Benefits of Owning a Romania Virtual Phone Number

With a virtual toll free number local to Romania, your Romanian callers will perceive your business as being located within their own country.

Piata Romana Romania imageHave you ever thought about owning a virtual number in Romania? If you have friends, family, business associates, partners, or customers in Romania, virtual phone numbers could be a great way to facilitate communications.

We offer both “local” virtual phone numbers in Romania as well as toll free virtual numbers.

Below are a few examples of how you (and your contacts) could benefit from virtual phone numbers.

  1. You can create a local phone presence in Romania with a virtual toll free phone number. Though your physical business may be located in another country, you can use virtual phone numbers to appear local. With a virtual toll free number local to Romania, your Romanian callers will perceive your business as being located within their own country. There’s no need to rent office space, simply order a virtual toll free number for Romania and have your incoming calls forwarded to your main office.
  1. Your contacts in Romania can dial you internationally simply by dialing a local Romania phone number. Whether you choose a toll free or local virtual phone number for Romania, your callers will not need to do anything out of the ordinary in order to reach you. There’s no need to look up Romania’s international exit code or get an operator involved. All your callers need to do is dial a local or toll free number and the international call forwarding will take place seamlessly in the background.
  1. Your small business will look larger and more professional with a Romania toll free number. Whether you’re an office of one, and handful, or many, having a toll free virtual phone number will instantly make you look more professional. Customers expect businesses to have toll free numbers. Moreover, our virtual Romania toll free numbers include a variety of advanced features (like IVR, customized greeting, PBX, forward faxing, and more) that will help your company look and sound even more professional.
  1. Your Romania virtual number can grow or shrink as your calling needs change. Our virtual phone numbers are offered without a contract, allowing you to use the service as needed. If you need fewer or more minutes each month, you can change your plan from month to month. The more minutes you buy, the lower your per minute rate. If you exceed your monthly allotment, additional minutes will be billed at competitive rates. To get the most out of your plan, optional rollover minutes are available.
  1. You can record your incoming phone calls if desired. The call recording feature is a great way to keep a record of your incoming calls on your Romania virtual phone number. You could record calls with far away relatives to share with your other relatives, use the recording feature for training purposes, or keep a record of discussions to review or transcribe later.

These are but a few of the many benefits you could receive by ordering a Romania virtual phone number. Share your ideas of how you intend to use virtual numbers with us on Facebook.