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Creating a virtual Estonia office with your international call forwarding numbers is a great way to overcome these objections and facilitate communications.

Tallin Estonia SkylineDid you know that Estonia ranks eighth in the world in terms of economic freedom — and number one in the European Union? This is according to the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom.

The World Bank ranks Estonia in 17th place in the world in terms of “Ease of Doing Business.” Coupled with a stable government and moderate costs, it may make sense to explore the Estonian marketplace.

If you do, we highly recommend getting some Estonia virtual phone numbers as part of your business expansion. Here’s what you need to know about using virtual phone numbers in Estonia.

What are Estonia Virtual Phone Numbers?

Estonia virtual phone numbers are virtual numbers in the sense that they are not “tied” to a physical phone. Because they are virtual, you can assign them to ring to just about any phone in existence.

For example, you could have your Estonia virtual phone number ring to your main office, your mobile phone, or even your home or hotel phone. Moreover, the physical phone you designate as your “ring to” number can be located anywhere in the world — not just in Estonia.

Why Use an Estonia Virtual Phone Number?

Estonia virtual phone numbers look and act like regular Estonia telephone numbers. They’re available in toll free Estonia and Estonia national versions with the 372 national prefix.

Because they look like any other phone number local to Estonia yet ring to any phone in the world you designate, you can use these virtual phone numbers to create a local phone presence in Estonia.

For example, if you export goods to Estonia and would like your customers to be able to contact your office for customer service or technical support, they’ll appreciate a local or toll free number.

In fact, they may hesitate to call your office if you list a number in another country. Creating a virtual Estonia office with your international call forwarding numbers is a great way to overcome these objections and facilitate communications.

As you explore the Estonian marketplace, you may find it useful to share your Estonian virtual number with your new contacts, Estonian business partners, and local authorities. By giving them local phone numbers where you can be reached, you are also sending them a subtle message about your intentions.

That message is this: You are serious about doing business in Estonia! They will see that you’ve taken the time to set up a business presence in their country. They’ll also appreciate not having to make international long distance calls in order to speak with you once you’ve returned to your home country.

Getting virtual phone numbers for Estonia and other countries is easy. Our virtual phone number plans are available on a no-contract basis — and they’re loaded with features like time-of-day routing, local ring tones, HD audio quality, advanced call forwarding, advanced IVR/PBX, and more. Optional call recording and rollover minutes are also available.

How will you use Estonia virtual phone numbers as you explore the Estonia market?

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