Create a private international access number for your conference calls

Create a private local access number for your international conference call participants.

Create a private overseas conference call access number
Create a private overseas conference call access number

International conference call services are nothing new.

There are now many variations of international conference calling to suit the requirements of enterprise users that must collaborate with their offices in other countries on a regular basis.

One of the newer innovations is the ability to create an access number in a country where previously none existed.  Why is this useful? For instance, what if you are a UK based company and you have a scheduled requirement to host conference calls with attendees located in Kenya.  How does the Kenya guest enter your conference call without needing to call the UK or the US or another country where the conference bridge happens to be located?

Another example, assume you are a company based in the US and you host regular conference calls with an overseas office or a client located abroad. What do you do if that overseas participant is located in a country that has no local access number at all,
either local or toll free? How does the invited guest access your international conference call?

Through the use of ‘international call forwarding’ a private access number can be enabled providing local access in scores of available countries.  Participants will be able to dial-in to your international conference call from their country location at no cost to them.  Currently there are 94 countries and approximately 2000 cities worldwide that are available to be used as a local access number for international conference calls.

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