Indonesia Toll Free Virtual Phone Numbers

These are but a few of the many compelling reasons to add an Indonesia toll free number to your telecommunications strategy.

Virtual Number Indonesia

Doing business in Indonesia can be challenging. Despite the nation’s status of being Southeast Asia’s number one economy and steady economic growth, Indonesia ranks very low in the World Bank’s 2015 Ease of Doing Business report (coming in at 114 out of 189 countries).

One of the market challenges identified by has to do with a lack of infrastructure and service networks.

Jakarta IndonesiaUsing Indonesia toll free virtual phone numbers can help you connect with consumers and trading partners in Indonesia or any other country.

What are Indonesia Toll Free Virtual Phone Numbers?

A toll free Indonesia virtual phone number is one that to all outward appearances looks like a toll free phone number that originates in Indonesia. It uses the same numbering convention as other toll free numbers in the country.

However, these toll free virtual numbers don’t necessarily ring to a phone located in Indonesia. In fact, you can set up your virtual phone number to ring to virtually any phone in the world.

For example, if you have an office in Singapore, you could designate the ring to number to your office in Singapore. Likewise, if you’re based in the United States, you could take your Indonesia virtual phone calls in your Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, or Houston call center. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

How Toll Free Virtual Numbers Work

Toll free virtual numbers are very similar to regular toll free numbers in that you, the account holder, accept the toll charges for all calls made. Since these are international toll free virtual phone numbers, the toll charges vary depending on the countries involved and the plan you choose.

Our Indonesia toll free virtual number plans are offered in monthly allotments with no contracts required. For example, if you expect to use less than two hours of call time per month, the basic plan is a good choice. If your call volume increases over time, switching to a higher level is a simple matter — and you’ll get a lower per minute rate. Since there are no contracts, you can scale up or down as needed. You can also cancel at any time without penalty.

Benefits of Using an Indonesia Virtual Phone Number

Using an Indonesia toll free virtual number has its advantages beyond merely receiving calls internationally. For example:

  • You can bypass telecommunications networks. All calls to your international toll free number will be routed over a modern, PSTN fiber optic telecommunications network of the highest quality. Your calls will be crystal clear, even though they originate in Indonesia.
  • Your customers will perceive your business as being local. Having an Indonesian toll free number immediately gives you a local presence, whether your business has a physical location in the country or not.
  • It’s much easier for callers to reach you internationally. By getting an international toll free number local to Indonesia, your callers do not need to dial an international phone number or worry about the cost.

These are but a few of the many compelling reasons to add an Indonesia toll free number to your telecommunications strategy. How have you been using international virtual numbers in your business? 

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