How to Use Collaborative Notes in a Video Meeting

You may also want to contribute to a collaborative group note, adding your thoughts, ideas, or even corrections as the video meeting progresses.

Collaborative NotesDesktop video meetings allow remote teams to collaborate face-to-face while also putting a variety of tools at their fingertips including chat boxes and file sharing controls.

But what about all those notes everyone is taking individually? Our desktop video conferencing service has a unique collaborative note-taking feature that you’ll definitely want to start using. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Take Notes During a Video Conference?

It’s important to document the topics discussed along with action items so that you can refer back to your notes at a later date and make sure you complete any tasks assigned to you. It’s likely that most of the other participants are aware of this and taking their own notes, just like you.

For some, the obvious choice is a notepad and pencil. Others may prefer an app like Evernote, Notability, or Apple Notes. While you could certainly use a digital or analog note-taking tool during a video conference, using a built-in collaborative note feature is a great idea.

Using the built-in note-taking tool keeps you inside the video conference interface, helping to minimize distractions and keep you focused. Not only can everyone take notes from within the desktop video conferencing interface, these notes can be shared so that everyone is on the same page.

There’s less duplication of effort, too, because the note-taking load is shared amongst the group. For instance, only one person will need to type out detailed information related to a project or task, yet everyone will have it. While one is typing logistical details, another might supplement it with a bullet list of the creative ideas proposed during the video meeting.

Private vs. Collaborative Notes

Our note tool can be used for both private and collaborative notes. You can actively work with both types of notes during a video conference. For example, you may want to open a private note for jotting down information relevant to you, but not to the group as a whole. You may also want to contribute to a collaborative group note, adding your thoughts, ideas, or even corrections as the video meeting progresses.

Using a Collaborative Note as an Interactive Agenda

Many teams already have an outline for their notes in the form of the meeting’s agenda. Why not use it as a starting point for the meeting’s collaborative note?

  • Open a collaborative note.
  • Copy and paste the agenda into the collaborative note.
  • Encourage everyone to add their notes and tasks under each relevant agenda item.

By the end of the meeting, your collaborative note will be well organized based on the structure of the meeting itself.

Using collaborative and private notes during a video conference is easy and effective. Give it a try the next time you participate in a video meeting with your team.

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