What You Need to Know About Global Conferencing in Bahrain

We use modern PSTN telecommunications networks for superior sound quality no matter where in the world you hold your global conference calls.

Bahrain at night imageThinking about hosting global conference calls in Bahrain?

Whether you’re in Bahrain temporarily or permanently using our pay-as-you-go global conferencing plan provides you with excellent sound quality, advanced global conferencing features, and flexibility.

Here’s what you need to know about global conferencing in Bahrain.

  • Signing up for a Bahrain global conferencing plan is easy. You can get started right away, and since our Bahrain conference calling plan has no contracts, you can cancel at any time.
  • Our rates are extremely competitive. We offer both toll free and local (Manama) access numbers for participants in Bahrain. Because you’ll be using your conference calling plan internationally, you’ll be pleased to know we support more than 65 countries in our Legacy plan and more than 105 countries in our Expanded plan. Whether your Bahrain conference call attendees are located in Bahrain or elsewhere around the world, you’ll get great per minute calling rates.
  • We offer tools to lower your global conference calling costs even further. Not only can you quickly look up current rates for the countries we support on our website, you can use the moderator dial-out option to get even better per minute rates in nearly all cases. For example, if you have a participant located in a country where the per minute rate is much higher than others, using the dial-out option can bring that rate down. You’d simply initiate the connection on your end rather than have that participant dial the conference call directly.
  • Your Bahrain conference calls will sound crystal clear. We use modern PSTN telecommunications networks for superior sound quality no matter where in the world you hold your global conference calls. You’ll hear each person’s voice as they speak, but you won’t hear unpleasant line noise, crackling sounds, echoes, or stuttered audio, all of which are common with cheap VoIP international conferencing solutions.
  • Advanced conferencing tools are included. Though our Bahrain conference calling rates are extremely competitive and affordable, we include all kinds of premium conferencing tools in every pay-as-you-go plan such as MP3 call recording, a free Connect app, a free live conference viewer, an Outlook plugin, automatic call reports, and more.
  • Help is readily available. Our US-based operators are always a tap of a button away, ready to jump in and help you as needed. Whether you need a line muted or an absentee participant dialed in, our live operators can help — 24/7.
    We’ve built our Bahrain global conference calling plan around the needs of busy professionals. Sign up for a no-contract international conference calling plan today and find out just how easy it is to collaborate with associates from around the world. Remember, there are no minimum requirements, no contracts, no surprise fees, and no cancellation penalties.

How are you using international conference calls in Bahrain or elsewhere?

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Hosting Botswana Global Conference Calls

Our Botswana global conference calling rates are extremely competitive, as our all of our international rates.

Gaborone Botswana image
Gaborone Botswana

Though Botswana is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries, it is home to over 2 million people. In the middle of the last century, Botswana was one of the world’s poorest countries.

That, however, has changed. In fact, Botswana is now one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. It has a modest standard of living and a high gross national income.

If you’re in Botswana for business, for a visit, on a medical mission, or for any other purpose, you may need to stay in touch with colleagues from around the world. One affordable option is to host an international conference call from Botswana.

Here’s how to do it.

1.     Sign up for our pay-as-you-go expanded international conference calling plan. Our expanded plan offers toll free access numbers for Botswana as well as local and toll free access numbers for more than 100 other countries. With this plan, you can host an international conference call from within Botswana and have colleagues join you from countries far and wide. No matter how far apart your attendees are, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to hear them clearly thanks to our fiberoptic PSTN telecommunications networks.

2.    Use our free Connect app to manage your Botswana global conference calls. This app makes it easy to initiate and manage conference calls. It includes a variety of helpful tools such as call recording or moderator dial out.

3.    Hold international conference calls on the fly or pre-schedule them. There’s no need to reserve time with our Botswana conference calling service, but you can if you prefer. We have live, US-based operators standing by 24/7 to assist you as needed.

4.    Provide your international participants with local (to them) access numbers. Your colleagues may have concerns about how to connect to your Botswana conference calls. With our global conference calling service, you can put their concerns to rest by giving them country-specific access numbers. For example, if you have attendees in Canada, rather than dialing an international long distance number to connect to your Botswana conference call, they can dial a Toronto access number or a Canadian toll free number to join your call.

5.    Use our service as needed. Our global conference calling plans are available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contracts. If you only need to host a single conference call from Botswana, there’s no need to sign up for a long-term plan. There are no minimum usage requirements, no monthly fees, and no early termination penalties. Simply host international conference calls when needed and pay only for the minutes you use.

Our Botswana global conference calling rates are extremely competitive, as our all of our international rates. If you want to reduce your costs even further, make sure to use the moderator dial out feature to dial some participants directly as those rates are even lower.

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Communicate in Sweden Using Virtual Phone Numbers

The destination phone can be located anywhere on the planet including in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Australia, or any of the island nations.

royal palace sweden stockholmCommunicating with locals in Sweden from afar is much easier when you use virtual phone numbers for Sweden.

Whether you have customers, business associates, or family members in Sweden, if they need to reach you or your business located in another country, having a virtual number ensures that they can easily do so.

View Sweden Virtual Number Database below:

With a Sweden virtual number, you can:

Set up a remote “ring to” phone number — Because the Sweden virtual number is a virtual international call forwarding number, it is not physically constrained to any particular phone line. You can set it up to ring to any phone number in the world. For example, if you have a college student attending school in Sweden, you could set up the ring to number so that the virtual phone call is routed to your home in the United States.

  • Give callers in Sweden a toll free number to reach you internationally — Both local and toll free numbers for Sweden are available. With a toll free Sweden virtual phone number, your callers will dial a traditional toll free number that works within Sweden; however, their calls will be routed to whichever destination phone number you have configured. The destination phone can be located anywhere on the planet including in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Australia, or any of the island nations.
  • Get competitive local and toll free international rates from Sweden to any phone — Our Sweden virtual phone numbers plans include bundles of minutes at highly competitive international call forwarding rates. Simply select a city-specific or toll free virtual phone number for Sweden, pick the destination country, and view the bundled plans to see just how competitive our virtual phone numbers for Sweden are.
  • Enjoy month-to-month access to your virtual phone numbers — Our virtual phone plans are offered on a month-to-month basis with no contracts or cancellation penalties. This is a great way to get the best rates for a short-term or long-term plan. Whether you need a Sweden virtual phone number while you’re on vacation, as part of a market expansion, or to communicate with loved ones, you can use the service for as long as you need it without worrying about long-term contracts or early termination fees.
  • Get access to advanced calling features. Our Sweden virtual phone numbers include robust calling features such as fax forwarding, sequential and simultaneous ringing, IVR/PBX, advanced call forwarding, and more. Optional call recording and optional rollover minutes are also available.
  • Start a business in Sweden without a large capital expenditure — Have you been thinking of serving the Swedish market with goods or services? Using a Sweden virtual phone number is a great way to establish a business presence in the country without actually moving to Sweden or staffing a physical office. Use the virtual phone number to appear local, but route your incoming calls to your main office or call center located in another country.

There are many ways you could benefit from a virtual phone number in Sweden. How have you used virtual numbers to communicate internationally?

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Australia Global Conference Calling Benefits

Our Australia global conference calling plans feature advanced calling features and live event viewing tools.

Darling Harbour Australia imageAs tempting as it may be to fly to Australia periodically to meet with your business partners, regional employees, family members, and associates, international travel is costly and time-consuming.

Australia global conference calls can take the place of many of your trips, saving you both time and money while simultaneously allowing you to communicate and collaborate with a group. Below are some of the many benefits of hosting Australia global conference calls.

  • Conferencing calling with Australian participants is fast and easy. Unlike booking a flight and then traveling, you can connect to an Australian global conference call on a whim. Whether a business emergency needs your immediate attention or you have a brilliant idea to share with your colleagues, initiating and holding a global conference call can be done in mere minutes.
  • Global conference calls are less expensive than you may realize. Our pay-as-you-go Australian global conference calling plans feature advanced features and competitive international conferencing rates. You pay a low rate per minute per person with rates varying depending on the countries involved. You can even issue toll free international numbers for participants in dozens of countries, making it easy and toll free for your international attendees.
  • Holding international conference calls in Australia and around the globe helps to build relationships. Since the cost of global conferencing is so much lower than in-person meetings, you’ll be more likely to hold more frequent teleconferences. Feel free to hold weekly global calls with your international staff — or daily calls if your business dictates a higher frequency. If you have family members living in Australia, bring the entire family together and keep those bonds strong with regular group calls. Even if you have family in USA, France, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia, you can all gather together in an Australian conference call. The hardest part will be scheduling a time that accounts for all the time differences.
  • Having an international conference calling plan provides you with flexibility. Our international conference calling plans provide support for more than 60 to 100 plus countries (depending on the plan you choose). This means that not only can you hold global conference calls in Australia, you can hold them around the world. Whether you’re located in Australia, the Philippines, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, or anywhere else in the world, you can both host and attend meetings.
  • Our Australia global conference calling plans feature advanced calling features and live event viewing tools. You can manage your conference calls via our free Connect app or our online live event viewer as well as use traditional phone menus or ask the live operator for assistance. You can also record your calls with a quick click of the button.
  • Superior phone networks mean that you can hear everyone clearly. We use fiberoptic PSTN networks for all international conference call attendees. These modern networks deliver the best audio quality and are far superior to VoIP.

These are but a few of the many advantages of our Australian international conference call plans. Sign up for an account today and pay as you go with no contracts and no cancellation fees.

View Australia Conference Call Service details here

Bahamas International Conference Call Tips

bahamas lighthouse caribbean sea atlantis travelPlanning a business retreat or family vacation in the Bahamas? Or have an office staffed in the Bahamas?

Global conference calls could help you stay in touch with your colleagues back home. Get the most out of our global conferencing plans by using the tips below.

  1. Sign up for a pay-as-you-go global conferencing plan. Our international conference calling plans offer support for the Bahamas, and they’re available on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that you only pay for the minutes you use; nothing more, nothing less. There are no minimums, no contracts, and no cancellation fees. Once you’re in the Bahamas, you can initiate a Bahamas conference call with your office back home as needed. Should you find that one conference call is more than enough, you don’t need to worry about canceling your plan. On the other hand, if a crisis erupts, you can host as many global conference calls as you need without worrying about going over your limit.
  1. Plan your global conference calls just as you’d plan any meeting. While our rates are competitive for the Bahamas and beyond, no one wants to spend more time on a group audio call than necessary. If you’re on vacation, especially, you’ll want to spend as little time as possible. Spend a few minutes planning your agenda for the call and then stick to it once your teleconference begins. Not only will a well-run conference call result in less time spent, it will reduce the overall cost of the call.
  1. Take advantage of advanced teleconferencing tools. Our Bahamas global conference calling plans come with a wealth of features and advanced tools. Make sure to get acquainted with the features available, and then use them! The MP3 recording feature is useful if you need to record your calls for legal compliance, training, or other purposes. It’s also helpful for sharing with attendees who were unable to attend. If you are using your conferencing service to conduct training calls, you can use the recordings to train others — including future employees. The online live event viewer is also a useful tool that allows you to direct dial participants, mute and unmute individual lines, record the call, lock the conference, and more.
  1. Schedule your Bahamas conference calls with time zone differences in mind. If your participants are on the East Coast, time zone differences aren’t as dramatic as they are for participants on the other side of the world. Use a world time zone map to help you schedule the best time for your global conference calls in the Bahamas.

If you need any help before, during, or after your Bahamas international conference call, assistance is just a click away. Live operators are readily available to assist. Whether you need global conferencing for just a few weeks or plan on holding global conference calls on an ongoing basis, you’ll appreciate the flexibility, quality, and affordability of our plans.

How are you using global conferencing in your life or business?

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Saudi Arabia International Conferencing as an Alternative to an In-Country Visit

The strong market and the dangerous climate bring a dilemma to those doing business in Saudi Arabia.

By B.alotaby - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=44911748Saudi Arabia is a large export market for the United States and other countries, and its economy is diversifying.

Its IT market alone is estimated to be worth $4.6 billion (USD). Saudi Arabian infrastructure projects such as the North-South railway and the Saudi Land Bridge are worth another $30 billion in potential contracts. Saudi Arabia’s healthcare market is also large and potentially lucrative to external firms.

At the same time, Americans and Westerners in general have valid concerns about traveling to Saudi Arabia. In fact, the U.S. Department of State urges US citizens to carefully consider the risks due to security threats, previous attacks, and violence near the Yemen border.

The strong market and the dangerous climate bring a dilemma to those doing business in Saudi Arabia. Opportunity knocks, but it’s not necessarily safe to answer the door. And if you happen to be a female business professional, traveling to Saudi Arabia could also mean being treated differently.

Avoid these Problems by Holding a Saudi Arabia Conference Call

International conference calls allow you to communicate with associates, business partners, and customers in Saudi Arabia without having to step foot in the country. When you hold a Saudi Arabia conference call, you can discuss business without having to be concerned about your personal security or acceptable attire.

Even during times of political stability, holding international conference calls is a smart and practical choice. With an international conference call, you can have callers from around the world join together to discuss any number of topics without requiring anyone to travel.

The cost of hosting an international conference call in Saudi Arabia is small compared to travel costs. Imagine flying just five executives from the US to Saudi Arabia for a meeting. Not only do you have airfare times five, you also need to pay for hotels, meals, and local transportation. You may even need to rent a conference room to hold your in-person meeting. Your in-person meeting could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

In contrast, hosting a global conference call with Saudi Arabia is much cheaper. To connect USA participants, it would cost less than 3 cents per person per minute using our current rates. To connect Saudi Arabia participants, you could choose either a toll free or dial out option which are currently just 68 cents and 19 cents per person per minute.

So, let’s say you have five American and five Saudi Arabian participants in a one-hour conference, your total cost for the international Saudi Arabia conference call would be as low as $64.80, broken down as follows:

The chairperson is located in the U.S.

60 minute international conference call with 10 conferees
Five USA Participants at $0.026 per person per minute – $7.80
Five Saudi Arabia participants at $0.19/min dial-out rate per person per minute – $57.00

Hosting Saudi Arabia international conference calls also allows for instant communications, something you can’t achieve with in-person conferences. If you have a crisis or need to coordinate a new initiative, you need to communicate sooner rather than later, and an international conference allows for that.

Are you doing business with Saudi Arabia, or thinking of it?  How do you use international conferencing?

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Hosting Austria International Conference Calls

PSTN networks are traditional fiberoptic networks. They are tried and true and known for their reliability and sound quality.

Vienna Austria Evening imageIf you have business associates, family members, or friends in Austria, global conference calls are a great way to stay in touch, build relationships, and control your costs at the same time.

However, not all global conferencing plans are built equally. Here’s what you need to know about hosting global conference calls in Austria.

International Conferencing Calling Plans Vary

First, some international conferencing plans charge you a set fee — whether you use the service or not. Others are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our Austria global conference calls are pay-as-you-go — and you pay only for the minutes you use. There are no minimums and no cancellation fees. Our international calling rates are among the most competitive you’ll find. Plus, you get loads of free, advanced features such as MP3 recording, live operator assistance, and free online event viewing tools.

Another important consideration when choosing an Austria global conference call service is whether the service uses VoIP or PSTN networks. VoIP conference calls are routed over the Internet. While good from a cost perspective, VoIP calls often have sound quality issues like dropouts, echoes, delays, stutters, and line noise.

PSTN networks are traditional fiberoptic networks. They are tried and true and known for their reliability and sound quality. If you’ll be holding important business conference calls in Austria, we strongly urge you to look at PSTN-based conference calling plans.

Toll Free Access Numbers are Available for Attendees in Austria and Around the World

Toll free numbers typically work only within a given region of the world. For example, callers in Austria cannot connect to a USA business using the USA toll free number the business may have. Instead, they must call the business’s direct number and incur international long distance charges. When you host an international conference call, you can’t simply give your international callers your business’s toll free number because, unless they are in your country, the number will not work.

There’s a workaround to this: choose a global conference calling service provider that offers toll free support to the countries your call’s participants are located in. We issue toll free numbers unique to various countries and then use international call forwarding to route those callers to your conference room.

This means that if you’re hosting a global conference call in Austria but have attendees in France, South Africa, Canada, Japan, and Singapore, your individual callers will all receive toll free numbers unique to their countries. They will not need to dial a foreign number, nor will they incur international long distance tolls when they connect to your Austria conference call.

Austria toll free and local access numbers to accommodate you and your Austria international conference call guests.

Two Austria access number options.

Austria Toll Free

Austria Vienna local access

Global Conference Calls in Austria Help Facilitate Communications

Once you’ve found and signed up for a plan, use it! Hosting global conference calls using our international conferencing plan is super easy and extremely affordable. Rather than holding semiannual meetings in person, our global conferencing plans make it easy to hold monthly, weekly, or even daily group calls.

How have you used global conference calls to improve group communications?

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Need a local Austria virtual phone number?

Hosting International Conference Calls in South Korea

With the right international conferencing service, hosting a South Korea conference call is fast, easy, and affordable.

Myeongdong Seoul Korea imageThe Republic of Korea, or South Korea, is a prosperous country and global leader in many rights (such as healthcare, education, innovation, technology, human rights, ease of doing business, and even pop culture).

Whether you live and work in South Korea or are visiting, if you need to communicate with an international group, consider hosting an international conference call. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Here’s what you need to know about hosting international conference calls from South Korea:

  • Sign up for an international conferencing service. Though your PBX may have limited conference calling capabilities, hosting an international conference call is fairly complex as each caller has to deal with access to the conference. Our international conferencing service solves this problem by providing country-specific access numbers for attendees to use. For example, if you’re in South Korea, you’d dial a South Korean access number. Meanwhile, your attendees in USA would dial a USA access number.
  • Learn how the service works. There are many types of international conferencing services including free plans, limited and unlimited plans, and pay-as-you-go plans. Our South Korea international conferencing plan is a pay-as-you-go plan with no minimum fees, no contacts, and no minimum usage requirements. You are charged only for the minutes you use based on the highly competitive rates for each country involved in the call. You can hold as many South Korea conference calls as you like each month or you can not use the service at all. It’s up to you, and there’s no need to worry about violating the terms of the contract because there’s no contract.
  • Schedule the South Korea conference call. Scheduling international conference calls can be tricky due to time differences. Use a world time map to help you select the best time for your call, keeping in mind that even the dates could be different if attendees are located on the other side of the International Date Line.
  • Take advantage of useful international conference calling features. Our plans include a variety of useful features that can help your South Korea global conference call be successful. For example, you could use moderator dial out to dial some attendees directly as well as create an MP3 recording of the call. Our Connect app is also a great tool for initiating a conference call.

We offer both toll free and local access numbers for South Korea, and our expanded plan supports more than 100 countries. Live, US-based operators are available at anytime day or night should you need assistance.

If you have participants located in unsupported countries, they can still participate in your call. They could either dial the direct access number, operators could patch them in, our you could use the moderator dial out feature to connect them.

No matter where your participants are located, all South Korea conference call participants will be connected via a modern, fiber optic telecommunications network of the highest quality.

With the right international conferencing service, hosting a South Korea conference call is fast, easy, and affordable. Sign up for our pay-as-you-go Korea (South) conference calling service and experience our quality for yourself.

View more details about South Korea conference calls here

Holding International Conference Calls in Portugal

Whether you need to host a global conference call in Portugal with international suppliers, partners, customers, colleagues, family, or friends, doing so is easy when you have an affordable, pay-as-you-go Portugal international conferencing plan

Lisbon PortugalWhether you live in Portugal or plan on traveling there for business or pleasure, holding Portugal international conference calls is a convenient way to stay in touch with a group of people from around the world.

Holding international conference calls requires each attendee to dial an access number to join the call. However, unless you use a dedicated international conferencing service provider like aitelephone.com, your attendees will need to dial a Portuguese phone number. This could be off-putting to some attendees.

For example, some may wonder how much it will cost them to connect to your Portuguese global group call. Others might be confused because the Portuguese access number looks different from phone numbers in their own countries.

By using an international conference call service, you can provide your international attendees with local access numbers — or even toll free numbers if so desired. Our international conferencing service is an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go service that you can use as needed with no worries about long-term contracts or minimum usage requirements.

Highlights include:

  • Available Portugal access numbers include Portugal toll-free and Lisbon local
  • Low per minute rates for dozens of countries
  • Toll free access numbers in 150+ (depending on the plan) countries
  • Our PSTN fiber optic network means excellent sound quality
  • Live 24/7 operator assistance
  • MP3 call recording
  • Moderator dial-out option saves even more money
  • No reservations required
  • Free Connect app
  • Pay for usage — if you don’t use the service, you don’t pay
  • No contracts, no minimums

About Portugal

Portugal flag imagePortugal was once a global maritime power, particularly during the 15th and 16th centuries. Alas, a series of events changed that including a massive earthquake, the Napoleonic Wars, the independence of its wealthiest colony (Brazil), and a revolution in 1910 that deposed Portugal’s monarchy only to replace it with repressive governments. Democratic reforms came to Portugal in the mid-1970s after a military coup.

Today, Portugal has a population of more than 10.8 million according to July 2014 estimates. Portugal has a diversified, service-based economy with many formerly state-controlled sectors such as financial and telecommunications now liberalized. Portugal joined the EMU (Economic and Monetary Union) in 1999. Some of Portugal’s largest trade partners include Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK, USA, and Angola.

Telecommunications in Portugal

The CIA World Factbook estimates that Portugal had 4.558 million mainline telephones in use in 2012 and another 12.312 mobile cellular subscriptions. Portugal has more mobile subscribers than it has residents.

Portugal has a state-of-the-art telecommunications network with broadband and high-speed capabilities. Domestically, its phone system consists of an integrated network of coaxial cables, open-wire, microwave radio relay, and domestic satellite earth stations. Portugal is connected to the rest of the world via submarine cables and 3 satellite earth stations.

Portugal had 5.168 million Internet users in 2009, putting it in 44th place in comparison to the rest of the world. Cafes, post offices, hotels, conference centers, and other public areas often offer free and paid Internet connections to Portuguese residents.

The telecommunications industry in Portugal is overseen by the regulatory body known as ANACOM. Competition in the telecommunications industry dates back to 1989 when legislation was written to allow the introduction of competition nine the telecom services sector. Portugal’s Telecommunications Act compiled the general principles for telecommunications into a single piece of legislation. The act made it the state’s responsibility to guarantee the existence and availability of fundamental services with the stipulation that the exploitation of services involving the use of complementary telecommunications infrastructures could be carried out by properly licensed public and private companies.

Several operators, CTT, TLP and Marconi, had to be re-organized, a process that reportedly brought its share of controversy, backdoor deals, and mergers. Portugal Telecom emerged and continues to be a major player in the Portuguese telecom market.

Some of the major telecommunications providers in Portugal include:

Cabovisão, Oni Telecom, Portugal Telecom, Telepac, and TIMWE. Mobile operators include: Meo, NOS Comunicações, UZO, and Vodafone Portugal

Whether you need to host a global conference call in Portugal with international suppliers, partners, customers, colleagues, family, or friends, doing so is easy when you have an affordable, pay-as-you-go Portugal international conferencing plan.

Sign up for Portugal international conference call service today

Benefits of Hosting Switzerland International Conference Calls

Zurich Oerlikon urban construction sitesWhether you’re based in Switzerland or have business partners there, hosting global conference calls is beneficial in several important ways.

Below are just a few of the many benefits you can expect when hosting Switzerland global conference calls.

  • Easy international group collaboration — Hosting a global group conference call from Switzerland is easy for everyone involved using our service. As the host of the conference call, you can schedule a conference at any time — without reservations or requiring operator assistance. Simply schedule the call and invite attendees. Our free Outlook plugin makes it even easier, as does our free Connect app. Meanwhile, your attendees from around the world will use country-specific access numbers to dial into the call, eliminating any confusion or concerns regarding dialing a Swiss access number.
  • Affordable alternative to travel — Hosting a Switzerland global conference call is far more affordable than traveling to meet with international business partners in person. Rather than flying to another country, booking a hotel, and arranging for transportation, host a global conference call for a fraction of the cost. If you frequently fly regional employees in for sales meetings, consider hosting a global conference call instead as the savings will be substantial.
  • Fewer security concerns — Any time you travel internationally these days, security is a concern. When you host a global conference call in Switzerland, you no longer need to worry about long security lines or personal security — nor do your attendees.
  • Easy to document meetings — Built-in recording tools make it easy to document your global conference calls. Simply record the call and download the recording in MP3 format. From there, you can either store the recording for posterity or legal compliance purposes, share it with the other attendees, share it with absentee participants, or even have it transcribed. Recording your Switzerland conference calls is a simple matter of pressing a key.
  • A great way to build relationships across borders — Because international conference calls are so easy and affordable, you can host them more often than you’d hold in-person meetings. As a result, you can use regular conference calls to build stronger relationships with you colleagues and business partners from around the world.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Switzerland Global Conference Calls

In order to get these benefits, you’ll need a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable international conference calling service. Our pay-as-you-go plans fit perfectly. We have competitive rates and use modern PSTN networks for the best sound quality and reliability possible. Whether you host one international conference call a year or host them daily, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of our plans and the vast global network of access points to accommodate your international conference call guests.

Once you have an international conferencing solution, the next step is to use it. Global conference calls can be used for any number of meetings including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Staff meetings
  • Recruiting / job interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Regional sales meetings
  • Training
  • Consultations with experts
  • Legal proceedings such as dispositions

How have you used global conference calls in Switzerland?

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Argentina Global Conference Calling Tips

Buenos Aires Catalinas imageIf you’re in Argentina, or if you have colleagues or partners in Argentina, global conference calling is a great way to communicate with a group from around the world.

While you’re likely familiar with hosting regular conference calls, use the tips below to get the most out of Argentina global conferencing.

  1. Sign up for an international conference calling plan. While you could theoretically host an Argentina conference call from your main office, your international participants need a convenient means of dialing in. Requiring callers from other countries to dial an Argentina access number places a burden on them, which could discourage participation. By signing up for an Argentina global conference calling plan that supports most countries, you’ll be able to give your attendees an access number (toll free or local) specific to their countries.
  1. Use online conferencing tools to manage your global conferences. Our live conference viewer is a convenient online tool that you can use to more easily manage your conference calls as they occur. You’ll see each participant who’s on the call as well as be able to mute and unmute their lines. You can also lock your conference call once everyone’s on the line to prevent others from joining in without your knowledge. If you need to connect a participant who has not dialed in, you can do so directly from within the tool.
  1. Plan your agenda. Nearly all successful meetings start with a well-planned agenda. The same is true of global conference calls. Plan your meeting out on paper first to ensure that you allot sufficient time to cover each agenda item. If your call is getting too lengthy on paper, consider splitting the conference call into a series of shorter calls.
  1. Consider time differences. Global time differences make scheduling conference calls challenging. For example, while it may be Monday morning in Argentina, it’s still Sunday night in other parts of the world. Use a world time zone map to help find the best time for your global group conference call.
  1. Record your conference calls. It’s often helpful to record your conference call. Not only can you review the recording afterward, you could retain it for legal or historic purposes. Recording Argentina conference calls with our international conferencing service is a simple matter. Though international laws vary as far as recording disclosures, it’s considered a good practice to inform participants that the call is being recorded.
  1. Share your recording (if appropriate). Depending on the nature of the conference call, you may want to share your recording with participants, absentees, or even future participants. For example, if the conference call’s purpose was to train your customer service agents, you could share the recording with attendees so that they can review the information as needed. Likewise, your future hires could benefit from listening to the recording. On the other hand, if the call was confidential in nature, you’ll want to secure the recording accordingly.

These are but a few tips that you can use to host more effective international conference calls in Argentina, or any country for that matter.

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View more details about International Conference Call Argentina here

Hosting USA Conference Calls with International Participants

Use a world time zone map to help you schedule the call.

Hosting USA Conference Calls with International Participants
USA Conference Calls with International Participants

Hosting USA conference calls is generally easy — if everyone is located within the United States. It gets tricky, however, when you need to invite people from other countries. The two biggest challenges with international USA conference calls are access and timing. Fortunately, you can overcome these challenges with an international conferencing plan that supports USA and dozens of countries around the world.

Here’s how.

How International Participants Can Access Your USA Conference Calls

If your USA conference call were limited to other callers in the United States, everyone would probably dial an 800 number to access the conference. Even if they dialed a regional access number, such as one local to New York or Los Angeles, domestic long distance rates are low enough that such a number wouldn’t be too large of a burden on your participants.

This changes the moment your USA conference call becomes a global conference call. For starters, a USA toll free access number won’t work for your international attendees — and depending on which countries they are in, international long distance charges could be significant. Thus, giving them a direct line to the USA conference call isn’t a solution.

The solution is to use an international conference calling service. Our pay-as-you-go international / USA conferencing plans allow you to enable access to your global call using:

  • Country-specific toll free access numbers — For example, callers from Pakistan will dial a toll free number for Pakistan while those in Germany dial a toll free access number unique to Germany.
  • Local access numbers — Your callers in Berlin, Germany would dial a local number in Berlin while those in Paris, France would dial a Paris number.
  • Dial-out — This is where the moderator or the live operator would initiate access by dialing participants directly and patching them into the conference room.

Each of these options reduces the burden on your international participants. In most cases, they will not incur any toll charges in order to join your USA conference call.

Some may incur regional toll charges, such as if a caller in Nice, France dials a local Paris access number. Finally, if your international participants use a mobile phone to connect to your USA conference call, their time on the call may be subject to the specifics of their individual mobile phone service plans.

Overcoming Timing Issues

You’ll never be able to control time zone differences, but you can try to schedule your call so that the bulk of your participants can dial in during business hours. This isn’t always possible, either, and some participants will likely be inconvenienced. Use a world time zone map to help you schedule the call. For those who won’t be able to attend the call in real time, consider recording the call and sharing the MP3 recording with them after the fact.

Hosting USA conference calls with international participants isn’t as easy as hosting a domestic conference, but it’s not all that difficult with the right international conference calling plan. Check out our pay-as-you-go USA conference calling plans and connect with a broader audience today.

View more details about U.S. and international conference calling here

International Conference Calls and the Hospitality Industry

Hold International Conference Calls with VIPs depending on the VIP’s requirements, your conference calls may include participant’s from around the world.

International Conference Calls and the Hospitality IndustryInternational Conference Calls and the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry uses international conference calling for a variety of purposes including internal brainstorming sessions, formal training, contract negotiations, procurement, guest relations, and even as a service offered to guests. The possibilities are nearly limitless! Below are a few ways that you can use global conference calls to communicate internally and externally to collaborate with regional managers, employees, vendors and suppliers, event planners, and guests from around the world.

Six ways to Host Virtual Meetings with participants around the world

International conference calling allows you to hold virtual meetings with participants from around the world in a private, voice-only “conference room.” In order to access the virtual meeting, each of the global conference call’s participants uses a standard or mobile phone to call in. There’s no need for computers or software. In addition, each caller receives an access phone number that is local to their country which avoids unnecessary dialing confusion or concerns about the call’s potential cost.

You can use global conference calls for meetings with:

  • Your executive team – Is it hard (or expensive) to get your executive team together for routine meetings? Teleconferences are a low-cost way to keep everyone informed of both routine and major events.
  • Regional managers – With facilities around the globe, international conference calling is a must to ensure that each regional team feels connected to the larger organization. Use global conference calls to support, encourage, train, and troubleshoot facilities around the globe.
  • Employees – While it may not be necessary to hold companywide conference calls on a regular basis, occasional group conference calls can be used for a variety of purposes such as for making major announcements or holding training sessions. You can also record your group calls, allowing employees to listen in at a later time and date if desired.
  • Lawyers, publicists, and other professionals – Need to strategize with external partners such as lawyers, publicists, or consultants? A global conference call allows you and your executive team to connect with professionals from around the world in a private, convenient teleconference. Get your questions answered and brainstorm your next move without having to arrange flights or hotel accommodations.
  • Suppliers and vendors – You can also use international conference calling to hold procurement teleconferences, negotiate better deals with vendors, coordinate projects, and much more.
  • Event planners – Global teleconferences are also useful when working with event planners who intend to hold conferences, exhibitions, banquets, trade shows, sporting events, and other events at your venue. Because global conference calls are so convenient, your meetings can include crucial personnel involved in planning an event so that the event planners can get all of their questions answered in a single session.

Hold International Conference Calls with VIPs

Hotel Businessman on global conference callWhether dealing with an agency or celebrities, politicians, and high rollers directly, global conference calls allow you to quickly and easily connect all relevant parties to a group call. Depending on the VIP’s needs, your conference calls may include participant’s from around the world including:

  • Hotel managers
  • Food service managers
  • Transportation coordinators
  • Security managers

You can even add participants to the call as needed. For example, if the agent has questions about your security detail at a specific property, you could use the moderator dial out tool to call the head of security at that facility and bring him or her into the conference call.

Offer International Conferencing as a Service

Not only can you use international conference calling for all of the above, you may also want to offer international conference calling to your guests or as part of your meeting room services. For example, if your facility has a standard business center with computers, Wi-Fi, fax machines, and standard phones, adding international conference calling could set your facility apart from its competitors. Using your international conferencing plan’s account management dashboard, you will immediately know the total cost of each global conference call your guests make. Thus, you can bill them accordingly. Low per minute international rates allow for a healthy markup. Meanwhile, your business guests will appreciate being able to stay in touch with their teams around the world.

Not only can you offer international conferencing via your business services center, your concierge could easily coordinate global conference calls for guests as needed. Guests can even participate in their conferences from the privacy of their rooms.

Whether you operate a chain of hotels or a small bed and breakfast inn, signing up for an international conference calling plan allows you to stay connected to partners, suppliers, agencies, and VIP guests and their representatives from around the world. You can even get a pay-as-you-go plan with no contracts, allowing you to offer global conference calls as a service without any upfront costs. If you do business with others outside of your country, as most hospitality businesses do, access to international conference calling makes perfect sense.

Learn more

Moldova Global Conference Calls are Easier Than You May Think

Our affordable global conference calling plans make hosting conference calls with participants around the world as easy as possible.

Do you need to coordinate a group audio call with participants located in Moldova and other Moldova Flag Mapcountries?

Whether you’re located in Moldova or you have attendees located there, the moment any conference call involves international participants, it becomes more complicated to coordinate.

First, you’ll need a convenient way for your participants in Moldova to access the conference call, and you may want to provide toll free access to boost participation rates.

For example, if you’re a buyer in the United States wanting to discuss importing wines from Moldova with several producers and distribution partners in Moldova, your callers from Moldova will need an access number to join your conference call but your company’s toll free number will only work in USA and Canada.

You could give them your direct phone number, assuming your phone system has conference calling capabilities, but that requires your attendees to dial international exit and country codes. Plus, they may be hesitant due to the potential costs involved.

Fortunately, international conference calling in Moldova is possible — and it’s both easy and affordable. Our extended global conference calling plan supports over 100 countries including Moldova. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for a pay-as-you-go global conference calling plan (there are no contracts or penalties for cancellation)
  • Schedule a Moldova global conference call
  • Invite participants via email
  • Participants dial a local (to their country and/or city) or toll free (again, local to their specific country) access number
  • All participants are joined into a group audio call over a fiber optic PSTN network

By using our international conference calling plan, your attendees in Moldova no longer need to worry about how to dial an international phone number or ultimately pay international long distance charges.

Best of all, you’re not just limited to participants in Moldova and your home country. If you have attendees in other countries such as Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Canada, or Australia, they can join the call too. They’ll also use a country-specific access number to join the global conference call.

Another challenge of hosting global conference calls involves timing the call so that it is convenient for most attendees. Time differences between your country, other participants’ countries, and Moldova could mean that no matter what time you pick to host the global conference call, someone will be inconvenienced.

One workaround to this is to use MP3 call recording to record your global conference call, and then distribute the audio file to any participants who did not attend the call live.

Our affordable global conference calling plans make hosting conference calls with participants around the world as easy as possible. We use the best global networks to ensure audio quality and reliability.

With no contracts and no long-term commitments, you can use our Moldova global conference calling plan as needed.

Find out just how affordable global conference calls can be by browsing our list of countries and rates now.

Coordinating International Conference Calls in Pakistan

Your attendees located in Pakistan will dial the included access number in Lahore, thus keeping their calling costs manageable.

Pakistan LahoreTasked with coordinating an international conference call with attendees located in Pakistan?

As with any group audio conference call, you’ll need to invite participants and share the call’s details with them.

However, when you have participants from around the world, including in Pakistan, international conference calls become a little more complicated. Use the tips below to schedule and host a successful Pakistan global conference call.

Pakistan Lahore access number is included

  • Start by selecting an international conference call service provider that provides local access numbers in Pakistan. For example, our pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan (extended) includes local access numbers for more than 100 countries around the world. Your attendees located in Pakistan will dial an access number for Lahore, thus keeping their calling costs manageable. There’s no need for your Pakistani participants to dial an international phone number or incur international toll charges. Their calls will be remote call forwarded to your main conference over a PSTN fiber optic telecommunications network — no matter where in the world you are hosting the conference. Once you’ve scheduled the conference, share the local access number and PIN with your participants.
  • Do the math to ensure your international conference call fits your budget. Using international conference calls is a great way to control your costs, especially compared to other options such as traveling or flying guests to your location. Get a better idea of the savings by looking up rates and estimating the cost of your call. For example, if you have 10 participants in Pakistan and rates of $0.18 per minute and expect the call to last 10 minutes, the Pakistani portion of your call would cost just $18. Look up the rates and do the math for each country involved in the Pakistan conference call and you’ll see just how affordable global conference calling really is.
  • Consider using dial out to reduce the cost of the Pakistan conference call even further. Our dial out rates typically run even lower per minute than our regular and toll free rates for most countries, making it smart to compare rates if you’re on a tight budget. After all, every little bit helps! Using dial out is simple. You’ll need to enter each participant’s contact number in your account. At the appointed time, initiate the dial out feature and the international conference calling software will dial your participants directly and join them into the call.
  • Get help when you need it. When you use our pay-as-you-go global conference calling service, you can get help 24/7 from live, US-based operators. Whether you need assistance in scheduling your Pakistan conference call, connecting a caller directly using dial out, or anything else, our live operators are standing by and eager to be of assistance.
  • Use the free live conference viewer during your Pakistan conference call. This free tool provides you with real-time access to a variety of helpful features. For example, if one of the lines on the call is not muted and the ambient noise is distracting, you can quickly mute the offending line. You can also initiate moderator dial out, record the conference call, put callers on hold, disconnect callers, or lock the conference so no one else can join once it’s in session.
  • Hear every word. All participants, whether in Pakistan, Turkey, France, USA, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, or anywhere else in the world, will be connected to your Pakistan conference call using the highest quality PSTN telecommunications networks and not over the Internet. Many low-cost global conferencing services use VoIP, and sound quality suffers. We prefer to use the tried-and-true traditional networks known for exceptional audio quality.

Ready to host a Pakistan global conference call?

We are here to help you in any way. Sign up for an account or contact us to learn more.

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International Conference Call Pakistan

Host a Successful Netherlands Conference Call

Check our legacy and expanded plans to view the per minute rates for more than 150 network global access points supported.

The Hague Reflection Buildings NetherlandsHosting a global conference call from the Netherlands, or with participants located in the Netherlands, is a great way to control business costs yet communicate with a geographically diverse group of people.

However, there are a few logistical challenges you’ll need to overcome in order to host a successful group audio call. Here’s what you need to know in order to get the most out of your international teleconferences.

Netherlands Conference Call Access Numbers

Netherlands Toll-Free 080026#####

Amsterdam Local 02070#####

  • Sign up for the right international conference calling plan — Various global conferencing options are available, but you’ll want to make sure you have a quality connection among all participants and that everyone, including those in the Netherlands, can easily connect to your conference. Check our legacy and expanded plans to view the per minute rates for more than 100 countries currently supported. Our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans provide you with everything you need for a successful group audio call in the Netherlands and beyond.
  • Plan your Netherlands conference call — Time is a precious resource, and your participants will appreciate a concise, logical, and well-run agenda. If you would like other attendees to present specific agenda items, make sure to let them know well in advance what they’ll be responsible for sharing with the group. Think about time differences and schedule the call with them in mind. It’s not always possible to avoid late night or early morning calls for some participants, but do your best to keep disruption to a minimum.
  • Invite the right attendees — Determine who should attend the Netherlands global conference call as it happens live and who might be able to benefit from listening to an MP3 audio recording after the fact. For example, is it necessary for every single team member to attend the call live or would it be smarter to have a representative from each regional office attend the international conference call and then later share the recording with their teammates? Not only can this strategy keep the group audio call from becoming too large, you’ll have fewer participants, and therefore, lower international conference calling costs.
  • Issue country-specific international conference call access numbers — For example, attendees in the Netherlands would dial a Netherlands access number in order to join your international conference call while those located in other countries would dial an access number local to their own countries. Our international conference calling service includes support for more than 65 countries — and more than 100 countries on our extended plan.
  • Use the live conference call viewer — Our live conference call viewer puts several global conference calling tools at your fingertips. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the status of each participant as well as be able to: mute participants, put a caller on hold, lock the conference, record the call, dial a participant directly, and more.

Hosting a global conference call in the Netherlands is both easy and affordable with our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans.

There are no contracts or usage requirements. Host as many Netherlands international conference calls as you’d like, and cancel at anytime. Sign up for an account today and pay only for the group audio calls you host.

Monaco International Conference Call Guide

There are no contracts to sign, minimum usage requirements, or cancellation penalties to worry about. Simply host global | Monaco conference calls as needed.

Monaco City view , Principality of MonacoNeed to host a global conference call in Monaco or with participants in Monaco?

As soon as a group audio call involves participants from different countries, it immediately becomes more complex without specialized help.

Simplify your international conference calls in Monaco with this guide below.

  • Provide convenient, local access numbers. If you have attendees in Monaco, France, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, most will balk at dialing international access numbers. Not only will they be concerned about the costs they could incur, some will require operator assistance. Others will struggle to connect to your call as they may not be aware of the need to dial their country’s exit code. If you use an international conference calling service that supports each of the countries involved, you can issue local access numbers unique to each attendee’s country. Callers from Monaco will dial a Monaco access number while those in Brazil will dial a Brazilian access number.
  • Use dial-out when necessary. Moderator dial-out allows you to dial participants directly, usually at a lower per minute rate. This is a great option for attendees who live in countries where toll free access rates are either too high or unavailable.
  • Record your Monaco conference calls. Recordings are useful when some participants are unable to attend the call. Unfortunately with global conference calls, sometimes calls take place in the middle of the night for some participants. Rather than expecting them to set their alarms and join your call at 2 a.m. local time, record the call and then send them the MP3 recording.
  • Make and follow an agenda. People around the globe are busy, with many personal and business demands on their time. Participating in international conference calls in Monaco and other countries becomes more palatable when participants can see the agenda beforehand, find out how long the call is expected to last, and plan accordingly. Make sure to follow your agenda and stick to its time limits. Doing so will earn your attendees’ trust and make them more likely to join any future global conference calls you may have.
  • Pick the right international conference calling plan. Monaco is but one of many countries we support with affordable toll free access numbers. Make sure to look at the list of supported countries along with their per minute rates and the plan’s unique features, benefits, and costs to make sure that whichever global conferencing plan you choose is a good fit for your needs.
  • Consider a pay-as-you-go global conference calling plan. Whether you intend to host Monaco conference calls every day or just occasionally, having one of our pay-as-you-go plans provides you with access to robust conference calling features and a reliable, high quality network whenever you need them. There are no contracts to sign, minimum usage requirements, or cancellation penalties to worry about. Simply host global / Monaco conference calls as needed.

Getting started is easy, and there’s no long-term commitment or contract.

Sign up for an international conference calling plan today and use it whenever required to host your global meetings.

View details about Monaco international conference calls here

Tips for Facilitating a Morocco Global Conference Call

If attendees are bidding on a multi-million-dollar contract, they’d likely have no problem dialing an international phone number for the opportunity to learn more about your requirements.

Morocco RabatYou may notice that some smaller countries, such as Morocco, do not have toll free international conference call access numbers — even under our Expanded plan which supports more than 150 network access points around the world.

This doesn’t mean that your attendees in Morocco or other unsupported countries can’t participate in your global conference calls, however.

Use the tips below to facilitate a Morocco global conference call:

  • Check our country list — We update our list of supported countries frequently, so make sure to check to see the current status and per minute rates for Morocco global conferencing.
  • Determine how you want the call to be billed for your Moroccan attendees — Is it essential for the attendee to be shielded from all associated costs of the conference call or do your attendees expect to incur some costs? For example, if your attendees are prospective customers, you probably want to absorb all associated costs.
  • On the other hand, if attendees are bidding on a multi-million-dollar contract, they’d likely have no problem dialing an international phone number for the opportunity to learn more about your requirements.
  • Consider using moderator dial out — If toll free access is not available for your Morocco global conference call and you’ve determined that you do NOT want your participants to incur toll charges, use the moderator dial-out feature to dial your Moroccan participants directly. With moderator dial-out, the global conference calling system dials participants, not the other way around. Thus, their phones rings and they are not billed for the cost of the call. However, if you dial their mobile phone numbers, they might incur costs based on their individual mobile phone plans. Moderator dial-out rates tend to be much lower than toll free rates, making using this feature a smart choice when you have attendees located in countries that have high toll free global conferencing rates.
  • Another option is to ask our 24 hours operator to perform the dial-out for you.  All you will need to provide the operator is the guest’s phone number in Morocco or any other country.
  • Provide a direct, albeit international, access number — Generally speaking, this option should be your last resort and used only for select attendees in countries that do not have local or toll free access numbers to your international conference calling service. We highly recommend using moderator dial out to initiate conference calls in these situations in order to ensure that attendees do not get hit with unexpected international toll charges. Issuing a direct access number to the Morocco global conference call would require your callers in Morocco to dial Morocco’s exit code along with an international access number, a process that could cause some confusion.

Finally, consider recording the global conference call and then distributing it to attendees who may have missed the call. In the case of an international RFQ or RFP situation, you could hold a global conference call that covers the basics and then share the MP3 file with bidders in Morocco and other countries to listen to at their leisure.

In fact, if your global conference call be largely informational in nature with minimal two-way conversations, this approach could substantially reduce the cost of your conferences.

Our pay-as-you-go global conference calling plans are easy to use, affordable, and top quality — and more than 100 countries are supported via our extended plan.

Sign up today!

Hosting Efficient Global Conference Calls from Poland

Warsaw Poland at nightRunning an efficient conference call is always a smart idea, but it’s even more important when you have international participants.

For example, if you’re hosting an international conference call in Poland but have participants located in France, Spain, Jordan, China, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, and the Philippines, the cost of the teleconference is billed per minute, per person based on the per minute rates for each country.

Poland international conference call

Keeping your Poland global conferences running on time, with minimal wasted time can translate into lower overall teleconferencing costs. Use the tips below to host a more efficient Poland international conference call.

  • Limit the number of participants to those who truly need to be involved. Does your assistant really need to be present during the call or could he benefit from a recording of the call after the fact? Are the people you’ve invited the actual decision makers or will they need to defer to their superiors after the call? The more selective you can be before the call, the more efficient you can make it.
  • Identify your global conference call’s highest cost countries. Though you may be hosting your global conference call in Poland, which has affordable per minute rates, the cost of your Poland conference call is affected by the rates of your participants’ countries. Some countries, such as Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and Botswana have much higher rates than others. By examining your costs per country, you may be able to use alternative contact methods, such as moderator dial out, to keep your overall cost low. You may want to be even more selective about who you invite from these countries. One option is to record the conference and distribute the MP3 recording to key people located in countries with higher calling costs.
  • Create and follow a focused agenda. It’s not just about controlling costs, creating an efficient Poland conference call is also about getting things done in a time-efficient manner. No one wants to be stuck on a lengthy conference call that’s unfocused, irrelevant, or poorly organized. Just as you would create an agenda for an in-person conference, you should do the same for a teleconference. Break your agenda down into topics, organize the topics in a manner that makes sense, and assign a time limit for each topic.
  • Organize the call so that some participants can leave at an appropriate time. Think about whether or not all participants should remain on the call for the duration or if they can drop off after a specific time. For example, you may want to spend the first half of the call discussing high level concepts with the entire team and then spend the next half digging into strategy with your management team. If so, release most of the participants at the halfway mark, leaving just a handful in the conference for the remainder. Using our live event viewer is highly recommended in this case as you’ll be able to see who’s still in the conference call.

Finally, use a reliable international conference calling service. Spending time repeating yourself or asking others to repeat their questions because of sound quality issues is inefficient.

Our pay-as-you-go PSTN fiber optic networks allow for the best quality of service available — and more than 150 network access points are supported.

Sign up for a Poland global conferencing service today and start running more efficient international conference calls immediately.

View details on originating or joining Poland international conference calls here

How to Host an International Conference Call in Paraguay

Calle Palma Asuncion ParaguayParaguay is a small country of about 7 million residents located in the middle of South America. Whether you’re in Paraguay or have colleagues in the country, if you need to speak with a group from around the world, using an international conference calling service is by far the best way to do so.

Here’s how to host an international conference call in Paraguay or with participants in Paraguay.

  • Sign up for a pay-as-you-go international conference calling service that supports Paraguay. Since our service has no contracts, you can host just one Paraguay global conference call or as many as you’d like. Whether you have a one-time need for Paraguay conference calling or plan on hosting routine international conference calls, our international conferencing rates are highly competitive — and our service is top-notch.
  • Schedule your first international conference call. Depending on the countries involved, time zone differences could affect scheduling. Make sure to give some thought to the best timing for your Paraguay conference call. If it looks like some participants will be expected to join the call in the middle of the night local time, consider using the MP3 recording feature to record the call for these participants to listen to after the fact.
  • Choose the most appropriate access type for your participants. In some cases, you might want to provide toll free access numbers for your participants to dial. In others, a local access number will do just fine. In others, international conferencing rates may be higher than you’d like, making using the moderator dial out (and getting cheaper rates as a result) a better choice. Our Paraguay global conference calling service offers international regional and toll free access numbers for dozens of countries around the world. We also have alternate dial out rates for most of the countries we support.
  • Plan your call. As with any meeting, it’s smart to plan an agenda for your Paraguay conference call. This respects everyone’s time and ensures that your global conference call runs smoothly. Stick to the agenda by actively moving the conversation forward.
  • Invite attendees. Now that you’ve scheduled the call, selected the most appropriate access, and created an agenda, it’s time to invite participants to join you in your Paraguay global conference call. Issue invitations to the call complete with the time and date of the call expressed in local time, local access numbers, the Paraguay conference call PIN, and a copy of your agenda for the call.
  • Host the call. Finally, launch our free Live Conference Viewer and host the Paraguay conference call. Though this tool is not required to initiate international conference calls, it’s great for managing your Paraguay global call as it takes place. For example, you can quickly mute a noisy line, connect participants directly to the call by using the moderator dial out tool, or record the call on the fly. You’ll also see a list of everyone on the call.

Our Paraguay global conferencing plans are available with no contract, and our international rates are very competitive. Whether you need to host a single Paraguay global conference or plan on hosting regular global conferences, our state-of-the-art telecommunications networks and advanced features can’t be beat. Sign up for an account today.  Once your account is activated, you can use it now or anytime in the future.

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