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Helsinki Church Finland Like Switzerland, Finland is one of the world’s most competitive economies according to the World Economic Forum. If you’re thinking about doing business in Finland with operations in another country, you’ll need a convenient way for your Finnish customers and local business contacts to contact you.

One of the best ways to accomplish international communications between contacts in Finland and your international office is by using Finland virtual phone numbers.

A Finland virtual phone number is a unique type of international call forwarding number. It looks like any other local or toll free phone number in Finland, and your Finnish callers won’t need to do anything special in order to call you using it. They’ll simply dial the number just as they would any other local or toll free number in Finland.

Meanwhile, the virtual phone number will be call forwarded to the phone number of your choice — no matter where in the world that phone might be. Behind the scenes, we use PSTN fiber optic networks to route your virtual phone number to your international ring to number for the finest audio quality possible. Your calls will be crystal clear despite distances covered or oceans crossed.

With a virtual number in Finland, you can conduct business in the country without having to have a physical presence. This can save you on office space, local payroll costs, and more. You can even use time-of-day routing features to specify exactly how each call will be handled based on the actual time of day it is in Finland.

For example, for calls that take place during normal business hours in Finland, you’d likely want to have live agents answer those calls. Thus, you’ll set up your ring-to number during business hours to one where you have live customer service representatives handling the calls (such as an international call center). If calls arrive after hours, you can set up your Finland virtual phone numbers so that those calls go to voice mail or an automated voice response system.

Virtual phone numbers aren’t just for handling customer inquiries. In fact, many of our customers use virtual phone numbers to communicate with vendors, local authorities, business partners, family members, and friends in Finland. Virtual phone numbers are an affordable way to stay in touch with those living in Finland. Rather than expecting them to dial an international number in order to reach you in another country, simply give them your local Finland number. This keeps their costs down and overcomes perceptions about making international phone calls.

Our per minute rates are extremely competitive, and all of our virtual phone numbers are available on a month-to-month basis with no contracts. You can cancel at any time, making using Finland virtual phone numbers a convenient option for short-term needs.

How will you be using a Finland virtual phone number? We’d love to hear.

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