Expanded International Conference Call Plan

Connect with anyone in any country utilizing a group expanded international conference call.

Expanded International Conference Call

Can a participant join your conference call from their country?

If you host a diverse location conference call with attendees in remote countries, network access numbers probably are available, but not always.  It is not because we don’t try to provide the numbers, it’s because in some countries they are simply not available for a variety of reasons. These can be political issues or numbers that might not yet be working in that country.

Expanded International Conference Call Plan

The Expanded Plan includes in-country toll-free access in over 119 countries plus local dial-in numbers in 50 worldwide cities.

In addition to convenient dial-in access methods enabling an attendee to login with either a local or toll-free number from inside their country, the Expanded Plan also gives the chairperson dial-out capability.

How does the dial-out option help you add remote attendees to your call?

In a nutshell, the dial-out feature enables the leader to call out to any phone number globally without disturbing the meeting in progress.  This means the leader of the call can add a participant on-demand in any country.

The attendee simply answers the inbound call to their phone and is immediately added to the call.

Expanded international conference call use case

For instance, recently a customer based in New York had a project in progress in Ghana.  There is simply no easy way for Ghana attendees to access the call i.e. no access numbers exist.  So, the chairperson uses the expanded international conference call plan with the easy dial-out feature and adds the Ghana participants to their weekly call.  The other attendees located in the US and Kenya access the call using the supplied in-country toll-free dial-in numbers at no cost to them.

In addition to the dial-out feature, the Expanded Plan also offers a free App that enables connecting to the conference room using any web-enabled device such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or a PC and MAC desktop.  The Connect App makes dialing in using traditional toll-free or local numbers unnecessary as long as the attendee has a WiFi connection.

Be careful with the company you choose

Some companies offer local international access numbers that you can give out to your global call participants but they may not work.

Bad, non-working access numbers are obviously something you want to avoid especially on an important business conference call with a potential client, existing customer, or with a regular team meeting call.  Some of the problematic services with non-working overseas access numbers are touted as cost-free.  The saying is still true, you get what you pay for.

The Expanded international conference call plan is an all-inclusive, high-powered, intercontinental business collaboration tool with global access numbers guaranteed to be operational 24/7.

In addition to the many methods of accessing your call, the chairperson can always reach a 24 hour U.S. based operator who will connect anyone, or fix anything required.

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