to use in order to connect to your Germany conference call. For example, if you’re hosting the conference call in Germany but you have participants calling from the United States and Canada, they will not want to dial a German phone number in order to participate. For starters, they may not know how to place an international call, and the German access number will definitely look foreign to them. In addition to potentially being intimidated about dialing an international number, they may have concerns about how the group conference call will affect their phone bills. Fortunately, you can overcome these objections by providing them with North American access numbers to your Germany conference call. Likewise, when using our international conferencing service, you can issue international access numbers (toll free and local) to callers from more than 60 (and more than 100 with our extended service) countries.
  • Call quality is an essential ingredient in any conference call, even more so in an international conference call. Phone connections have improved dramatically over the past several decades, even international ones. However, there are still audio quality issues that can negatively impact your global conference calls — particularly with VoIP connections. While you may be able to tolerate the occasional bad connection when communicating one-on-one, in a group call bad connections should be avoided at all costs. You need to be able to hear each participant clearly without interference, echoes, dropouts, or stutters. Make sure to choose an international conferencing service that uses the best telecommunications networks. We use PSTN fiber optic networks for the best audio quality around the world.
  • Germany conference calls don’t have to cost a fortune. As the host of an international conference call, you’re likely concerned about containing your costs. Fortunately, hosting global conference calls in Germany or elsewhere around the world doesn’t need to cost you a fortune thanks to our low international conferencing rates and our pay-as-you-go plans. To get a better idea about the costs of hosting a global conference call in Germany, take a look at our per minute rates for each country where your participants will be calling from. Do the math and you’ll find out just how affordable hosting a Germany global conference call can be. If you want to reduce your costs even further, consider using the moderator dial-out option where it makes the most sense.

Choosing a pay-as-you-go international conference calling plan is ideal for those times when you need global conferencing but not necessarily on a regular basis. Simply use the service as needed and connect internationally with your colleagues, partners, and others around the world.

How are you using global conference calls in Germany?

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