Collaborating with Your North, Central, and South American Team Using Costa Rica International Conference Calls

Get access to advanced conference calling features like call recording, moderator dial-out, online live conference viewer, and the free Connect app

San Jose Costa RicaIf you have a team of colleagues scattered across the Americas, Costa Rica is an attractive central location for face-to-face meetings with the entire team. However, bringing everyone together is costly.

Moreover, the recent Zika outbreak affecting Latin American countries may have many of your team members concerned about traveling to Costa Rica.

International conference calls are a great way to collaborate without the costs or risks of travel.

What Do You Need to Host Costa Rica Conference Calls?

While there are many good international collaboration options like discussion boards, Web conferencing, and group video chats available, most require some sort of technology or hardware. With international conference calls, all you need is:

  • An international conference calling service
  • A phone

With our Costa Rica international conference calling service, each of your attendees will receive a country-specific access number to join the conference call. This means that no one, other than those located within the country, needs to dial a Costa Rica phone number. Your team members in Brazil, for example, will dial a Brazilian phone number while those in the United States will dial a USA number. Each of these calls is routed over a state-of-the-art fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network and joined together in a group audio call. This results in crystal clear audio without dropouts, line noise, echoes, or dropped calls.

Your participants can use any phone including traditional landlines, mobile phones, or Skype phones to connect to the call. Since they’re all dialing either a local or toll free number, few will incur any costs associated with the call.

For example, here is the Costa Rica and Brazil toll-free access number used by our Costa Rica and Brazil customers to join global conference calls from their countries.

08000150520 (accessible from inside Costa Rica)

08008916666 (accessible from inside Brazil)

There’s no need for complicated international dialing or operator assistance because joining your Costa Rica conference call is a simple matter.

Benefits of Pay-as-You-Go Conference Calling

We offer our Costa Rica global conference calling on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing you to:

  • Make as many conference calls (or as few) as you need to make
  • Take advantage of some of the most competitive international conference calling rates available without having to sign a contract
  • Pay only for the minutes you and your attendees spend in conferences
  • Get access to advanced conference calling features like call recording, moderator dial-out, online live conference viewer, and the free Connect app
  • Participate in crystal clear international group audio calls as needed

Since our Costa Rica conference calling plan has no contracts, no minimums, and no penalties, you can use it any time you need to communicate with your international team. If you have a month, or many months, where you don’t need to use the service, then simply don’t use it. You won’t be charged. This is an excellent way to collaborate with team members around the world without getting locked into a long-term plan that you may not full utilize.

Based in Costa Rica? How have you used group conference calls to collaborate internationally? Share your tips with us on Facebook.

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