Using Global Conferencing Services from Costa Rica

After the Costa Rica global conference call, our service automatically sends you an attendance report detailing attendance and how many minutes were consumed.

Puerto Golfito Costa RicaWhether you’re working abroad, wanting to keep in touch with family while vacationing in another country, or running a business in Costa Rica, global conferencing services can help you stay in touch with a group. Here’s what you need to know about using global conference calls with Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Toll-Free access number 0800 0150520
    • First, you’ll need a convenient means of conducting global conference calls. One of the best conference calling options for people in Costa Rica is our pay-as-you-go global conferencing calling plan. There’s no special equipment to buy, no contract to sign, no expensive buckets of minutes to pay for each month whether you use them or not, no recurring fees, and no penalties if you decide to cancel. Simply pay as you go. We have competitive Costa Rica toll free and international conference calling rates along with modern global conferencing technologies.
    • After signing up for a pay-as-you-go Costa Rica global conferencing plan, the next step is to host your first international conference call. This is easy using our free mobile Connect app or online conference manager. You can even ask one of our live operators to help. They’re based in the United States and available 24/7. There’s no need for a reservation; if you’re ready to host a global Costa Rica conference call, you can host one on demand.
    • Accessing the Costa Rica conference call is easy — for everyone involved. If you’re in Costa Rica, you can dial a Costa Rica access number which routes you over our PSTN network and global conferencing bridge. Meanwhile, your attendees in other countries will dial different access numbers specific to their own countries. Depending on the locale or individual circumstances, you could also dial attendees directly using the moderator dial-out feature available in the app and online global conference call manager.
    • During the Costa Rica conference call, you may want to take advantage of a few features such as our MP3 recording tool. With just a tap of the button, you can record your global group audio calls. Whether you share the recording with your participants after the fact is completely up to you. Having a recording allows you to focus on the conversation as it takes place while also serving as a fall back should you need to review what was said after the call. It’s also helpful for key participants who might not have been able to join your international conference call from Costa Rica due to time zone differences or other reasons. Using the app or online conference viewer, you can also mute noisy lines, lock the call for security purposes, or join participants to the call in progress.
    • After the Costa Rica global conference call, our service automatically sends you an attendance report detailing attendance and how many minutes were consumed. You can go into your account and listen to the MP3 recording or share it with others.

As you can see, using our global conferencing services from Costa Rica is easy and affordable. We encourage you to sign up for an account and hold a test call so that you can also HEAR the quality firsthand.

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