How to Accept Incoming Calls from the Philippines with a Virtual Phone Number

One of the best ways to accept incoming calls from the Philippines is with a virtual phone number.

Manila Philippines virtual numberDo you have family members, customers, or business contacts located in the Philippines?

As you know, it’s not exactly cheap to make international phone calls from the Philippines unless you’re willing to live with the hardware and software requirements and sound quality issues associated with Internet voice services.

One of the best ways to accept incoming calls from the Philippines is with a virtual phone number. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Virtual Philippines phone numbers are truly “virtual.” They are not tied to any one phone. Thus, you could order a toll free or Manila phone number and then configure it to ring to any phone number in the world. For example, if you’d like your grandmother in the Philippines to be able to reach you in Los Angeles without incurring any costs, you could get a toll free Philippines virtual phone number and route all calls to that number to ring to your home in Los Angeles. If you will be away from home for an extended period, you could change the ring to number to your mobile phone, your main office, or even a hotel phone. Thus, your loved ones will still be able to reach you even if you are traveling.
  • Virtual phone numbers place calls from the Philippines over a PSTN fiber optic telecommunications network. This ensures that your incoming calls are crystal clear, no matter how many miles they must traverse. Whether you’re in Asia or USA, all parties involved will experience exceptional telephone connections.
  • Virtual phone numbers for the Philippines are great for business. If you sell goods or services to the Philippines but don’t have a local office, set up a virtual Philippines number and route all incoming calls to your main office or call center. Your customers will think they are dialing a local number, yet their calls will be routed internationally.
  • The account holder pays the costs of the calls, not the person initiating the call (though callers may incur some local toll charges if the virtual number is specific to a region in the Philippines). Our competitively priced Philippine virtual numbers are offered in bundles of minutes on a month-to-month basis. For example, if you need a cheap way to stay in touch with family members, you might buy a two-hour bundle of minutes for the month for a fixed price. This allows your family members in the Philippines to speak to you for up to two hours in the month by dialing a toll free or local number. Adding the rollover minute option allows you to rollover any unused minutes to the next month.
  • Our plans are flexible, loaded with features, and contract free. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. Whether you need a short-term solution or plan on using Philippines virtual phone numbers on an ongoing basis, you’ll find that our virtual phone numbers are a great value.

Ready to start accepting incoming calls from the Philippines? It’s easy to get started. Simply select your new virtual phone number, enter your destination number, and pick a bundle of monthly minutes. It’s that easy!

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