Conducting International Business Over the Phone with Customers and Prospects in the Bahamas

Bahamas NassauAs a business person selling products or services to customers in the Bahamas, you’ll likely spend your fair share of time on the doing business over the phone.

Below are two must-have international phone services that will make it easier than ever for you to connect with your customers and prospects in the Bahamas:

  • Global virtual phone numbers — Getting a toll free Bahamas virtual phone number that forwards callers to your main office in the United States or another country is both affordable and practical. The phone number itself looks and acts like any other toll free business phone number in the Bahamas, allowing you to create a local presence.

Your customers in the Bahamas can reach you easily without incurring international long distance costs or worrying about dialing exit codes and international country codes. Not only does your global virtual number remove potential barriers to calling you, it helps you to look more like a local. Your customers will most likely appreciate the ease of calling you as well.

Meanwhile, our global virtual numbers come with helpful features such as local ring tones, advanced call forwarding, voice response systems, PBX features, simultaneous ringing, and more. Optional call recording and rollover minutes are also available as add-ons to the service.

  • International Conference Calling — Need to speak with a group of clients or vendors in the Bahamas? Our international conference calling plan makes it easy for your attendees from the Bahamas to join your group audio calls. There are two options: toll free access numbers or moderator dial out.

With toll free access numbers, your callers simply dial a toll free number. They will then be connected to your international conference call regardless of which country you are in when you host it. Moderator dial out is useful when you want to manually join someone into your international conference call. You can initiate moderator dial out from our web application or from the free mobile Connect app. You’ll also get lower per minute rates for international conferencing connections made using dial out.

Building relationships is essential in any business, and these services can help you to do just that with your customers in the Bahamas. However, not all service providers are created equally. Some use cheap VoIP connections or skimp on features. Don’t let bad phone services stand between you and your customers!

With our international phone services, all calls from the Bahamas are forwarded to your ring-to number or international conferencing bridge over fiber optic PSTN telecommunications networks for exceptional reliability and clarity — and 24/7 help is readily available from live, US-based operators.

We offer Bahamas international virtual phone numbers and international conferencing services on a no-contract basis, making both of these services easy to try. Use these services for as long as you need them or cancel at any time. Get started today and connect with your customers in the Bahamas easier than ever.

View details about Bahamas international conference calling and Bahamas virtual numbers here.

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One Response to Conducting International Business Over the Phone with Customers and Prospects in the Bahamas

  1. Marcia says:

    Many thanks, this website is very helpful. We have a dive shop here and need to conference with Canada, the US and UK lately.

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