France Virtual Number Remote Call Forwarding

Paris FranceFrance is the world’s fifth largest economy as of 2013, according to the U.S. Embassy. Not only is France thriving economically with a highly skilled workforce and strong agricultural industry, it is also the second largest trading partner in Western Europe and has a stable business climate that welcomes foreign investment.

If you’re researching France as a potential investment or market, consider getting a France remote call forwarding number.

Uses for France Remote Call Forwarding Numbers

France remote call forwarding numbers are used to:

  • Give French callers a local (or toll free) phone number for France to call. This remote call forwarding number is then call forwarded to the international phone number of your choice.
  • Create a local presence in France. Since the France call forwarding number looks just like any other phone number for French businesses, your callers will feel as if they’re dialing a business located in France. They do not need to be concerned about calling a business located elsewhere in the world or the costs associated with making international calls. With local ring tones, your phone calls will also sound just like any other call made in France.
  • Make low-cost international phone calls. This is an alternate use for remote call forwarding numbers in France, but it’s handy nonetheless. For example, if you are in France on business but need to report back to your main office in the United States, you could simply change the ring-to number for your France remote call forwarding number temporarily so that it rings to your main office in the U.S.. Not only does this connect the call to your international office without requiring operator assistance or incurring hefty international long distance fees, it allows you to take advantage of the low per minute international call forwarding rates of your France remote call forwarding plan.

Why Sign Up for a Remote Call Forwarding Plan Now?

Our virtual phone numbers, whether for France or anywhere else in the world, are available on a month-to-month basis. Whether you need a France remote call forwarding number for a single business trip, for a few months at a time, or for the long term, you can sign up for a predetermined “bucket” of minutes each month. As your needs change, you can either continue the plan, but with a higher or lower amount of minutes, or cancel it with no repercussions whatsoever. There’s no contract and no long-term commitment.

Meanwhile, when you are signed up and using your France remote call forwarding number, you can enjoy a full selection of advanced features such as advanced call forwarding, sequential forwarding, simultaneous ringing, auto attendant, voice mail to email, and more. Optional add-ons to your France remote call forwarding number include call recording and rollover minutes.

A variety of regional and toll free numbers for France are available. Sign up for a France remote call forwarding number today.

Which cities do you have a local presence in with remote call forwarding numbers?

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