GEORGIA Global Conference Calls

For example, if you’re located in the United States and would like to host a Georgia conference call, our extended global conference calling service allows you to do just that.

Tbilisi Georgia Capital at nightThe country of Georgia has been recognized by the World Bank, since 2003, as one of the world’s fastest-reforming economies and as a leader in fighting corruption.

As of 2012, the World Bank has ranked Georgia as the ninth in the world in terms of ease of doing business. Whether you’re already doing business in Georgia or exploring the possibility, you may find it necessary to use a Georgia global conference call service from time to time.

What You Need to Host a Georgia Global Conference Call
In most countries, holding a domestic conference call is fairly straightforward. For example, your PBX system may have the ability to join multiple callers into a conference call.

If not, domestic conference calling services are readily available in many countries. However, once your conference call involves international participants, it immediately becomes more complicated.

For example, if you’re in the United States but need to have a conference call with attendees in Georgia, will you expect them to call your main phone number and incur all of the long distance costs associated with the call?

This is a major barrier that can adversely affect attendance. Some international attendees will not participate because of cost concerns. Others will have trouble dialing an international number. Giving them your toll free number won’t help matters because toll free numbers only work domestically.

The best approach is to use a global conference call service that supports the countries involved. International conference calling service providers offer services that address the unique needs of global conference calls.

For example, if you’re located in the United States and would like to host a Georgia conference call, our expanded global conference calling service allows you to do just that.

Georgia Conference Call Rates

Toll Free access from Georgia = $0.28 /minute
Dial-out to Georgia = $0.22 /minute

(get the same $0.22 rate using the included free Connect App)
View Connect App details here

US toll free access = 2.6¢ /minute

View all worldwide conferencing rates here

Georgia Tbilisi City Caucasus For your attendees (and yourself) in the United States, you can issue US access numbers just as you would for any other domestic conference calls. For your attendees in Georgia, however, you would issue toll free access numbers specific to Georgia. They’ll dial a toll free number, thereby eliminating any concerns about cost or operator assistance, and be connected to your global conference call at no cost to your participant.

Your Georgia conference calls can also include participants from other countries. For example, if you need to host a global conference call with participants from the U.S., Georgia, France, Ireland, Australia, and Hong Kong, you can easily accommodate all of these participants from around the world.

The hardest part of hosting Georgia international conference calls with our service is dealing with time zone differences, and that’s beyond any of our control.

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