Setting Up Global Conference Calls to Accommodate Attendees from Turks and Caicos

Record the call. It’s often helpful to have a recording of the conference call.

Turks and Caicos IslandsIf you need to host a global conference call with attendees located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, you’ll need a convenient means of accommodating these individuals. Why? International calling costs are high from the Turks and Caicos Islands.

No matter where in the world you may be, it’s likely that your global conference call will cause a burden to your participants in Turks and Caicos. The answer is to provide these participants with a toll free number that allows them to locally join the call.

How a Turks and Caicos Global Conference Call Works
Using our global conference calling plan, a Turks and Caicos teleconference works rather simply:

You’ll start by setting up your international conference call.
Next, invite attendees from around the world and provide them with access numbers unique to their countries.
Invite your Turks and Caicos participants, again, providing them with an access number for the conference that’s specific to the islands.

Note that you have two choices when setting your Turks and Caicos conference call:

1. Toll free access
2. Optional dial out

Toll free access is just that. Your participants will dial a toll free number and be joined in your global group call. Optional dial out is a feature where you initiate the call, dialing the participants’ phone numbers at the time of the call and connecting them in.

Dial out feature reduces your per minute calling costs by about five cents per minute. Depending on how many participants from Turks and Caicos Islands you have, it may make sense to set up the dial out feature.

Tips for Setting Up a Successful International Conference Call

Before you host your first international conference call with Turks and Caicos Islands participants, use the tips below:

Schedule a convenient time for your participants. Time differences often mean compromise. If possible, try to schedule your call so that the majority of your participants can join the call during local business hours.

If that’s not possible, expand the time slots slightly so that, hopefully, you can avoid having participants dial into your call in the middle of the night.

Record the call. It’s often helpful to have a recording of the conference call. Whether you record it for your own purposes or for sharing with participants after the fact, our service makes it easy to record the call into MP3 format. Once recorded, you can later email it to participants, have it transcribed, or even package it as part of your training program (depending on the nature of the call).

Use a service provider focused on quality. Our global conference calling plans are known for their HD audio quality. We use a PSTN fiber network, not VoIP.

Following a prepared agenda, and stay on track. No one wants to spend hours and hours on a rambling conference call. Prepare the meeting with an agenda, and keep it moving along.

Speak in a normal speaking voice. There’s no need to shout when participating in a global conference call, especially if you use a high quality conference calling plan.

Whether you’re exporting goods to Turks and Caicos or have business partners located in the islands, our pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan is an excellent fit.

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