Using Conference Calls for Job Recruiting Internationally

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Using Conference Calls for Job Recruiting InternationallyHuman resources professionals often use conference calls as part of the recruiting process even when they may be recruiting for international positions.

Below are a few easy-to-implement ideas for using global conference calls in your human resources department.

  • Use conference calls to get a better understanding of the type of candidate each manager is looking for. While an email or formal request to fill a position can provide you with a general, or even highly detailed, idea of the position that needs to be filled, sometimes a conversation is necessary to get a solid understanding about what each manager is looking for in a candidate. It’s not unusual for two or more individuals to have their own requirements. A quick conference call can bring the key decision makers together, even if they are scattered across the world, to define the position’s qualifications.
  • Use a conference call to discuss your recruiting requirements with temporary staffing agencies. If you use staffing agencies to fill temporary or permanent positions, you may find it helpful to gather your colleagues into a group audio call with your account representative from the agency.
  • Use conference calls to pre-screen candidates worldwide. As applications and resumes begin flowing in, you’re sure to find some qualified candidates. However, some may be located on the other side of world. For the most promising candidates, you may want to conduct a quick initial interview via an audio or video conference call before inviting select candidates to a formal interview.
  • Review MP3 recordings of your screening calls and interviews to help your team make a hiring decision. It’s smart to record your initial interviews so that you can review them later. Not only that, you could share the recordings with those involved in making the hiring decision (assuming they did not join the conference call when it originally took place). Knowing that you have a recording of the conference call to fall back on, you may also find that you’re better able to actively listen to the job applicant. Spend less time taking notes, and more time conversing.

While you could pick up any office phone and call applicants directly, having a Canada conference calling plan allows you to bring more people, like direct supervisors, managers, and agency representatives, into the conversation.

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