Collaborate Internationally with Latvia Global Conference Calls

Riga Latvia imageAre you part of a global team based in Latvia? Whether you’re part of a small virtual group or have colleagues scattered around the globe, hopping on a plane every time you need to collaborate simply isn’t practical.

While online collaboration tools make it easier for teams to work together, there are times when you need the real-time back and forth of an actual conversation. If you’re in Latvia, global conference calls are the perfect solution. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

  • Regular conference calls don’t necessarily work internationally. Sure, you could give your fellow team members the direct phone number for your office in Latvia and use the PBX’s conference calling features, if available, but that would require each global conference call participant to dial an international phone number as well as incur costs. Some may have trouble figuring out how to call your office from their countries, and country exit codes vary, making it hard to provide this information for all of your intended participants. Our Latvia global conference calling plans eliminate this problem with local and toll free access numbers specific to more than 60, or more than 100 with our Expanded plan, countries.
  • Audio quality is crucial. This is not the time to experiment with free international conferencing services that use VoIP. Our Latvia global conferencing service is powered by modern, fiberoptic PSTN networks of the highest quality. You’ll be able to hear one another perfectly despite geographic distances spanning the globe.
  • Hosting Latvia global conference calls is less expensive than it sounds. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you browse our competitive international conference calling rates. For example, our conferencing rates for Riga access numbers are currently just 10 cents per minute. We offer both toll free and local numbers for dozens of countries. You can control your costs even further by using the dial out feature which gives you even lower per minute rates. Plus, there are no minimum usage requirements, monthly fees, or surprises. Simply pay for the minutes you use, as you use them.
  • There’s no need to sign a long-term contract. Our Latvia global conference calling plans are available on a no-contract basis. They are truly pay as you go. If you use our service to make 100 conference calls a month, great. If you use it to make one conference call and never make another call again, that’s fine too. You can use it or not use it as you see fit.

These are but a few thoughts to keep in mind as you consider international conference calling services in Latvia. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and help in any way. Sign up for an account today and find out just how affordable and easy it is to collaborate using Latvia conference calls.

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