Global Conference Calling with Mobile Participants

Mobile Conference Calling
Global Conference Calling with Mobile Participants

In many parts of the world, landlines are virtually non-existent. Mobile networks have helped usher in a new era of telecommunications to countries which previously lacked the infrastructure or regulatory environment conducive to competitive traditional phone service.

If you hold global conference calls, this means that many of your attendees will be dialing in on a mobile phone rather than an office landline. What exactly does this mean and why should you care? Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.

• Ease of use — Dialing a long international phone number, complete with country codes, is tedious on any type of phone and even more so on tiny mobile phones. Local numbers are much easier. Our free Connect app makes joining your global conference call a simple matter of tapping.

• Mobile access — Conference call attendees in China who want to use a mobile phone (which is a lot of business users in the country) can only access a global conference call using a China 400 mobile toll-free access number because regular China toll-free numbers are restricted on mobile phones. Our global conferencing plan supports China 400 mobile toll-free numbers, giving your Chinese attendees the option to connect using their mobile phones.

• Cost concerns — Mobile users around the world are subject to varying payment plans on their mobile phones. While you may be accustomed to a cheap, unlimited plan, your attendees may have higher costs or pay per minute — even if they are dialing a local or toll-free number. This is typical in India and Japan. If this is a concern to your attendees, a workaround is to use our dial-out feature to patch those attendees into your global conference call directly. This can be preprogrammed or done on the fly.

• Battery life — Mobile users face another issue corded landline users don’t typically need to worry about, battery life. If the call is scheduled toward the end of the day, your mobile attendees may start the call with limited battery life and be disconnected once their batteries die. There’s not much you can do about the battery charging habits of your attendees other than providing everyone with a heads-up about the expected duration of the conference call so they can be prepared.

• Environment — Mobile attendees are not tethered to their desks, which means that they could be joining your global conference call from virtually anywhere including cafes, outdoor environments, markets, trains, cars, and other potentially noisy environments. Everyone should be reminded to mute their lines when not speaking to limit distractions during global conference calling. As the moderator, you can also identify and mute individual lines should it become necessary.

• Sound quality — Audio quality is a concern with any type of phone. Start with the best telecommunications networks and conference bridges. Our global conferencing service is built on modern fiber optic global networks, ensuring excellent audio quality without dropouts, echoes, interference, and other issues common with inferior providers and VoIP.

Global conference calling with mobile phones make it possible to conduct business virtually anywhere, anytime, and this includes participating in global conference calls.

Chances are, a large proportion of your attendees will be dialing in from a mobile phone. Choosing a global conferencing calling plan that supports these users with local and toll-free access numbers, mobile access numbers (China), moderator dial-out, advanced features and controls, and exceptional sound quality. Ours does, plus there are no contracts, no monthly fees, and no minimum usage requirements. Sign up for an account today.

View details about Global Conference Calling with Mobile Participants here

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