How to Host an International Conference Call in Paraguay

Calle Palma Asuncion ParaguayParaguay is a small country of about 7 million residents located in the middle of South America. Whether you’re in Paraguay or have colleagues in the country, if you need to speak with a group from around the world, using an international conference calling service is by far the best way to do so.

Here’s how to host an international conference call in Paraguay or with participants in Paraguay.

  • Sign up for a pay-as-you-go international conference calling service that supports Paraguay. Since our service has no contracts, you can host just one Paraguay global conference call or as many as you’d like. Whether you have a one-time need for Paraguay conference calling or plan on hosting routine international conference calls, our international conferencing rates are highly competitive — and our service is top-notch.
  • Schedule your first international conference call. Depending on the countries involved, time zone differences could affect scheduling. Make sure to give some thought to the best timing for your Paraguay conference call. If it looks like some participants will be expected to join the call in the middle of the night local time, consider using the MP3 recording feature to record the call for these participants to listen to after the fact.
  • Choose the most appropriate access type for your participants. In some cases, you might want to provide toll free access numbers for your participants to dial. In others, a local access number will do just fine. In others, international conferencing rates may be higher than you’d like, making using the moderator dial out (and getting cheaper rates as a result) a better choice. Our Paraguay global conference calling service offers international regional and toll free access numbers for dozens of countries around the world. We also have alternate dial out rates for most of the countries we support.
  • Plan your call. As with any meeting, it’s smart to plan an agenda for your Paraguay conference call. This respects everyone’s time and ensures that your global conference call runs smoothly. Stick to the agenda by actively moving the conversation forward.
  • Invite attendees. Now that you’ve scheduled the call, selected the most appropriate access, and created an agenda, it’s time to invite participants to join you in your Paraguay global conference call. Issue invitations to the call complete with the time and date of the call expressed in local time, local access numbers, the Paraguay conference call PIN, and a copy of your agenda for the call.
  • Host the call. Finally, launch our free Live Conference Viewer and host the Paraguay conference call. Though this tool is not required to initiate international conference calls, it’s great for managing your Paraguay global call as it takes place. For example, you can quickly mute a noisy line, connect participants directly to the call by using the moderator dial out tool, or record the call on the fly. You’ll also see a list of everyone on the call.

Our Paraguay global conferencing plans are available with no contract, and our international rates are very competitive. Whether you need to host a single Paraguay global conference or plan on hosting regular global conferences, our state-of-the-art telecommunications networks and advanced features can’t be beat. Sign up for an account today.  Once your account is activated, you can use it now or anytime in the future.

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