Hold International Conference Calls from Just About Anywhere

All of our conference calls are carried over modern PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Networks) connections and state-of-the-art conference bridges, which are well known for exceptional call quality — even when connecting participates from remote locations.

How to Hold International Conference Calls from Just About AnywhereOur customers always inspire us with stories of their international conference calls.

Our service has been used in some of the most remote places on earth.

A recent user told us how their company uses international audio conferencing from their oil rigs off the coast of Singapore to communicate with others in Houston, Norway, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Nigeria, Australia, and Singapore. A user in Washington, D.C., says that we’re saving them money, providing excellent quality, and the toll-free access number has increased attendance.

Another user recently told us the service worked well from Bali, Indonesia with no issues “like magic.”

We love these stories. Here’s how you, too, can experience the magic of international conference calls from just about anywhere.

Experience multiple ways to connect

We offer a variety of ways to for your attendees to join your call including toll-free access numbers, local access numbers, moderator dial out, “Connect” app access, Skype access, mobile and VoIP phone access, and 24/7 operator assistance.

  • Host international conference calls from any country — You do not need to be located in the United States to host a global conference call. For example, if you’re in Singapore, you can host an audio conference call with users from around the world. When you dial in, you will dial a local or toll-free access number specific to Singapore while your attendees will dial in using numbers specific to their own countries.
  • Choose the most suitable plan for your needs — We offer several international conferencing plans with each offered without a contract. This makes it easy to change plans should your needs change. If you primarily host international conference calls between USA and Canada, our US-Canada conferencing plan is perfect. Our international conferencing plans offer access numbers for 119 or 150 countries. Whether you have attendees in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, or the Middle East, we can connect you all in a global audio conference!
  • Experience crystal-clear connections — Another common comment we hear from our customers is “the call was clear as a bell.” Connection and audio quality issues have plagued many of our competitors, due in large part to cheap VoIP networks. All of our conference calls are carried over modern PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Networks) connections and state-of-the-art conference bridges, which are well known for exceptional call quality — even when connecting participates from remote locations.
  • Pay as you go — With competitive per minute rates and no monthly fees, our international conferencing plans are a pay-as-you-go option that scales to accommodate your conferencing needs. Whether you make one call per month or one hundred — or none for that matter — you pay only for actual usage.

Be ready at a moment’s notice. Activate your global conferencing account now and you’ll be ready to go the next time you need to collaborate internationally.


What You Need to Host New Zealand Conference Calls

If some invitees do not attend due to scheduling conflicts, you can share the recording of the conference call with them after the fact and they won’t miss out.

Wellington New Zealand Tram CapitalIf you have business associates, potential partners, suppliers, vendors, or customers in New Zealand, how do you connect them into one of your conference calls?

International conference calls are more difficult to arrange than domestic conferences for several reasons, making it important to learn what to expect before you schedule your first New Zealand global conference call.

New Zealand Global access numbers

International participants each need a convenient, low cost means of joining your global conference calls. New Zealand callers, for example, won’t be able to dial your North American toll free access number; it simply won’t connect as toll free numbers are not international numbers.

That said, it’s possible to get international toll free conference call access numbers with our global conferencing plans.

In fact, our Legacy and Expanded conference calling plans offer toll free access numbers to dozens of countries around the world.

We also have regional access numbers. For example, you can set up your New Zealand conference calls with either a toll free access number or a local number for Auckland.

If you have participants in Auckland, choosing the Auckland access number is the most cost-effective option.

Tools and Apps

What else do you need for hosting New Zealand conference calls? A world time zone map is helpful, especially if you have participants located all around the globe. It’s virtually impossible to schedule a call time that’s 100 percent convenient for 100 percent of your global participants.

However, awareness of time zone differences can go a long way in scheduling a call that will disrupt the fewest people.

It’s also helpful to have a way to record your calls easily. After all, if some invitees do not attend due to scheduling conflicts, you can share the recording with them after the fact and they won’t miss out.

Our New Zealand conference calling service includes a free call recording feature where you can record your conference calls in MP3 audio format.

You may also want to use an app to manage your global conference calls. Our free Connect app can be used with your PC, Mac, or smartphone (BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone), allowing you to easily connect and manage your New Zealand conference calls. Our free live event viewer is also helpful, putting a variety of useful features, like moderator dial out and call recording, right at your fingertips.

A Modern PSTN Telecommunications Network

Often overlooked, you need a reliable international conference calling service built on modern telecommunications networks. How your callers are connected to your New Zealand conference calls matters more than you may realize.

If you want to be sure that every word comes across crystal clear with no interference or line noise, choose a service provider that uses superior fiberoptic PSTN networks. Our quality is of the highest quality because we’re built on a solid telecommunications infrastructure.

Exceptional 24/7 Support

Finally, with any of our global conference calling plans, if you ever need help, live, US-based operators are available 24/7. We’re here to help ensure that all of your global conference calls are trouble-free.

Sign up for one of our pay-as-you-go New Zealand conference calling plans and you’ll have everything you need to host successful global conference calls.

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Hosting Uzbekistan Conference Calls

While it’s possible to host Uzbekistan conference calls without using an international conferencing service, it’s far from optimal.

Tashkent Uzbekistan Capital imageDo you need to communicate with a diverse group of people, including some who are located in Uzbekistan? Global conference calls allow you to bring together colleagues, business partners, vendors, family members, coaches, athletes, and others from around the world into a group audio calls.

By using an international conference calling service, you can host global conference calls with participants from around the world — including Uzbekistan.

There are a few different ways to host Uzbekistan conference calls such as the following:

  • Provide toll free access — Our Expanded plan provides competitive rates to more than 100 countries around the world. We even have toll free access numbers for your attendees in Uzbekistan to use to join your conference calls. By providing toll free access to your global conference calls, your attendees will not incur any costs associated with the teleconference. Using an international conference calling service that offers toll free access numbers specific to various countries also makes it easy for attendees to join the call.
  • Use our free Connect app — Our free Connect app makes both hosting or joining Uzbekistan conference calls a simple matter of tapping or clicking a button. If you’re the host of the call, you can initiate on demand Uzbekistan conference calls from your smartphone or computer. As the host, you can initiate meetings, dial participants, control and manage the call, record the call, lock the call, and more. If you’re a participant, you can quickly join any group audio call from within the app without having to remember pesky details like access numbers or PINs.
  • Use moderator dial out — One way to improve participation is to direct dial attendees. After all, attendees can become distracted or they can forget the meeting completely. If the moderator of the call dials them direct, their phones will ring and they’ll be connected to the call. Our moderator dial out function has an added benefit: it’s usually cheaper per minute than toll free access. For example, you’ll save about 30 cents per minute, per Uzbekistan participant, if you use moderator dial out for your conference call participants located in Uzbekistan instead of toll free access numbers.

While it’s possible to host Uzbekistan conference calls without using an international conferencing service, it’s far from optimal. Many of your participants will hesitate to dial an international access number because of concerns about the potential costs they may incur. Others might worry about the perceived hassles of dialing an international access number. In addition, your PBX system may not support more than a handful of callers on a single conference call.

Avoid these pitfalls and schedule Uzbekistan conference calls with confidence by signing up for our Extended conferencing plan. All of your Uzbekistan conference calls will be billed on a pay-as-you-go basis with some of the most competitive international conferencing rates available.

There are no contracts to sign, no minimum usage requirements to meet, and no long term commitments. Whether you need to host a single group audio call or daily Uzbekistan conference calls the service is available 24/7.

Let us know if we can assist you.

1 800 600 6151 US & Canada

+1 310 281 5539 Int’l 

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International Conference Calls and the Hospitality Industry

Hold International Conference Calls with VIPs depending on the VIP’s requirements, your conference calls may include participant’s from around the world.

International Conference Calls and the Hospitality IndustryInternational Conference Calls and the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry uses international conference calling for a variety of purposes including internal brainstorming sessions, formal training, contract negotiations, procurement, guest relations, and even as a service offered to guests. The possibilities are nearly limitless! Below are a few ways that you can use global conference calls to communicate internally and externally to collaborate with regional managers, employees, vendors and suppliers, event planners, and guests from around the world.

Six ways to Host Virtual Meetings with participants around the world

International conference calling allows you to hold virtual meetings with participants from around the world in a private, voice-only “conference room.” In order to access the virtual meeting, each of the global conference call’s participants uses a standard or mobile phone to call in. There’s no need for computers or software. In addition, each caller receives an access phone number that is local to their country which avoids unnecessary dialing confusion or concerns about the call’s potential cost.

You can use global conference calls for meetings with:

  • Your executive team – Is it hard (or expensive) to get your executive team together for routine meetings? Teleconferences are a low-cost way to keep everyone informed of both routine and major events.
  • Regional managers – With facilities around the globe, international conference calling is a must to ensure that each regional team feels connected to the larger organization. Use global conference calls to support, encourage, train, and troubleshoot facilities around the globe.
  • Employees – While it may not be necessary to hold companywide conference calls on a regular basis, occasional group conference calls can be used for a variety of purposes such as for making major announcements or holding training sessions. You can also record your group calls, allowing employees to listen in at a later time and date if desired.
  • Lawyers, publicists, and other professionals – Need to strategize with external partners such as lawyers, publicists, or consultants? A global conference call allows you and your executive team to connect with professionals from around the world in a private, convenient teleconference. Get your questions answered and brainstorm your next move without having to arrange flights or hotel accommodations.
  • Suppliers and vendors – You can also use international conference calling to hold procurement teleconferences, negotiate better deals with vendors, coordinate projects, and much more.
  • Event planners – Global teleconferences are also useful when working with event planners who intend to hold conferences, exhibitions, banquets, trade shows, sporting events, and other events at your venue. Because global conference calls are so convenient, your meetings can include crucial personnel involved in planning an event so that the event planners can get all of their questions answered in a single session.

Hold International Conference Calls with VIPs

Hotel Businessman on global conference callWhether dealing with an agency or celebrities, politicians, and high rollers directly, global conference calls allow you to quickly and easily connect all relevant parties to a group call. Depending on the VIP’s needs, your conference calls may include participant’s from around the world including:

  • Hotel managers
  • Food service managers
  • Transportation coordinators
  • Security managers

You can even add participants to the call as needed. For example, if the agent has questions about your security detail at a specific property, you could use the moderator dial out tool to call the head of security at that facility and bring him or her into the conference call.

Offer International Conferencing as a Service

Not only can you use international conference calling for all of the above, you may also want to offer international conference calling to your guests or as part of your meeting room services. For example, if your facility has a standard business center with computers, Wi-Fi, fax machines, and standard phones, adding international conference calling could set your facility apart from its competitors. Using your international conferencing plan’s account management dashboard, you will immediately know the total cost of each global conference call your guests make. Thus, you can bill them accordingly. Low per minute international rates allow for a healthy markup. Meanwhile, your business guests will appreciate being able to stay in touch with their teams around the world.

Not only can you offer international conferencing via your business services center, your concierge could easily coordinate global conference calls for guests as needed. Guests can even participate in their conferences from the privacy of their rooms.

Whether you operate a chain of hotels or a small bed and breakfast inn, signing up for an international conference calling plan allows you to stay connected to partners, suppliers, agencies, and VIP guests and their representatives from around the world. You can even get a pay-as-you-go plan with no contracts, allowing you to offer global conference calls as a service without any upfront costs. If you do business with others outside of your country, as most hospitality businesses do, access to international conference calling makes perfect sense.

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SWEDEN International Conference Call

Not only is this undesirable due to the cost and inconvenience imposed upon your Sweden conference call’s attendees, it may cause some potential participants to opt not to join your international conference call.

Royal Palace SwedenSweden International Conference Call may be required whether you’re living in Sweden, doing business in the Scandinavian country, or traveling to Sweden, you may find yourself in need of a convenient way to make conference calls with associates in other countries.

The Need for International Conference Calling Services

Why do you need a special international conference calling service to accommodate participants outside the country? While you could issue them all your conference call’s Swedish access number, doing so requires attendees to dial internationally and incur associated costs. Not only is this undesirable due to the cost and inconvenience imposed upon your Sweden conference call’s attendees, it may cause some potential participants to opt not to join your international conference call.

But wait, you have a toll free access number — problem solved, right? Wrong! Toll free numbers only work within their designated region. If your participants are located in other parts of Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, or any other part of the world, your Sweden toll free number won’t work for them.

That’s why you need a Sweden international conferencing service provider who offers international access numbers that will connect your global participants into your call seamlessly.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sweden Conference Calling Plan

Some points to consider before you sign up for your Sweden international conferencing plan:

  • Is this a one-time need? Will you be using the global conference calling service regularly or sporadically? A pay-as-you-go plan is a great choice for occasional conference calls as well as frequent use.
  • Do you want your conference calls to be toll free or do you prefer local access numbers where available? Our plans offer toll free support to more than 60 countries, and more than 100 countries with our extended plan. In addition to toll free and local access numbers around the globe, we have a moderator dial out feature where you can dial participants directly if their countries are not supported.
  • Call quality is essential to the success of your call and your overall happiness with your international conference calling service provider. Make sure to choose a Sweden conference calling service that uses tried-and-true, crystal clear PSTN networks rather than error-prone VoIP.

Getting the Most Out of Sweden International Conferencing

After signing up for an international conference calling plan, it’s time to put it to good use. A few ways to use your global conferencing plan are:

  • Communicate with business partners around the world
  • Hold team meetings with your international team
  • Host tele-seminars and motivational training sessions with participants around the world. We suggest recording these calls using our MP3 recording feature.
  • Negotiate a deal with international investors

These are but a few ways people use their Sweden international conferencing plans. How will you use yours?

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Honduras Conference Calls

Tegucigalpa HondurasHonduras is currently the second poorest economy in Central America, relying largely on US trade and remittances according to the CIA World Factbook.

In 2006, the U.S.-Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) went into force, a first step that may ultimately help the Honduran economy despite concerns about political instability, crime, and corruption.

If you’re a foreign investor, importer, exporter, or other business professional doing business with Honduras, conference calls should play a role in your communications plan. However, international conference calls are a little different from in-country group calls. Here’s what you need to know about hosting Honduras conference calls:

  • Providing toll free access numbers can boost your participation rate. With our Honduras conference calling service, you can issue toll free access numbers for dozens of countries around the world. This ensures that your participants can join the call at no cost to them, a key point in a country with a high poverty rate and struggling economy like Honduras. Toll free access is also appreciated by participants who wouldn’t otherwise be concerned about potential calling costs simply because dialing toll free is much easier than dialing an international number.
  • Call quality is imperative. With callers from around the globe, the quality of your audio is essential. Language barriers and heavy accents are hard enough on their own without adding in echoes, dropouts, and line noise. Our Honduras conference calls take place over a fiber optic PSTN network for the best audio quality available. This is tried-and-true technology that results in crisp, crystal clear voice communications around the globe. In contrast, VoIP technology is prone to muffled sounds, line noise, dropouts, stutters, and echoes.
  • Your Honduras conference call can originate anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be in Honduras (though you can be) in order to originate a Honduras conference call. Simply access your international conference calling account, set up the call, and invite participants from Honduras and around the globe.
  • Your Honduras conference call can include participants outside of Honduras. While your call may primarily involve attendees from Honduras, you can invite participants residing in other countries. For example, if you are holding a conference call with individuals from a Honduras manufacturing facility and would like your partners in USA, Mexico, and Australia to join the call, simply provide your partners with toll free access numbers for USA, Mexico, and Australia.

Doing business with partners in Honduras means staying in touch, and conference calls are an excellent way to do just that. Our international conferencing plans make it easy — and they’re offered at competitive rates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How are using international conferencing to communicate with external partners?

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Group Collaboration in Croatia with International Conferencing

Depending on where your team members are located, you could issue toll free access numbers or use the optional dial-out feature so that individuals on your team do not incur costs associated with your Croatia conference calls.

Dubrovnik CroatiaThe digital world often translates into digital teams made up of individuals from around the world.

These teams use a variety of tools for group collaboration including email, telephone calls, instant messaging, and video and Web-conferencing.

One of the most effective and affordable group collaboration tools available in Croatia and the rest of the world is the humble conference call.

Why Use Global Conference Calls in Croatia Rather than Other Group Collaboration Methods?
While email, one-on-one chats, Web-conferencing and other methods have their time and place, they also have their downsides. For example, it’s difficult to interpret meaning and tone from email messages, and email threads can become hard to follow in a group environment.

Regular phone calls are handy when you have a quick question for just one of your colleagues, but international calling costs are always a concern. Instant messaging has similar issues as email, and both Web- and videoconferencing requires special equipment and/or software.

International conference calls are ideal for real-time collaboration, particularly when you expect there to be a great deal of back and forth between participants. Everyone can hear each other’s tone and verbal cues, helping to avoid misunderstandings. Plus, there’s no special equipment required. Each team member, whether in Croatia or elsewhere, can join the call using their own office phones, home phones, mobile phones, VoIP phones, or landlines.

Group collaboration has become a business norm, and collaborators are often scattered around the world. You could have participants in diverse locations ranging from USA and Canada to Singapore and Croatia. Global audio calls provide you with a virtual conference room where you can share ideas, ask questions, brainstorm, and get your work accomplished.

If you have a team that’s working in multiple countries such as USA and Croatia, global audio calls can help keep those important work relationships strong and ensure an open line of communication. Here’s what you need to get started hosting your own global audio calls:

  • Toll Free International Conference Calling — The first order of business is to sign up for one of our toll free international conference calling plans. Our competitive international rates and our pay-as-you-go structure work together to ensure an affordable global conferencing solution. You can set up an international audio conference room and then use it as needed, paying only for the minutes you and your teammates use.
  • Global Access Numbers — Global access numbers set international conference calls apart from domestic ones. For example, if you’re in the United States but your team is located in Croatia, global conferencing access numbers will be provided that are regional, local, or toll free for each participant. You would access the global audio call using a USA access number while those in Croatia would dial a toll free access number in Croatia. This keeps costs down for participants while also making dialing into your group audio call second nature. There’s no need to worry about country codes, exit codes, or operator assistance. Just dial in and start collaborating.
  • Audio Quality — Audio quality is one of the most important things to look for in an international audio conference service. Though your callers may be located half a world away, they should sound as if they’re in the same building. Some global conferencing providers use VoIP (we don’t) to keep their rates down. However, there’s a price for that: substandard audio quality. We use modern PSTN fiber optic telecommunications networks and the same conferencing bridge technologies as AT&T to deliver crystal clear audio quality and reliable service no matter where in the world each call originates.

Ease of Use — Global audio calls work best and are used more often if they’re easy to use. With our international conferencing service, callers in Croatia and around the world can dial in using any type of phone. We also have a live conference viewer and free Connect app that you can use to manage your call in real time. These apps feature one-click line muting, MP3 recording, security features like lock out, moderator dial out, and more.

What You Need to Hold International Conference Calls in Croatia
However, for international teams, you’ll need an international conferencing service rather than your basic domestic phone service. For example, if you’re located in Croatia and you have team members located in Latvia, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and China, your fellow team members may have trouble dialing into a standard Croatia conference call.

Each would need to look up and dial their respective country’s exit code followed by the country code for Croatia. From there, they’d dial your domestic access number — that is, if they bother to do so due to concerns about incurring hefty long distance tolls.

What about giving them your toll free number in order to access your international group collaboration call? That would work for participants who are also located in Croatia, but your toll free number would not work for participants located outside of the country.

Thus, you’ll need to use an international conferencing service that provides either toll free or local access numbers for the countries your colleagues are located in (in this case, Latvia, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and China).

Our international conferencing plans (which are available with no contracts on a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go basis) are the perfect solution for international group collaboration.

Depending on where your team members are located, you could issue toll free access numbers or use the optional dial-out feature so that individuals on your team do not incur costs associated with your Croatia conference calls.

Hosting group conference calls in Croatia is easy, affordable, and effective for distributed teams. How have you used group collaboration calls with your virtual team?

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Chairing Global Conference Calls in United Arab Emirates

You’ll need to find a convenient means of joining a geographically diverse group together into a group audio call.

Cityscape Dubai Fog Sunrise Burj UAEDoing business in the United Arab Emirates often requires international communications with partners, colleagues, suppliers, contractors, and business associates around the world. Whether you’re in the United Arab Emirates for business or pleasure, you may find the need to conduct a group audio UAE conference call with attendees from around the globe.

This could be an ongoing need, or it could be something you plan on utilizing on a regular basis. In either case, you’ll need to find a convenient means of joining a geographically diverse group together into a group audio call. Global conference calls in United Arab Emirates require a plan. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Sign up for a global conference calling plan. Note that international conference calling services are different from domestic ones. Your traditional conference calling plan won’t support international callers. Our contract-free, pay-as-you-go United Arab Emirates plans are perfect, and they’re loaded with features. Choose from toll free or local access numbers, or use the optional dial-out feature to dial some attendees directly. Hosting a call is easy, and everyone dials a local access number to join the call. Our rates are highly competitive, and the sound quality is excellent thanks to fiberoptic PSTN networks.
  1. Schedule the United Arab Emirates conference call. Depending on where your attendees are located, this may require some scheduling flexibility. Keep time differences in mind. You can schedule calls in advance or host them on the fly. Consider recording your global conference calls, too. This allows you to share them with participants after the fact, especially those who missed the call.
  1. Get familiar with the features available to you. Our plans are packed with useful features such as the aforementioned MP3 call recording and moderator dial-out features. Spend some time getting comfortable with the online account management dashboard, live conference viewer, and mobile Connect App.
  1. Learn how to calculate the cost of your United Arab Emirates conference calls. As you know, holding global conference calls is far cheaper than hosting live events because travel and a physical conference room are not required. However, you’re likely accountable for your spending. Take a look at the per minute rates for each participant’s countries, multiply those rates by the number of participants per country, and then add them up to get a total cost per minute. Multiply that number by the estimated number of minutes your call is expected to last.

For example, if you have 3 participants in USA, 2 (counting yourself) in the United Arab Emirates, and 5 participants in Ireland, you’d need to look up the per minute rate for USA 2.6 cents ($0.026), United Arab Emirates ($0.38) and Ireland ($0.15) and then multiply them by the number of participants per country.

  1. Start using your United Arab Emirates conference calling plan. As you can see, global conference calls are inexpensive, so take advantage of your plan. With a pay-as-you-go plan, you pay only for the calls you make.

How have you benefited from global conferencing?

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Communicating with Investors via Ireland International Conference Calls

Your potential investors will not need to rely on operator assistance to make an international call to Ireland, nor will they need to worry about the cost of the call.

 Bridge Dublin Ireland Eire City CanalIreland’s business startup scene is booming, making it an attractive potential destination for international investors. However, before booking a flight, many savvy investors will want to ask a few questions. Using Ireland international conference calls with founders and investors is a good way to set the stage for an in-country visit.

Depending on where your potential investors are located, traveling to Ireland could be a costly endeavor. Ireland international conference calls allow you to enter into preliminary discussions and address any concerns early in the relationship. As your international investors learn more about your vision and opportunity through your conference calls, they’ll be better able to make the decision to meet with you in person.

How International Conference Calls in Ireland Work

If your investors are in other countries and you’re in Ireland, international conference calls allow your investors to dial a local or toll free number within their own countries in order to join the conference. You’ll dial a local or toll free number for Ireland. All callers from around the world will be routed over a fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network and joined into an audio conference room via our conference bridge. Sound quality is exceptional, allowing your investors to hear your pitch and ask questions without interference, echoes, dropouts, or other signal issues.

Show Your Professionalism with Ireland Conference Calls

While you could use other methods to communicate in a group audio call with investors, most are complicated, hard for everyone involved to use, and fraught with audio quality problems. On the other hand, hosting an international conference call with country-specific access codes and exceptional sound quality signals your professionalism.

Your potential investors will not need to rely on operator assistance to make an international call to Ireland, nor will they need to worry about the cost of the call. Many will appreciate the fact that you’ve provided them with toll free access while others will view your thoughtfulness as a good business practice.

If you want to be seen as a professional an investor can be confident in investing in, you’ll want to look and act the part. Your choice in providing a convenient, high quality, and toll-free means of communication will go a long way in impressing your investors.

Prepare for the Next Round with MP3 Recordings

In addition to facilitating communications with your international investors, you could use the MP3 recording feature to record your conference calls. Later, listen to the recordings to critique your pitch, catch nuances you might not have noticed during the call, or review the information.

As you move forward, listen to the earlier recording to prepare for the next round. This can help refresh your memory and calm your nerves. It can also help to ensure that you don’t forget any action steps you’d previously agreed to perform.

Ireland international conference calls are a great way to communicate with investors before, during, and after the deal. Sign up for a pay-as-you-go account and enjoy the benefits of international collaboration. There are no contracts, activation fees, monthly fees, or minimums.

How have international conference calls helped your startup?

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Holding Brazil Group Audio Calls With International Participants

While you’re in Brazil, you may be far from home, but you’re never far from your contacts if you use an international conference calling service that supports Brazil group audio calls.

Brazil Belo HorizonteAs an emerging economy and gorgeous tourist destination, traveling to Brazil on business or for pleasure is becoming commonplace.

While you’re in Brazil, you may be far from home, but you’re never far from your contacts if you use an international conference calling service that supports Brazil group audio calls.

Here’s what you need to know about staying in touch with your international team while you’re in Brazil.

1. Setting up Brazil group audio calls is easy. With our international audio conferencing service, you can set up your Brazil group audio calls in the same way that you would do using a domestic audio conferencing service. The main difference involves issuing international access numbers. Simply schedule your group audio call and invite attendees. They’ll be given either local or toll free access numbers (depending on how you set up the conference) that are local to their countries.

2. Nothing’s more important than network quality. Not all international conference calling service providers provide exceptional sound quality. We do. All of our Brazil group audio calls are routed over a PSTN fiber optic network to ensure the best sound quality possible no matter where in the world your attendees are located.

3. You can host a group audio call from anywhere and from any phone. Whether you’re in Brazil, on a layover in Miami, or visiting another country, you can host international group audio calls. Not only that, you can do so from a landline, mobile phone, or VoIP phone. Your participants can join from any country or phone, too.

4. There’s no special equipment or software required. Have you ever been invited to a web conference only to find out that you need a microphone, webcam, and software? Even if you have the hardware and technical know-how to set everything up, doing so is time-consuming and intrusive. By hosting group audio calls, you’ll never impose on your participants in this manner.

5. A multitude of useful features are available. We recommend recording your Brazil group audio calls so that you can review them later or share the recordings with those who couldn’t attend in person. MP3 call recording is but one of many useful features.

6. Group audio calls are an affordable way to stay in touch with a geographically diverse team. We offer low per minute rates and pay-as-you-go pricing, making our international conference calling plans particularly affordable and flexible. If you only need to host Brazil conference calls while you’re in Brazil on business, use our service to do so with confidence. When you no longer have the need, stop using the service without concerns about contracts or fees.

When you use a quality international conferencing service, hosting group audio calls is easy. However, time zone differences can be challenging. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to schedule international conference calls with participants from around the world.

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Setting Up a Bermuda Global Conference Call

Note that even within a single country, rates vary depending on if the access number is a local or toll free number.

Front Street Hamilton BermudaNeed to host a Global Conference Call in Bermuda?

Whether you’re a full-time resident of Bermuda or a visitor, hosting a global conference call in Bermuda with participants around the world is surprisingly easy. Here’s what’s involved.

  1. International access numbers are a must. When you host a global conference call, in Bermuda or anywhere else in the world, your international attendees must dial a phone number in order to join the call. While participants in Bermuda expect to dial a Bermuda phone number, those located in other countries will be put off by the expectation that they make a potentially costly international phone call. Some international callers will have trouble, requiring operator assistance to dial outside of their countries.

Avoid these problems altogether by using our international conference calling service. We offer both local and toll free access numbers for countries around the world and low per minute rates. Participants from Brazil will dial a Brazilian access number; callers from Canada will dial a Canadian access number; attendees from Japan will dial a Japanese access number; and so on. All will be immediately connected to your Bermuda global conference call.

  1. Make sure to consider time differences. When scheduling your global Bermuda conference call, use a world time zone map to help you select the most convenient time for the conference for the bulk of the attendees. Depending on the countries involved, it may be impossible to schedule a 100 percent convenient time for 100 percent of your participants. If so, pay close attention to the next step.
  1. Record the global conference call. Set up call recording so that those who cannot attend the teleconference as it takes place can later listen to the recording. Depending on the nature of the call, such as a sales training class, you may even want to keep the recording for future reference. Our global conference call plans create MP3 files of your recordings that can easily be downloaded and shared.
  1. Calculate the potential cost of the Bermuda global conference call. Estimate the potential cost of your Bermuda conference call is relatively easy, but you’ll need to look up the country rates for each country involved. Note that even within a single country, rates vary depending on if the access number is a local or toll free number. Mobile callers sometimes have higher rates, and if you use moderator dial-out, you’ll usually get a much lower rate.

To calculate the conference call’s cost, the basic formula is as follows:

(Number of attendees) x (country’s per minute rate x duration of call in minutes)

For example, a 20-minute global conference call with 5 attendees in a country with a rate of 7 cents per minute would work out like this:

5 attendees x (0.07/minute x 20 minutes) = $7

If you have callers from different countries or with different rates, you’ll need to perform additional calculations and then add them all together.

  1. Sign up for a pay-as-you-go Bermuda global conference call plan. Whether you need to hold regular international conference calls or have a one-time need, our pay-as-you-go plans are ideal. You’re billed only for the minutes you use, making our global conferencing solutions extremely flexible. There’s no contract to sign, no monthly fee, and no hassles. And, most importantly, call quality is exceptional for all parties involved thanks to the use of an advanced PSTN network.

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Expanded International Conference Call Plan

Connect with anyone in any country uitilizing a group international conference call.

Can a participant join your conference call from their country?  

If you host a diverse conference call with guests in remote countries, network access numbers might not exist.  But this shouldn’t stop your call.

Expanded Global Conference Calls

The Expanded Plan includes in-country toll-free access in over 100 countries plus local access numbers in 50 worldwide cities.

In addition to convenient dial-in access methods enabling an attendee to login with either a local or toll-free number from inside their country, the Expanded Plan also gives the chairperson dial-out capability.

How does the dial-out option help you add inaccessible attendees to your call?

In a nutshell, the dial-out feature enables the leader to call out to any phone number globally without disturbing the meeting in progress.  This means the leader of the call can add a participant on demand in any country.

The attendee simply answers the inbound call to their phone and is immediately added to the call.

For instance, recently a customer based in New York had a project in progress in Ghana.  There is simply no easy way for Ghana attendees to access the call.  So, the chairperson uses the Expanded Plan with the easy dial-out feature to add the Ghana guests to their weekly calls.  The other attendees located in the US and Kenya access the call using the supplied toll-free numbers.

In addition to the dial-out feature, the Expanded Plan also offers a free App that enables connecting to the conference room using any web-enabled device such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry or a PC and MAC desktop.  The Connect App makes dialing in using traditional toll-free or local numbers unnecessary as long as the attendee has a WiFi connection.

Be careful with the company you choose

Some companies offer local international access numbers that you can give out to your global call participants but they may not work.

Bad, non-working access numbers are obviously something you want to avoid especially on an important business conference call with a potential client, existing customer or with a regular team meeting call.  Some of the problematic services with non-working overseas access numbers are touted as cost-free.  The saying is still true, you get what you pay for.

The Expanded Plan is an all-inclusive, high powered, intercontinental business collaboration tool with global access numbers guaranteed to be operational 24/7.

In addition to the many methods of accessing your call, the chairperson can always reach a 24 hour U.S. based operator who will connect anyone, or fix anything required.

Learn more about the Expanded Plan here

Managing a Large International Conference Call

The operator can assist participants with any technical issues while your co-moderator can help with any other issues that may arise.

Managing a Large International Conference CallThe more participants involved in an international teleconference, the more difficult the call becomes to manage. For example, if you have just three or four participants, the “announce participant” feature is extremely helpful.

However, that same feature becomes a distraction when dozens of participants are involved. Use the tips below to minimize distractions and boost the success of your next large international conference call.

1. Send relevant call details to all participants. The success of your international conference call begins before the call actually takes place. Use the invitation to set the stage for your call by including all relevant call details including:

  • Time and date of the international conference call, ideally expressed in the participant’s local time.
  • Call-in details including local access number and the conference call’s PIN. Remember, with an international conference call, standard toll free numbers don’t work internationally and many participants will be reluctant to dial an out-of-country phone number due to concerns about potential costs. Thus, it’s smart to use an international conference call provider that provides local access numbers and local toll free numbers to the countries involved in the call.
  • Call details such as expected length of the call, general agenda items, and whether or not a recording of the call will be made available after the fact. This helps participants plan their days around the call as well as decide if their participation is warranted. You may also want to specify if participation in the international conference call is mandatory or optional.
  • Encourage the use of any easy connect tools if available. For example, if you have a plan that includes the “Connect App,” encourage participants to download and use it. Users of this particular app can set it up so that the conference call calls them at the scheduled time. Not only can this particular tool help callers ensure that they don’t miss the teleconference, the call appears as an inbound call on the participant’s phone rather than an outbound one which could use up their mobile minutes. It can also reduce the cost of your international conference calls because it uses the conference calling plan’s low dial-out rates.

2. Turn off any “announce participant” feature. This includes voice announcements (i.e., Bob Smith has just joined the conference) and join and leave tones. For large global teleconferences, it is common for participants to come and go, but it’s not necessary for everyone on the call to be informed as they do so. Not only is it distracting to hear all of those tones, hearing a lot of people leaving the international conference call could send negative messages to those remaining on the call. As the moderator of the teleconference, you can still keep a pulse on the call’s participation by using an online live teleconference viewer.

3. If the call is lecture-based, mute all phone lines other than the speaker’s. With a small group, if a single participant forgets to mute his or her line, the resulting background noise can be extremely distracting. Now imagine that multiplied times many un-muted phone lines! As the call’s moderator, you can mute and un-mute individual lines as well as all of those other than the designated speaker’s using your online conference viewer tools.

4. Designate a co-moderator. Make sure to use an international conference call provider with operator assistance as well as designate a co-moderator on any conference call with a large number of participants. The operator can assist participants with any technical issues while your co-moderator can help with any other issues that may arise.

5. Start small. The more familiar you are with your international conference calling plan, the better able you will be to manage a larger call. With that in mind, don’t start with a huge conference call! Start with smaller international conference calls. This allows you to become more comfortable with the system and the nuances involved with communicating with a global audience.

Large international conference calls have their challenges. These challenges can be overcome by choosing the right global teleconference provider, careful planning, and practice. Make sure to start small, learn how to use the call’s tools, and take advantage of operator assistance. Once you’re ready for a larger call, designate a co-moderator and turn off announcements during the call.


International Conference Calling for Human Resources

When an employee is transferred to a different region, international conference calls can aid in the transition at various stages including the interview stage as well as before, during, and after the move.

International Conference Calling for Human ResourcesWhether you are part of a large organization or a small one, international conference calls can help you tap into an international talent pool as well as expand your knowledge without incurring excessive costs.

Below are just a few of the many ways that human resources managers are using international conference calls to their advantage.

1. Virtual job fairs

Virtual job fairs are online events where employers and job candidates come together to learn more about each other. While a virtual job fair typically starts in an online environment, several channels are commonly used in conjunction with the event itself including chat rooms, instant messaging, and teleconferencing. One option is to host an international conference call as part of the event and invite job seekers to call in to learn more about your company, its culture, and current opportunities. Depending on which countries are involved, you could order toll-free access numbers for each country you are targeting.

2. Prescreening recruitment calls

International conference calls are a cost-effective tool that you can use during the interview process. Early in the process, you could hold an international conference call with a job candidate and various decision makers located around the world. Each participant simply dials a local access number, enters a PIN, and joins the conference call. This is a fantastic way to get acquainted, learn more about the candidate, gauge how well the candidate responds under pressure, and share more about the job opening. The cost of international conference calls is minute compared to flying candidates to your headquarters at this stage of the process. As you narrow the field of candidates down through prescreening, you can then bring in only the most qualified.

3. Virtual orientation meetings

International conference calls are also a cost-effective choice once you’ve hired a group of new employees. Use an international conference call in conjunction with other tools to help your new hires get started. For example, you could hold an international conference call focused on your company’s employee assistance and wellness program or other benefits.

4. Training classes

International conference calls can also play an important role in your training program. For example, you could use an international conference call to deliver training or as a live enhancement to video courseware. Since you can record your international conference calls, you may be able to repurpose a single call multiple times.

5. Relocations and transfers

When an employee is transferred to a different region, international conference calls can aid in the transition at various stages including the interview stage as well as before, during, and after the move.

6. Exit interviews

When a key employee leaves the company, it may be useful to hold an international exit interview. This allows managers from various regions to get their questions answered even if they are located in different countries.

7. Virtual leadership retreats

You can also use international conference calls as virtual leadership retreats.

For example, instead of sending executives offsite for a few days of leadership training, schedule a series of international conference calls that cover the same topics. Again, these training sessions can be recorded and reused as you see fit.

These are but a few ways that international conference calls can be used in your human resources department. With budgets tighter than ever, using an international conference call allows you to accomplish the same thing but at a fraction of the cost.