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Already one of the world’s most prosperous countries, Qatar is in the midst of diversifying and modernizing its economy. There are many ways to do business in Qatar such as establishing a local branch office or exporting goods to the country.

No matter which route you choose, setting up Qatar virtual telephone numbers can facilitate your international communications between partners, agents, officials, and consumers in Qatar and your office located elsewhere.

What are Qatar Virtual Telephone Numbers?
Think of Qatar virtual telephone numbers as international toll free numbers. The virtual phone number itself will be a toll free Qatar phone number; however, instead of ringing to a telephone in Qatar, it will ring to an international telephone. You could set up your virtual telephone number to ring to your office in USA, Canada, France, Egypt, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Russia, or anywhere else in the world.

Benefits of Using Qatar Virtual Telephone Numbers
While you could set up a traditional toll free number in Qatar, doing so would require having a local office and staff to accept the incoming calls. Many businesses prefer to centralize their operations, and Qatar virtual telephone numbers allow for that. For example, if you are based in the United States and have a business presence in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Mexico, you could set up virtual telephone numbers for each of the branch countries and route all of your incoming international calls to your main office in the United States.

Benefits of Qatar virtual telephone numbers include:
• Centralized operations
• A local presence
• An easy, toll free way for your Qatar contacts to reach you
• The ability to change the “ring to” number as your needs change
• Professionalism
• Overcomes callers’ objections to dialing a foreign phone number
• No operator assistance required

Using Our Qatar Virtual Telephone Number Service
Our virtual telephone number service for Qatar allows you to get a contract-free toll free virtual phone number that looks and acts like any other Qatar toll free number yet rings to the phone of your choice — anywhere in the world. We have several options, each with a specific number of minutes included for the month at competitive rates. Simply choose the plan with the appropriate volume of minutes and enjoy communicating with your callers from Qatar. An optional rollover minutes feature is available, allowing you to rollover any unused minutes into the next month.

Since these plans have no contracts, you have a great deal of flexibility. For example, if you anticipate a low call volume at first, choose one of the lower plans. As your volume increases, move to the next tier the following month. If you decide not to expand into Qatar or no longer have the need for a Qatar virtual telephone number, you can cancel without penalty.

Our Qatar virtual telephone numbers are loaded with advanced features like sequential call forwarding, simultaneous ring, advanced IVR, forward faxing, and more. Best of all, the sound quality of each call is exceptional thanks to our fiberoptic PSTN telephone networks.

Sign up for a Qatar virtual telephone number or contact us to learn more.