Using Bulgaria Virtual Telephone Numbers to Stay in Touch with Friends and Family

Callers in Bulgaria won’t incur international long distance costs.

Sofia Bulgaria Center of the CityDo you have family members or friends living in Bulgaria who need a convenient way to call you overseas?  Or a business that has associates in Bulgaria?

While they could use calling cards and local service providers, you might want to consider getting a Bulgaria virtual telephone number, especially if they’re your dependents.

Here’s what you need to know about using virtual phone numbers in Bulgaria to stay in touch.

  • Bulgaria virtual telephone numbers are easy to call in Bulgaria. Let’s say that your older teenage son is spending a semester in Bulgaria, and you want him to be able to call you at any time. While phoning home has always been easy, phoning home from a foreign country requires dialing the country’s exit code followed by the other country’s country code and the phone number. If you use calling cards, there’s even more complexity. With a Bulgaria virtual phone number, your son can dial a local number (or a toll free one) for Bulgaria.
  • Callers in Bulgaria won’t incur international long distance costs. With your Bulgaria virtual phone number, you’ll be responsible for all costs much like with a toll free number. Our rates are competitive, and we offer bundled minutes on a month-to-month basis. Optional rollover minutes are available. As a parent, this is a great way to ensure that your child can call you without hesitation when spending time abroad.
  • You can set up your virtual phone number in many different ways. Want to be sure your loved one can reach you as you travel? You can set up your ring-to number to ring to different phone numbers as needed. For example, if you live in Miami, Florida, you might normally have your ring-to number ring to your home in Miami. However, if you need to travel out of state for a few weeks, you can change your ring-to number to your mobile phone, your hotel room phone, or any other phone you may be using. Meanwhile, your loved one still dials the same Bulgaria virtual phone number. Likewise, you can set up sequential forwarding which rings through up to four different numbers. Simultaneous ringing is another popular choice.
  • Your Bulgaria virtual number can also be set up like a PBX. Our virtual number plans come with loads of advanced features, including the ability to set your number up with voice prompts, extensions, and voicemail. You can even set it up so that calls are routed differently based on the time of day it is. For example, if the call comes in during business hours, you might want to have the calls go to your office phone with all other calls going to your mobile phone.

We offer month-to-month Bulgaria virtual telephone number plans with competitive rates and no contracts whatsoever. Whether you need a virtual number for a few days, weeks, months, or year, you have options. You can cancel at any time without penalty or adjust your plan’s allotment of minutes up or down from month to month.

Examples of virtual number availability in Bulgaria and the USA:

Call divert from US cities to Bulgaria

Washington DC customers can subscribe to a Washington DC +1 202 virtual number that will automatically connect to any phone you choose in Bulgaria, landline or mobile.

New York customers would subscribe to a New York +1 347 or +1 646 or +1 845 or +1 917 or scores of other New York call forwarding numbers that will connect immediately to any phone in Bulgaria.

Los Angeles, California customers subscribe to a Los Angeles +1 310 or +1 213 or +1 323 plus scores of other area codes in the Los Angeles area that will instantly connect to any phone in Bulgaria automatically.

Chicago, Illinois customers can subscribe to a Chicago +1 312 or +1 872 or +1 773 or any of the hundreds of other Chicago virtual number area codes that will connect to any phone in Bulgaria.

Boston, Massachusetts customers subscribe to a Boston +1 617 or +1 857 or any of the 200 other Boston virtual number area codes that will instantly divert a call to any phone in Bulgaria.

Miami, Florida customers subscribe to a Miami number with area code +1 305 or +1 786 any of the hundreds of other Miami virtual number area codes that will ring directly to any cell or landline phone in Bulgaria.

International call forwarding from Bulgaria to the U.S.

A customer located in Bulgaria can subscribe to a virtual number in any of the 13 Bulgarian cities listed below and have their calls diverted instantly to any mobile or landline phone into any phone, cell or fixed line in the USA.

Bulgaria Virtual Number Database

Bulgaria Virtual Number Database





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