Indonesia Virtual Number and Forward Those Calls to USA

Indonesia Virtual NumberIndonesia Virtual Number

Doing business in Indonesia doesn’t necessarily require the establishment of a physical office with a landline and staff.

Depending on your needs, getting an Indonesia virtual number and forwarding your incoming phone calls from Indonesia to a USA phone may be the perfect way to enter the Indonesian market.

Here are a couple of options to consider.

Toll-Free Virtual Numbers – Routing Calls from Indonesia to the USA

With a toll-free number unique to Indonesia, callers in the region can dial your United States call center toll-free. To them, the virtual number looks and acts like any other toll-free number. It’s easy to use and doesn’t cost callers a cent. However, even though those calls are made to an Indonesian phone number, they can be diverted to virtually any phone in the world such as your main office in the United States.

Upon ordering the number, you’ll be prompted to select a “destination” number. This is the number where you’ll receive your incoming calls from Indonesia. Since you can change this number at any time, your toll-free virtual phone number is extremely flexible. For example, upon first entering the Indonesian market, you may want to have calls forwarded to your main business line so you can personally handle the details involved in starting up. As your business takes off, you can change the destination number to a dedicated call center so your skilled customer service team can take care of sales and inquiries.

Geographic Virtual Numbers for Bandung, Jakarta, and Surabaya — Forwarding Calls from Indonesian Cities to the USA

Another option is to get virtual numbers for specific cities in Indonesia and forwarding them to the United States. The process is the same as with toll-free virtual numbers, but the phone numbers issued will be geographic. Choose from Bandung, Jakarta, or Surabaya. Callers in those local calling areas will not incur tolls, even though their calls will be forwarded to the United States.

Geographic numbers allow you to establish a “presence” in the designated city. For example, if you order a Jakarta call forwarding number, it will look as if you have an office in Jakarta.

Indonesia Virtual Number Global Call Forwarding Benefits

With our toll-free and geographic virtual numbers, you can enjoy numerous benefits such as:
• Low-cost “local” presence — no need to rent office space or employ staff
• Affordable, portable remote call forwarding numbers that can be diverted to any phone quickly and easily
• Establish local phone numbers for countries and cities around the globe
• Advanced features allow you to present a professional image
• Flexible plans to best meet your call forwarding needs
• Contract-free plans and competitive rates make getting a global virtual number an easy choice

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