Connecting with Clients in Australia with Two Essential International Communications Services

With our month-to-month global virtual numbers and pay-as-you-go international conferencing plans, there’s no long-term commitment and no obligation to continue using the service.

Skyline Melbourne AustraliaCommunicating with clients in Australia has its challenges, especially if you’re located in North America.

Two essential international communications services can bring down barriers and help you to better connect with your customers Down Under: global virtual numbers and international conferencing. Here’s how they can help.

Global Virtual Numbers Give Your Business a Local Flair

A virtual phone number does not have a physical location. With an Australia global virtual number, the phone number looks like any other local phone number in Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Melbourne, Mackay, or Liverpool, but it rings to the destination phone number of your choice — virtually anywhere in the world.

Thus, if you have customers in Sydney, you could get a virtual Australian phone number local to Sydney yet receive calls in New York or Los Angeles. Toll free Australia virtual numbers are also available.

A virtual phone number will help you to overcome at least two obstacles to calling your business: international calling concerns and potential calling costs. Even your most sophisticated customers may have reservations about calling an international phone number. The number itself may look odd, and they may worry about time differences. While international long distance costs have fallen, an international phone number brings uncertainty to the mix.

By providing your clients with a local Australia phone number, you will take these potential barriers out of the equation. There’s no need for callers to question whether or not they should call you; they simply see the local number and call. It’s that easy!

Holding Group Audio Calls with Your Australian Clients

You may also need to communicate with your Australian clients in a group audio call. For example, if you need to provide training or answer questions about a product or service with two or more participants in Australia or elsewhere, an international conference call is a great way to do so.

However, you want to make the process as easy on your clients as possible. With our international conference calling service, you can do just that. One option is to provide each participant with an international conferencing access number for Australia, which addresses many of the same problems outlined above. Another option is to use our moderator dial out tool to call your Australian attendees directly and join them into your international conference call.

In both cases, the quality of the phone connection is of utmost importance. Our global virtual numbers and all international conference calls are routed over modern, fiber optic telecommunications networks of the highest caliber for crystal clear audio every time. Both services are loaded with advanced features, yet offered at competitive rates with no contracts.

For example, our global virtual numbers include:

  • Local ringtones
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Advanced voice response
  • Customized greetings
  • Forward faxing
  • Optional call recording
  • And more…

Our international conferencing plans for Australia include:

  • Low per minute rates
  • Toll free and local access numbers for Australia
  • Free Connect app
  • Dial out feature to 196 countries
  • Free MP3 recording
  • Toll free access from 65+ countries
  • 24/7 operator assistance (US-based)
  • And more…

With our month-to-month global virtual numbers and pay-as-you-go international conferencing plans, there’s no long-term commitment and no obligation to continue using the service. Give us a try and find out just how easy it is to communicate with your Australian clients — no matter where in the world you may be!

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