The Insider’s Guide to Ireland Global Conference Calls Trade

Global conference calls between business leaders in Ireland, USA, Germany, and other countries can be used to negotiate deals, discuss areas of concern, review contracts, and more.

Dublin ha'penny bridge Dublin cityDid you know that Ireland is the world’s 33rd largest exporter? In 2014, Ireland exported $142 billion in goods and services.

Packaged medicaments represent Ireland’s largest export, closely followed by nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, human and animal blood, scented mixtures, and nucleic acids. Where is Ireland shipping these goods to? The United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium-Luxembourg, Germany, and France.

Companies through Ireland export their goods to partners around the world, often requiring the use of global conference calls. Our International conference calling plans are ideal for Irish exporters for several reasons including:

  • High quality connections around the world — Whether holding a global / Ireland conference call with biotech companies in USA, France, or China, you can hear each attendee perfectly thanks to fiber optic PSTN networks.
  • Pre-scheduled and on-demand global conference calls — It’s reassuring to have a prescheduled global conference call time, allowing everyone to prepare for the event. However, there are also times when you need to speak with global partners sooner rather than later. For example, if an export product is subject to a recall or a crisis has come up, the ability to quickly gather everyone together into a group audio call is essential.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing — In the past, making international conference calls in Ireland and other countries meant signing up for a monthly plan or settling for subpar service over VoIP. With our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans, you pay for your Ireland conference calls as you hold them. There are no monthly fees, no surcharges, and no contracts.
Ireland toll-free and local conference call access numbers:
1 800 719951
16530903 - Local Dublin

An activated account is required to use these numbers
to collaborate together.

Use Cases for Trade-related Ireland Global Conference Calls

There are many use cases for holding global conference calls with Ireland’s trading. Below are just a few:

  • Crisis management — From delays to global terrorism, global conference calls can be used to keep trading partners informed in a crisis.
  • Supply chain management — Use international conference calls to keep the supply of raw materials flowing efficiently.
  • Negotiations — Global conference calls between business leaders in Ireland, USA, Germany, and other countries can be used to negotiate deals, discuss areas of concern, review contracts, and more. For legal issues, you can use the dial out feature to bring your legal team into the group audio call as needed.
  • Compliance — With numerous regulatory hurdles to cross ranging from medical device labeling to import / export paperwork requirements, many of which vary based on the countries involved, a quick group audio call can quickly ensure that you have the information you need to comply.
  • Logistics — When is an order needed? Which port is the most advantageous? Do your partners have any special requirements you need to know about beforehand? Holding an international conference call before shipping your first order can help you to clarify and meet expectations.
  • Bidding conferences — Global conference calls are helpful for explaining the bidding process and sharing information with potential global suppliers.

With our pay-as-you-go Ireland global conference calling plans, you can reach out to a group of international trading partners as needed throughout the transaction.

Why Use the Live Conference Viewer When Hosting a Canada Conference Call?

The live conference viewer is a free, advanced feature of our pay-as-you-go Canada conference calling service.

Toronto Canada SkyscraperOur toll free and local access Canada conference calling service is a pay-as-you-go service that includes several advanced features, one of which is the Live Conference Viewer.



Included are local access numbers for your
participants in these provinces:


Plus included Canada toll-free number

While you can certainly host and participate in your conference calls without using this tool, you may want to use it when you’re at your desk. Why?

Below are a few of the benefits the live conference viewer offers to conference call moderators.

  • It provides you with a visual representation of attendance — The live conference viewer tallies the number of participants present at any given time, allowing you to know precise attendance numbers. Knowing that 25 out of 27 participants are in the conference room at the scheduled start time, for example, may prompt you to go ahead and start the meeting.
  • You’ll see a detailed attendee list — The names, phone numbers, and other details for each participant are listed, providing you with detailed information as to who is on the call.
  • You’ll have greater control over your entire conference call — Many of the functions available via the live conference viewer are available via keypad commands. However, you may find it easier to use a graphical user interface rather than a series of numeric commands.
  • You can quickly and easily record your Canada conference calls — The live conference viewer includes a mechanism for recording your conference calls. Once you’re logged into your live conference, click the “start recording” button.
  • You can silence open phone lines — Most experience conference call participants understand conference call protocol such as muting their phones when not speaking. However, it’s not unheard of for some lines to be left open. When this happens, ambient noise can quickly become distracting to the group. Using the live conference viewer, you can quickly identify — and silence — the offending connection. The line will be muted, and peace and quiet restored to your Canada conference call.
  • You can lock your conference calls — Keep your conversations and Canada conference calls private by using the security lock to lock a call in progress. Once your conference call has been locked, no one can access it — even if they have the access number and PIN.
  • You can break a main conference into sub-conferences — Let’s say you want to host a companywide conference call with employees across Canada, but you’d also like your individual branches to continue the conversation once your core message has been delivered. You can easily break the conference call into sub-conferences with the live conference viewer.
  • You can join and disconnect others to and from a live Canada conference call at any time — Some attendees may not be need for the duration of a conference call. For example, your CFO may be needed only for the last 10 minutes of a 60-minute conference call. Rather than expecting him or her to listen in for 50 minutes, you could use the dial-out feature to connect the individual to the conference call when the time comes. This is also useful when you have guests who should not be privy to the other discussions on your agenda.

Live Conference Viewer






The live conference viewer is a free, advanced feature of our pay-as-you-go Canada conference calls.

How Affordable are Canada Conference Calls?

Hosting Canada conference calls is one of the most affordable and convenient options available for group communications, especially with local per minute rates as low as 2.9 cents per minute. To give you a better idea about the affordability of holding actual Canada conference calls, we’ve put together a few example scenarios below.

Using Canada Conference Calls for Team Meetings

Imagine having a team of sales managers in cities throughout Canada. By using our audio conferencing service, you could hold team meetings to discuss current projects, sales goals, coaching, and more. How much would such a group audio call cost? Let’s crunch some numbers:

  • 20 minute example length of each conference call
  • 10 attendees using Canada local access at 2.9 cents per minute
  • 5 attendees dialing in with Canada toll free access at 3.9 cents per minute

For a 20 minute Canada conference call with 15 attendees, the total cost would be $9.70

(the call quality is crystal clear with no garbled conversations, voice clipping or drops outs)

Using Canada Conference Calls for Large Teleconferences

Another popular use for Canada conference calls is holding a large teleconference. Let’s say you have a team of 250 sales associates across Canada and would like to deliver a state of the company address along with a brief questions and answers session. In this example, we’ll assume a 30-minute teleconference, attendance of 250 people, and toll free access at 3.9 cents per minute.

How much would such a call cost? $292.50

That’s much more affordable than holding an annual meeting or traveling across the country to visit various branch offices.

Using Canada Conference Calls for Cross-Border Discussions

Here’s one more popular use for Canada conference calls: Canada-USA group audio calls. In this example, let’s say that you need to coordinate a project with several vendors and partners located in both USA and Canada. Conference calling rates for your USA counterparts are even lower than they are in Canada. Thus, our calculations will involve a few more variables. We’ll assume the following:

  • 3 vendors in USA using local access numbers at 1.7 cents per minute
  • 1 partner in USA using toll free access at 2.9 cents per minute
  • 3 partners in Canada using local access numbers at 2.9 cents per minute

For a 30-minute USA-Canada conference call based on the above, you’d incur a total cost of $18.78. It’s a small price to pay to land a lucrative deal or build a successful partnership.

Not only are Canada Conference Calls economical, they’re far less expensive than Bell Canada and convenient for attendees who need local or Canada toll-free access.

With our pay-as-you-go Canada conferencing service, not only can you communicate with a group of people across Canada — or across the border — affordably, hosting these group audio calls is easy. You can do everything needed from your phone’s handset or opt to use our free Live Conference Viewer or free Connect app. Attendees simply dial a local or toll free number and enter the conference PIN. It’s that easy.

Plus, the call quality and reliability of service are outstanding thanks to PSTN fiber optic networks and Avaya conference bridges with triple redundancy. With our pay-as-you-go service, you get advanced features and competitive rates without a contract or long-term commitment.

How to Create a Phone Presence in Botswana and Facilitate Botswana Conference Calls

If you’d prefer to manually dial individuals in Botswana and then join them into your conference calls, a dial-out feature, with a lower per minute rate, is available.

Botswana NatureThinking about entering the Botswana market from afar? In addition to conducting market research and taking care of any legal requirements associated with doing business in Botswana, you’ll need to develop an international communications plan.

Two important elements to include are Botswana virtual phone numbers (for call diversion from Botswana to your main office located in another country) and Bostwana international conference calls. Here’s how to create a local phone presence in Botswana and collaborate with international prospects, partners, and vendors in global conference calls.

Setting up a Phone Presence in Botswana

Call diversion with a global virtual phone number for Botswana is essential in ensuring that your local sales leads, prospects, customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners have an easy, convenient, and toll free means of calling you. Global toll free virtual phone numbers for Botswana are local to callers in the country. Though the calls are routed to your phone internationally, callers from Botswana will not be billed for the call.

Botswana Virtual Toll-Free numbers (267)

The first step is to sign up for a Botswana global virtual phone number. Our service can grow with you, and there are no contracts or long-term commitments. Simply choose Botswana as the country for your new toll free virtual phone number, enter your destination phone number (this is where you’ll receive calls from Botswana), and pick the number of monthly minutes you’d like.

From there, share your Botswana toll free call forwarding number with your contacts in Botswana and begin receiving international phone calls. Our Botswana global virtual phone numbers include advanced features such as local ring tones, voice response system, custom greetings, fax forwarding, country-specific call forwarding, time of day call forwarding, sequential or simultaneous ringing, and more. Optional call recording and rollover minutes are available for an affordable price.

Since you can cancel at any time, getting a Botswana virtual phone number is both affordable and low risk. You may want to use your call forwarding number as you test the market; should you decide not to enter the market after all, simply cancel the service without penalty.

Using International Conference Calls

Botswana global phone calls don’t necessarily need to be limited to just one-to-one conversations. Our pay-as-you-go international conferencing service is the perfection choice for hosting group audio calls with prospects, customers, business partners, local officials, and others located in Botswana and around the world.

Botswana Conference Call access number 00269 800 3000532
An account will need to be activated before you can use this
number to connect with others on a conference call.

No matter where you and the conference call’s participants are located, accessing the group audio call is easy. For example, we offer toll free access numbers for callers in Botswana and more than 100 countries worldwide. If you’d prefer to manually dial individuals in Botswana and then join them into your conference calls, a dial-out feature, with a lower per minute rate, is available.

Both our Botswana global virtual phone numbers and international conference calling service are built on fiber optic telecommunications networks (not VoIP) to ensure the best audio quality and the most reliable international phone service possible. There are no contracts with either service, and our rates are extremely attractive.

There’s no risk in trying our service, so sign up for a Botswana virtual phone number or pay-as-you-go Botswana international conferencing plan today.

Close More Deals in Belarus with International Conferencing and Virtual Numbers

By providing your contacts with Belarus phone numbers that automatically forward them to your global conference calls or a designated phone, you’ll remove barriers while also appearing more local and more approachable.

Belarus The Mir CastleMake it easy for your prospects and customers in Belarus to get in touch with you with toll free international conference calls and global virtual numbers specific to the region.

By providing your contacts with Belarus phone numbers that automatically forward them to your global conference calls or a designated phone, you’ll remove barriers while also appearing more local and more approachable.

Here’s how these two essential international phone services can help you to close more deals in Belarus:

  • Gathering requirements — Whether interacting with prospects and customers one-on-one or in a group audio call, your contacts in Belarus will appreciate being able to return your call or join the international conference call using a toll free number. Since the Belarus virtual numbers and access numbers are toll free for the country, they won’t incur any costs to reach you globally. Likewise, dialing the number is easy and familiar whereas using traditional international numbers requires looking up country and exit codes or getting an operator involved.
  • Presenting your proposal — By using toll free international conference calls and global virtual numbers, you can be readily available to discuss your proposal. For example, you could schedule a conference call to answer questions or discuss it in greater detail with your prospect and anyone else involved in decision making.
  • Negotiations — Is your prospect ready to engage your company? Chances are, they’ll want to go over the agreement or negotiate its terms. Since you’re just a toll free phone call away thanks to your Belarus virtual number, they’ll be able to reach out at their convenience no matter where you are in the world at the time. Likewise, you can schedule a group audio conference to finalize the deal with all parties who need to be involved.

It’s important to note that while callers in Belarus can call you at any time using your toll free virtual number, time zone differences may mean they call at an inopportune time. Our Belarus global virtual numbers come with advanced features you can adjust to ensure that your calls are handled promptly and professionally no matter when they call. For example, you can use time of day routing to forward calls to voice mail, an assistant, or even a 24-hour answering service.

Our international conferencing service and global Belarus virtual phone numbers are offered with no contracts, making them ideal for both short-term and long-term projects. Whether you expect to have a presence in Belarus for a few months or for many years to come, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of our no-contract telecommunications plans.

In addition, our Belarus international conferencing and virtual phone numbers are routed over fiber optic PSTN networks for exceptional audio quality and reliability. Our per minute rates are highly competitive, too. Live, US-based assistance is available 24/7 should you need it.

If you sell to clients in Belarus, sign up for a contract-free account for one or both of these international phone services today. For Belarus conference calling, you’ll pay as you go based on usage — with no minimums or monthly fees. For Belarus virtual phone numbers, you’ll pay month-to-month based on the bundle of included minutes you select. In either case, there’s no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

View details about aitelephone here

Kazakhstan Global Conferencing for International Trade

You could give them a direct line, but expect some pushback. A better option would be to use our international conferencing service and give your contacts toll free access numbers for China and Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Astana RoadsKazakhstan is the world’s 48th largest exporter with crude petroleum being its largest export by far.

To give you some perspective about just how important crude petroleum is to Kazakhstan’s export economy, it accounted for 58 percent of all exports for the country in 2014.

Its next major import, refined petroleum, accounted for just 5.3 percent.

If you import crude petroleum from Kazakhstan, run an import / export business that deals with partners in Kazakhstan, or have the need to interact with partners from around the world, holding global conference calls is an effective way to collaborate on projects, discuss the logistics of a given deal, or negotiate with suppliers. However, holding international conference calls with participants from other countries can be tricky. Our global conferencing plans solve the problem of bringing international callers together into a shared audio conference.

Customers receive all 150 global access numbers to accommodate their global conference call participants.

Included is the Kazakhstan toll-free access number 88003337312

Examples of Global Conferencing in Action

For example, if you’re in the United States and are brokering a deal between a refinery in China (Kazakhstan’s largest export partner) and a crude petroleum supplier in Kazakhstan, your contacts won’t be able to join your global conference call using a standard North American toll free number. You could give them a direct line, but expect some pushback. A better option would be to use our international conferencing service and give your contacts toll free access numbers for China and Kazakhstan.

When it’s time for the Kazakhstan conference call, everyone dials an access phone number specific to their own countries. There are no expensive international calling costs to prevent others from joining your audio conferences and there’s no need to get an operator to assist. Simply make a standard phone call, enter the conference PIN, and begin interacting in a group audio call.

What happens when everyone has joined the conference call and you realize that another party, from another country, should be involved? With our global conferencing plan, you can bring just about anyone, from any country into your international conference calls — at any time. During the call, simply use the moderator dial-out feature to dial and join your new participants.

If you’re still in the planning stages, you can simply invite your international contacts from various countries as you normally would. They’ll then be given instructions on how to join your conference call using a toll free or local access number specific to their own countries.

What Sets Our International Conferencing Service Apart

You’ll find many ways to conduct international and Kazakhstani conference calls, so why use our global conference calling service? Below are a few ways we are different:

  • We use tried-and-true telecommunications technology, PSTN, and not the less reliable VoIP
  • We are a pay-as-you-go global conferencing service with no contracts, no hidden fees, and no monthly fees
  • We have competitive international and toll free international conference calling rates.
  • Our plans are packed with advanced features like MP3 recording, moderator dial out, and the ability to lock your calls
  • We have toll free and regional access numbers for more than 150 countries around the world
  • We support connections from virtually any phone call
  • We have free apps and Outlook plugins that further extend functionality
  • We have live, US-based operators ready to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • We have a cancel any time, no questions asked policy

Experience our quality and features for yourself.

View details about worldwide conference calling here

International Conference Calling with Sudan

Our live operators are based in USA and are available 24/7 to assist you.

Sudan Khartoum Aaltaib Salih StreetThe Republic of Sudan is located in North East Africa. It is bordered by Egypt, South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Chad, Libya, and the Red Sea. Sudan is divided into eastern and western portions by the Nile River and is Africa’s third largest country.

Sudan gained its independence in 1956, but the transition was characterized by military regimes, conflicts, and two lengthy civil wars. A peace agreement, the North-South Peace Agreement, in 2005 eventually led to the independence of South Sudan, which was formalized in 2011 but has yet to be completely settled. U.N. Peacekeeping troops have been in Dafur since 2007 where instability remains.

Ceding South Sudan also impacted Sudan’s economy as about 80 percent of Sudan’s oil fields were located in the south. Prior to the secession of South Sudan, Sudan’s economy was booming, and Sudan was ranked as one of the world’s fastest growing economies. That quickly changed with the secession of South Sudan.

Currently, Sudan is an authoritarian state where the president and the National Congress Party have full political power. Sudan operates under Sharia law, a religious legal system favored by some Islamic countries. Challenges Sudan faces includes refugees from neighboring countries, continued violent conflicts, poor infrastructure, and poverty.

As of July 2015, Sudan had an estimated 36,108,853 people. The official languages of Sudan are Arabic and English, and Islam is the predominant religion. About half of the population relies on subsistence agriculture and lives near or below the poverty line.

Sudan is the largest exporter of gum Arabic in the world, and its economy is now largely dependent on agriculture. Gold mining is a potential economic driver being explored.

Telecommunications in Sudan

Sudan had about 420,000 fixed line telephones in 2014 according to CIA World Factbook. That’s about 1 subscription for every 100 people. That same year, Sudan had 27.8 million mobile phones for a mobile cellular density of 78 mobile phones for every 100 people.

Sudan’s telecommunications system is considered to be well-equipped for the area, and in Sudan Mapthe process of being upgraded. It is made up of various telecom technologies such as microwave radio relay, fiber optics, cable, tropospheric scatter, radiotelephone communications, and domestic satellites. Cellular service arrived in Sudan in 1996.

Today, most major cities in Sudan have extensive cellular coverage.

The fixed line operator in Sudan is Sudan Telecommunication Corporation (Sudatel). Canartel also offers competition in the fixed line market.

Mobile operators in Sudan include Sudan Mobile Telephone Company, MTN, and Canar.

Sudan has one international satellite earth station and more than a dozen domestic ones. The country is linked to EASSy and FLAG fiber optic submarine cable systems.

In 2014, Sudan had 8.5 million Internet users for an Internet penetration rate of 24 percent of its population.

Making International Phone Calls in Sudan

If you are in Sudan and need to make an international phone call, you will need to dial 00 first, which is Sudan’s exit code. You’ll also need to find out the international country code for the country you are calling and dial that before dialing the phone number.

Making International Phone Calls to Someone in Sudan

In order to call someone in Sudan from another country, you’ll first need to dial your country’s exit code followed by Sudan’s international country code of 249. Once those two codes are entered, you can then place your phone call by dialing the phone number.

International Conference Calling — Sudan

Our international conference calling service allows you to host global conference calls from anywhere in the world, including Sudan. You can also invite attendees from around the globe to join your international conference calls. Sudan does not have a toll free or in-country access number, however. The best ways to host or join international conference calls from Sudan are listed below:

  • Use the free Connect app. This app requires a network or wireless connection, and it makes hosting or joining a global conference call simple. The app will dial the international access number for you, eliminating the hassles associated with making international phone calls and providing you with our competitive dial-out rates. This app also includes handy features like call recording and the ability to manually join attendees into your Sudan conference call by dialing them directly.
  • Use moderator dial-out. As the host of a global conference call, you could use the moderator dial-out feature of our international conferencing plan to dial attendees in the Sudan directly and join them to your conference calls. This saves them from having to dial an international access number, and it ensures that you get billed our low dial-out rates.  All your Sudan attendee needs is a telephone.  View our best Sudan dial out plan rate here.
  • Use one of our live operators from USA. Our live operators are based in USA and are available 24/7 to assist you. If you need help joining an attendee from Sudan into your global conference call, they’ll be happy to jump in.

Our Sudan international conferencing plan is available on a pay-as-you-go basis. All callers, from around the world, are joined over a modern, fiber optic PSTN network for the best quality and reliability. Since there’s no contract, there’s also no risk.

Learn more about global conferencing here

Several ways to manage your Canada conference calls

When it comes to hosing conference calls with Canada, you have several convenient options.

Montreal Canada SkylineCanada and US conferencing

Three Easy Ways to Host Conference Calls Across Canada

When it comes to hosing conference calls with Canada, you have several convenient options. Below are three of the easiest ways to host a Canada conference call using our pay-as-you-go Canada conference calling service.

  1. Host a Toll Free Canada Conference Call

Perhaps the easiest option of all is to host a toll free Canada conference call. With this type of conference call, each attendee is given a toll free access number and a conference PIN. Whether in Vancouver, Québec, Montreal, Toronto, or a remote community in the Yukon, your attendees will each dial into your conference call using a toll free number. There are no costs to your participants whatsoever with this method, and you’re billed 2.9 cents per minute per participant. This is about as easy as it gets.

  1. Use a Combination of Local and Toll Free Access Numbers

Another option is available that can still ensure that your attendees can dial in at no cost, or at minimal cost, while lowering your costs a bit: using a combination of local and toll free access numbers. We have local access numbers for certain Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Alberta, Québec, Halifax, Ottawa, and Calgary. Have your attendees in these cities use local access numbers, which reduces your per minute rate down to just 2.9 cents per minute per participant. For everyone else, issue the toll free access number. Again, this is very easy on everyone involved.

  1. Use the Live Conference Viewer to Dial Attendees in Canada Directly

Our free live conference viewer is yet another easy-to-use option. This is a web application that allows you to manage your conference calls as they take place. You can also use the Live Conference Viewer to manually control the call in progress.

Each of the above options is easy with our service — and it gets even better! You can also extend your Canada conference calls to participants around the world if desired. For example, if you have participants in the United States who need to be on the conference call, you can invite them, too. We have dozens of local access numbers (1.7¢ /min) for cities across the United States as well as toll free access.

Thus, you can use our Canada conference calling service to host:

  • Canada conference calls with participants across Canada only
  • US – Canada conference calls with participants in Canada and USA

This is a pay-as-you-go conference calling plan with no contracts, no monthly fees, and no unexpected charges. We have exceptional audio quality and reliability, and our plans are packed with advanced features.

See more details about Canada conferencing service plan here.

Selling in Kazakhstan: Using Global Virtual Numbers and International Conference Calls

Like our global virtual phone numbers for Kazakhstan, international conference calls are routed over a modern PSTN telecommunications network for the best connections, reliability, and sound quality possible.

Kazakhstan At NightIf you sell to customers in Kazakhstan, international communications are easier and more affordable to establish than you may realize.

Rather than setting up a regional office, you can extend your business’s reach into Kazakhstan by establishing a local phone presence and using Kazakhstan international conference calls.

Here’s what you need to know about both of these international phone services.

Kazakhstan Global Virtual Phone Numbers Can Be Forwarded Anywhere in the World

Kazakhstan global virtual phone numbers are a special type of international call forwarding phone number. Choose from several Kazakhstan prefixes for cities such as Almaty, Shymkent, or Kazakhstan Astana, and then configure your destination phone number.

Kazakhstan Virtual Number Database

Above Kazakhstan virtual number available from
database as of 10/7/2016
View current Kazakhstan virtual number database here

Once done, anyone in Kazakhstan who calls your virtual phone number will be connected to the phone of your choice. The beauty of using Kazakhstan virtual phone numbers in this manner is that your caller will not be charged to make an international phone call.

In fact, the entire process is like making a local call in Kazakhstan. There are no country codes to dial and there’s no need to get operator assistance. It’s a simple phone call that routes calls over a high quality PSTN telecommunications network to your “ring to” phone.

By getting a virtual global phone number for Kazakhstan, you can immediately establish a local phone number to use in advertisements, marketing materials, on your website, and on business cards. Advanced features are available such as time of day routing, advanced voice response system, personal greetings, voice mail, voice mail to email, fax forwarding, and more. Optional features like call recordings and rollover minutes are also available.

Kazakhstan International Conference Calls

While it’s helpful to have a local Kazakhstan phone number for receiving calls from customers and leads in Kazakhstan, there may be times when an international conference call is necessary. Using a standard service is challenging due to the nature and costs of international phone calls. This can become especially problematic when the group of international participants gets larger.

Kazakhstan International Conference Call toll-free access number
8800 3337312
You will need to activate an account before you can
connect with others using this number.

The answer is to use our pay-as-you-go expanded international conferencing service. We support over 100 countries with toll free access numbers, including Kazakhstan. International conference calls are easy to make for everyone involved.

For example, your Kazakhstani attendees will dial a toll free access number specific to the country. You, on the other hand, will dial an access number specific to the country you are in. Meanwhile, if you have attendees from other countries, they’ll be assigned country-specific access numbers as well.

Host a Kazakhstan international conference call to give sales presentations, answer questions, strategize with partners and vendors, negotiate contracts, conduct training sessions, plan an installation or deployment, and more. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Since our international conferencing service is available as a pay-as-you-go plan, you can use it as needed without worrying about monthly fees, limits, contracts, or penalties. Simply pay for the minutes used as you use them.

Like our global virtual phone numbers for Kazakhstan, international conference calls are routed over a modern PSTN telecommunications network for the best connections, reliability, and sound quality possible. Both services are loaded with advanced features and offered with no contracts.

There’s a lot to love about both of these Kazakhstan international phone services, and they both can make it easier to communicate and sell in Kazakhstan.

Learn more about Global Virtual Numbers and International Conference Calls here

Using Global Conferencing Services from Costa Rica

After the Costa Rica global conference call, our service automatically sends you an attendance report detailing attendance and how many minutes were consumed.

Puerto Golfito Costa RicaWhether you’re working abroad, wanting to keep in touch with family while vacationing in another country, or running a business in Costa Rica, global conferencing services can help you stay in touch with a group. Here’s what you need to know about using global conference calls with Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Toll-Free access number 0800 0150520
    • First, you’ll need a convenient means of conducting global conference calls. One of the best conference calling options for people in Costa Rica is our pay-as-you-go global conferencing calling plan. There’s no special equipment to buy, no contract to sign, no expensive buckets of minutes to pay for each month whether you use them or not, no recurring fees, and no penalties if you decide to cancel. Simply pay as you go. We have competitive Costa Rica toll free and international conference calling rates along with modern global conferencing technologies.
    • After signing up for a pay-as-you-go Costa Rica global conferencing plan, the next step is to host your first international conference call. This is easy using our free mobile Connect app or online conference manager. You can even ask one of our live operators to help. They’re based in the United States and available 24/7. There’s no need for a reservation; if you’re ready to host a global Costa Rica conference call, you can host one on demand.
    • Accessing the Costa Rica conference call is easy — for everyone involved. If you’re in Costa Rica, you can dial a Costa Rica access number which routes you over our PSTN network and global conferencing bridge. Meanwhile, your attendees in other countries will dial different access numbers specific to their own countries. Depending on the locale or individual circumstances, you could also dial attendees directly using the moderator dial-out feature available in the app and online global conference call manager.
    • During the Costa Rica conference call, you may want to take advantage of a few features such as our MP3 recording tool. With just a tap of the button, you can record your global group audio calls. Whether you share the recording with your participants after the fact is completely up to you. Having a recording allows you to focus on the conversation as it takes place while also serving as a fall back should you need to review what was said after the call. It’s also helpful for key participants who might not have been able to join your international conference call from Costa Rica due to time zone differences or other reasons. Using the app or online conference viewer, you can also mute noisy lines, lock the call for security purposes, or join participants to the call in progress.
    • After the Costa Rica global conference call, our service automatically sends you an attendance report detailing attendance and how many minutes were consumed. You can go into your account and listen to the MP3 recording or share it with others.

As you can see, using our global conferencing services from Costa Rica is easy and affordable. We encourage you to sign up for an account and hold a test call so that you can also HEAR the quality firsthand.

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Conducting Business with Kuwait Global Conference Calls

Need to put a project out to bid? International bidding conference calls are another area where our global conferencing service can make your communications job easier.

Kuwait CityKuwait is one on the world’s largest oil producers and exporters, ranking in the top ten for both. Oil, by far, is Kuwait’s main export product, representing 95 percent of all of the nation’s exports.

Businesses in Kuwait broker deals with various trade partners from around the world. Among Kuwait’s main export partners are countries such as South Korea, India, Japan, China, USA, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Whether you need to bring a handful of individuals together to negotiate a contract or plan on putting a project out to bid, one of the best tools available is the tried-and-true conference call. In this case, a global conference call.

Using Kuwait Global Conference Calls to Meet with a Globally Diverse Group

For example, let’s say we have a Kuwaiti oil producer who is dealing with a buyer in the United States who, in turn, operates oil refineries in China and Japan. As they’re working out the details of the transaction, they realize that it would be helpful to have representatives from each of the refineries contribute to the conversation. However, they also realize that hosting an international conference call isn’t quite as easy as hosting regular conference calls. Everyone is located in different time zones, so scheduling requires some coordination. In addition, how will each participant actually join the global conference call?

While we can’t necessarily solve the time zone / scheduling problem, we can solve the logistics of bring a globally diverse group of people together into a Kuwait global conference call. With our global conferencing service, each attendee dials into the conference call using an access number specific to their home countries. For example, representatives from the refinery in China would dial a toll free or city-specific access number for China while those in Japan would dial a Japanese access number.

The call’s host in the United States would dial a USA toll free number and could use the moderator dial out option to join the oil producer in Kuwait to the conference call. The options are plentiful and convenient for everyone involved.

What if a key person was unable to join the Kuwait global conference call due to an illness or scheduling conflict? The conference call’s host has a variety of tools available including a call recording feature. With just a quick tap of a button in the free Connect app, the call can be recorded in MP3 format. Later, the moderator can make this recording available to the person who missed the conference call as it was happening.

Using Kuwait Global Conference Calls for International Bidding Conferences

Need to put a project out to bid? International bidding conference calls are another area where our global conferencing service can make your communications job easier. Simply schedule your group audio conference for a specific date and time, using a universal time and date format like GMT, and invite bidders to join you from around the world.

You may want to start out the conference in broadcast mode where only the speaker’s line is open and the later open the call up for questions and answers. Again, you can record the Kuwait global conference call and later distribute it to those who were unable to attend.

Our global conferencing service accommodates up to 250 participants and features exceptional audio clarity. It’s also available on a pay-as-you-go basis, making it ideal for both your short-term and long-term global conferencing needs.

The best way to experience the quality of our global conferencing service is to take it on a test drive. Contact us today to get a free trial of our Kuwait / global conference calling plan.

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Staying in Touch While in Kenya with Global Phone Services

Like our international conferencing service, our global virtual numbers use high quality PSTN networks for superior audio quality.

Nairobi Kenya SkylineTraveling to Kenya or staying in the country for an extended time period is both exciting and potentially daunting. How will you stay in touch with your family and business associate’s when you’re deep in the heart of Africa?

Global Phone Services — Kenya International Conference Calls

Kenya is less remote when you have access to global phone services. For group communications, international conference calls are the answer. With a Kenya international conference call, for example, you and your contacts will each dial a regular phone number (either toll free or local to the country you are in) and enter a passcode. You will then be joined into an audio conference room where you can converse with one another.

It’s important to choose a high quality international conferencing service to ensure that the sound quality is crisp and without background noise, drop outs, stuttering, or delays. Our international conferencing technology is modern and based on PSTN networks and not VoIP which is notorious for QoS issues.

Global access numbers are also important. For example, Americans may have trouble or worry about costs if presented with a Kenya international conferencing number. Thus, your callers in USA should be able to dial a toll free number to reach you in Kenya. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t be able to use that same toll free number while in Kenya because toll free numbers only work in their designated regions. Thus, with our service, you’d be able to dial a toll free access number for Kenya.

Our Kenya international conferencing service makes global conferencing easy, is an affordable pay-as-you-go service, and features superior audio quality.

Global Phone Services — Kenya Virtual Numbers

What about one-on-one calls during your stay in Kenya? Global virtual numbers are a great way to ensure that your family and colleagues can easily reach you. A global virtual number is essentially a call forwarding number because you can assign the ring-to number to ring to any phone in the world.

If your contacts are in USA and you’re in Kenya, you can get USA phone numbers for them to dial, either city specific or toll free, and then call forward those calls to a hotel, cell, or landline phone number in Kenya.

Similarly, you could get a Kenya toll-free number or a local Nairobi number and then set the destination number to ring to a phone in USA — or any other country for that matter.

Like our international conferencing service, our global virtual numbers use high quality PSTN networks for superior audio quality. They’re loaded with features such as local ring tones, auto attendant, voicemail extensions, and more. These are month-to-month plans with no contract, allowing for the ultimate in flexibility and low costs.

Using our global phone services like international conferencing and global virtual numbers in Kenya is easy and affordable. Stay in touch no matter how long you’ll be staying in Kenya.

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Indonesia Global Conference Calls Among Trading Partners

Sign up for a pay-as-you-go global conferencing plan in Indonesia and hold your first international conference call.

Indonesia CityAs the world’s 25th largest exporter, Indonesia exported nearly $200 billion in 2014. The country imported about $178 billion that same year for a positive trade balance of just over $19 billion.

Indonesia’s largest trade partners are Japan, China, USA, Singapore, and India.

With a bustling international economy, it’s often necessary for businesses in Indonesia to hold global conference calls among trading partners in these other countries.

Why Host Indonesia Global Conference Calls with Trading Partners?

Business partners throughout the different regions have various reasons they may need to collaborate with one another in a group audio call. For example, a cosmetic company based in the United States may have questions about the processing of Indonesian palm oil.

If there are country specific or international labeling requirements for products being imported from Indonesia, a global conference call is a good way for partners to make sure that these requirements are understood and will be handled accordingly.

With an Indonesia global conference call, partners from various countries can dial into a central audio conference room where they can communicate in real time. Whether discussing the logistics of shipping live crustaceans or clarifying production processes, being able to explain requirements, ask questions and get them answered in real time is one of the biggest reasons to use a group audio call.

Using Our Global Conferencing Tools to Ensure a Productive International Indonesia Conference Call

International conference calls among trading partners do not need to be lengthy, expensive, or overly difficult. Indonesian companies and their international trading partners can interact regularly and as needed using our high quality, competitively priced global conference calling service.

For example, since there are no reservations required, you can host an Indonesia conference call on demand. Let’s say there’s been a delay in sourcing raw materials from Japan. You can gain a deeper understanding of the delay by first holding an international conference call with your suppliers in Japan.

Once you understand the issue and projected timeline, you can use the moderator dial out tool to reach out to your export partners in USA, Singapore, China, South Korea, and other countries. Alternately, you could conclude your original global conference call with your suppliers and then initiate a second call with your affected partners.

By hosting a global conference call, you can ensure that your trading partners are notified about the delay in a timely manner while also providing them with an interactive forum where they can voice their concerns and get their questions answered.

While international conference calls are an excellent choice for mitigating a crisis, they’re also good for routine matters and relationship building. You can use our global Indonesia conference calling service to pre-schedule conferences for just about any agenda you may have. Frequent meetings with your international trading partners can strengthen your relationships, improve communication, and build a spirit of teamwork into your projects.

How to Get Started Using Global Conference Calls

Start by viewing our competitive rates for the countries your business trades with. Toll free and local access numbers are available for more than 150 countries. Next, sign up for a pay-as-you-go global conferencing plan in Indonesia and hold your first international conference call. We’re confident that you’ll find the quality of the calls exceptional and the advanced features, such as MP3 call recording and our live online conference viewer, to be extraordinary useful before, during, and after your calls.

Since there are no contracts, you can hold your first Indonesia conference call as a limited test. If you love the service, keep using it and enjoy low per minute rates and improved communications. If it’s not to your liking, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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Tips for More Efficient International Conference Calls With Participants in Sweden and Beyond

For example, if you have some team members in Sweden and the rest in USA, international conference calls are much cheaper than flying back and forth between countries.

Sweden StockholmHosting international conference calls using our Expanded service is an affordable way to communicate with participants in Sweden and any other country worldwide.

For example, if you have some team members in Sweden and the rest in USA, international conference calls are much cheaper than flying back and forth between countries. Real-time voice calls are also preferable to email and chats in many situations.

List of Swedish companies that are prolific global conference call users

SCA, Svenska Cellulosa AB
Atlas Copco AB
Autoliv AB
Scania AB
Securitas AB
H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB
Volvo, AB
Electrolux, AB
Skanska AB
Assa Abloy AB
Sandvik AB
PostNord AB
Nordstjernan AB
Nordea Bank AB
Vattenfall AB
Volvo Car Group
Transcom Worldwide AB

However, despite cheap Sweden international conference calling rates, you’ll still want to hold efficient group calls to ensure that time is being used wisely and everyone knows what’s expected of them after the call. Use the tips below to better manage your team’s time spent in conference calls.

  • Consider scheduling a series of shorter conference calls throughout the month rather than one marathon monthly session. No one likes to spend hours on the phone, even if the topic is engaging and the people friendly. Plus, long, infrequent group collaboration calls can quickly become information dumps with unclear action steps. By holding a series of shorter calls, the conference calls will likely be more focused and more results oriented.
  • Create a timed agenda. International conference calls are just like any other type of meeting. The more organized you are, the more efficient it will be. One of the best tools you can use is a written agenda with time limits.
  • Communicate before the international conference call. Participants need to know what to expect and what’s expected of them. When you invite them to the Sweden conference call, include the agenda along with any pertinent instructions. Make it clear when the call is scheduled to begin and end. If you intend to record the call and later share the recording or transcript, let them know that too as this can affect how their note-taking plans.
  • Encourage everyone to be on time. The sooner the conference call starts, the sooner it can end. Our free Connect app is helpful for moderators and attendees alike. It makes joining the conference call a simple matter of tapping a button. As the moderator of the call, you can also use the app to dial participants directly.
  • Use a timer or alarm to alert you a few minutes before the international conference call’s end time. This gives you time to wrap up the conversation, clarify action steps, and end the call on time.
  • Follow up with an email. Use the attendance report to see who attended the conference call and then send all participants a thank you message. You can also include the recording of the call, your personal notes, and any action steps you’d like to reinforce. You may also want to reach out to absentee members, sharing the recording or a synopsis of what they missed.
Sweden conference call access numbers

0201400589 - Sweden Toll-Free
0114966100 - Stockholm Local access
An activated account is required to use these numbers
for a conference call.

These tips should help you improve the efficiency of your international conference calls. How else can Sweden conference calls be improved? Share your tips with us on Facebook.

Make it Easy in Jordan to Collaborate using International Phone Services

Our Jordan international virtual phone numbers and international conferencing services are both available without contracts.

Amman Jordan Citadel RuinAre you targeting customers located in Jordan?

International virtual toll free phone numbers and international conference calling services are an affordable option that makes it much easier for your sales leads to reach you.

Inspire confidence and close more deals by incorporating these two essential international telecommunications services into your business.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Global Virtual Numbers for Jordan Work

Getting a toll free virtual phone number specific to Jordan is similar to getting a traditional toll free number in your home country in that the call is free to callers. What’s different about a global virtual toll free number for Jordan is that the destination phone can be located outside of Jordan. Your sales leads can dial the toll free number and reach you virtually anywhere in the world.

Our Jordan virtual phone numbers are toll free numbers for Jordan. They have the same toll free prefix and number of digits as all other toll free numbers in the country. As the account holder, you can set the destination phone number to any phone of your choosing including your office phone, home phone, mobile phone, or a call center — located in any country.

When someone in Jordan calls your virtual number, the call will be forwarded over a fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network to the destination phone. The sound quality is exceptional. Like a traditional toll free number, you will be billed per minute and the call is free to your callers.

Why Virtual Phone Numbers in Jordan are Easier for Your Sales Leads

Not only will a Jordan virtual phone number be free for your sales leads, it will also be easier for them. Few people like the idea of placing an international phone call. Not only is there uncertainty about the potential cost, there’s often a sense of anxiety about how to place the call or get an operator involved. Some of your sales leads simply will not return your call if you give them an international phone number. By giving them a virtual toll free number for Jordan, you will immediately put them at ease and eliminate barriers.

How International Conference Calls for Participants in Jordan Work

As the sales cycle progresses, you may find that a group audio call is necessary. Your sales leads may need to include their partners, coworkers, advisors, attorneys, or vendors in a global conference call. Whether gathering requirements, pitching a proposal, negotiating a contract, or planning an upcoming deployment, hosting a global conference call can bring participants in Jordan and from around the world together.

Our Jordan international conference calls work by providing traditional audio conference rooms, advanced features, and international access numbers using modern fiber optic PSTN networks. Conference call attendees in Jordan will dial a toll free access number specific to Jordan. If you’re located in the United States, you’d dial a domestic or toll free number for the United States. Participants in other parts of the world would dial access numbers specific to their countries. Once connected, each attendee enters the conference PIN and begins collaborating in a group audio call.

Why International Conference Calls in Jordan are Easier for Your Sales Leads

Again, it comes down to toll free access. No one involved needs to do anything special or download software. Simply dial a toll free number and enter a PIN code. It’s that easy.

Finally, by providing Jordan phone numbers to your sales leads, you are inspiring confidence. This shows that even though you’re located in another country, you are easy to reach.

Our international virtual phone numbers and international conferencing services are both available without contracts. Whether you intend to establish a local phone presence in Jordan for the long term or have a short-term international conferencing need, our international phone services are an incredible value that adapt to your communications needs.

Make it easy on your sales leads in Jordan by signing up for a global virtual number or a pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan (or both) today.

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Build a Virtual Team with Denmark Global Conference Calls

Since there are no contracts and no recurring fees, you can host Denmark conference calls as often or as infrequently as necessary.

Amalienborg Copenhagen Denmark Royal FamilyDenmark has long been a global player, and chances are you may find yourself part of a team with colleagues in the country.

Whether you’re involved in IT, life sciences, research, agriculture, manufacturing, academia, or any other industry, if you’re working with team members located in countries around the world, like Denmark, global conference calls are a great way to stay in touch.

Why Use Global Conference Calls for Virtual Teams?

Not sure why you’d want to use global conference calls in Denmark when you could use email, instant messaging, and various online collaboration tools? Below are a few instances where group audio calls are beneficial:

  • You want to build more personal relationships with your fellow team members
  • You want immediate feedback
  • You have a complex topic to discuss

Whether your team members are located in USA, Canada, Asia, New Zealand, or Denmark, global audio conference calls allow you to interact verbally. You can hear each other’s tone of voice and get a better sense of their personalities and frame of mind. With group audio calls, you have time to chat and get to know each other on a more personal level.

Global conference calls are also helpful when you need immediate feedback. With our international conferencing service, there’s no need to reserve a telephone conference room ahead of time. Simply launch the service and then use the moderator dial-out function to call your team members in Denmark. International conference calls made on the fly like this, however, should be made with consideration of time zone differences.

Holding a group audio call is also an excellent choice when your topic is complex or would require a great deal of back and forth collaboration. While email and texting have their place, sometimes a phone call is the most efficient choice.

What You Need to Host Global Conference Calls

If your virtual team is scattered around the world, we recommend choosing a global conference calling service that offers in-country access numbers. Thus, your team members in Denmark would dial a toll free access number for Denmark while those located elsewhere would dial numbers specific to their own countries.

This reduces friction associated with international dialing. There’s no need to think about country exit codes, dialing differences, operator assistance, or potential costs. Simply pick up the phone, dial a toll free access number, and connect to a group audio call.

Denmark Toll-Free and Local access numbers:
80251157 - Denmark Toll-Free
36927812 - Copenhagen

800 747 5150 - U.S. Toll-Free

You will need to activate an account to use these numbers
for your conference call.

Our pay-as-you-go global conference calling service is all that you need. Since there are no contracts and no recurring fees, you can host Denmark conference calls as often or as infrequently as necessary. You’ll pay only for the minutes you and your team uses. With crystal clear sound quality, you’ll hear one another as if you’re in the same building and not thousands of miles apart.

Begin collaborating with your global virtual team right away.

View details about the Expanded Global Conference call service here

Staying in Touch from Cambodia using International Conference Calls

Our international conference calls are routed over modern fiber optic telecommunications networks, resulting in clear sound and reliable connections every time.

Cambodia Asia SihanoukvilleCambodia is a beautiful country that continues to struggle in some areas such as environmental and human rights issues.

Whether you’re visiting Cambodia as a tourist, business professional, politician, or activist, one of the best ways to stay in touch with a group of colleagues or family members while in Cambodia is by using international conference calls.

Likewise, if you have associates located in Cambodia, you can also use global conference calls for international collaboration.

Using International Conference Calls from Within Cambodia

The first scenario for using Cambodia conference calls is when you are located in the country and other participants are located elsewhere. With our expanded international conference calling service, you can host your global audio calls from virtually any country in the world — including Cambodia. We even have toll free access numbers for Cambodia, making it easy to connect to our conferencing bridge.

You can preschedule your conference calls if desired, or hold them on demand. Each participant will be given a country-specific access number to use to join your Cambodian global conference call. For example, as the host in Cambodia, you’ll dial a toll free number unique to Cambodia. Meanwhile, your colleagues in USA will dial a US toll free number while those located in other countries will be issued phone numbers local to their countries.

This avoids the common problem international callers encounter: unfamiliar dialing conventions. There’s no need to get an international operator’s help or look up country codes and exit codes. Simply dial a traditional toll free or local phone number and join the international conference call.

Using International Conference Calls When You Have Attendees Located in Cambodia

The process is similar if you’re hosting the Cambodia conference call from outside of Cambodia. For example, if you’re in the United States but have attendees in Cambodia, you would join the conference call by dialing a toll free US access number. You have two main choices for connecting your Cambodian callers:

  1. Issue a toll free access number for Cambodia
  2. Use the moderator dial-out feature.

Toll free access is generally easiest. However, Cambodia’s toll free rates tend to be on the higher side. If you’re on a budget, or if the call is expected to run long enough where the per minute cost of toll free access is a concern, consider using the moderator dial-out feature instead.

The per minute cost for moderator dial-out is a fraction of the cost of toll free access in this particular case. Dial-out is easy to do on your own, especially if you have just a handful of attendees in Cambodia. If you need any help, our 24/7 operators can step in at any time.

Dial-Out Option

Our international conference calls are routed over modern fiber optic telecommunications networks, resulting in clear sound and reliable connections every time. While VoIP conferencing may be slightly cheaper (you might be surprised at just how competitive are rates are), the sound quality of VoIP conference calls doesn’t even come close to ours. Why risk your professional reputation for a few pennies?

We also have advanced features like MP3 recording and live online conference viewers. Best of all, our Cambodia conference calling plans are offered on a no-contract, pay-as-you-go basis. Since you can cancel at any time without penalty, there’s no risk in signing up and holding international conference calls as needed.

Learn more about Global Conference Calling and Cambodia

Hosting a Global Conference Call from South America

Signing up for a pay-as-you-go South America global conference calling plan is fast and easy. You can host your first global conference call within minutes and pay only for the minutes you use.

Colombia Kartagena South America
Cartagena, Colombia South America

As economies throughout South America continue their emergence, you may find that you need a convenient and affordable way to communicate with a group of people throughout the continent — if not around the world.

Our South America global conference calling service is ideal for any business professional who needs to communicate with participants in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Australia, Africa, and beyond.

How to Host a Global Conference Call from South America

If you’re located in South America, you can host global conference calls with participants all over the world. No matter where your attendees may be located, you can set up your South America conference call so that everyone dials an access number that is considered “local” to them.

For example, if you’re located in Santiago, Chile but have callers from Portugal, Venezuela, and United Arab Emirates, you’ll use a local or toll free number for Chile to access the call while your participants will use a local or toll free number for Portugal, Venezuela, and the United Arab Emirates.  All global access numbers are sent to you immediately upon account activation.

Current list of South American toll-free dial-in countries

Add attendees in these countries using the included dial-out feature

Dial-Out Option

Falkland Islands
French Guiana
South Georgia and the
South Sandwich Islands

Thus, the call is easy and affordable for everyone to access. There’s no need for complicated international dialing or costly international toll charges. Please note that as the host of the South American global conference call, you’ll choose whether or not to provide international toll free access.

Our international conferencing rates are extremely competitive, making hosting SouthAmerican conference calls quite affordable.

Here’s how to host your first global conference call from South America:

  • Sign up for one of our pay-as-you-go global conferencing plans
  • Schedule the call (or host it on the fly for impromptu conference calls)
  • Provide participants with the global conference call’s details (such as the time and date, local access numbers, conference PIN, etc.)
  • Set up moderator dial-out if you intend to use that feature to automatically dial some participants.
  • Join the global conference call at the scheduled time you set with your conferees.

Advanced Global Conferencing Features and Tools

To ensure that all of your global conference calls go without a hitch and sound crystal clear every time, we utilize the most reliable global conferencing technologies including modern fiber optic PSTN networks and conferencing bridges. We do not use VoIP, which is prone to line noise, interference, and quality of service issues.

We suggest downloading our free Connect app or using our live online conference viewer. These tools give you one-click access to easy-to-use tools such as MP3 call recording, dial-out, and line muting. You can quickly determine who is already on the call and who has yet to join it.

You and your participants can use any type of phone to access the global conference call including land lines, mobile phones, and VoIP phones. If you need help at any point, live operators are available to assist 24/7.

South America MapSigning up for a pay-as-you-go South America global conference calling plan is fast and easy. You can host your first global conference call within minutes and pay only for the minutes you use.

There are no contracts, no monthly fees, and no recurring charges. Our rates are among the lowest you’ll find and our quality is unsurpassed. You can also cancel at any time, no questions asked, and without penalties, giving our global conferencing service a try is simple, easy, and risk free.

View details about the Expanded Global Conference Call service here

Showcase Your Expertise in Bahrain with Global Phone Services

Running an international business requires exceptional communications skills — and access to the right communications services.

Bahrain Grand MosqueRunning an international business requires exceptional communications skills — and access to the right communications services.

If you do business in Bahrain, you — and your customers — can benefit from our international conferencing and global virtual phone number services.

  • Bahrain international conference calls — By using our international conferencing service, you can share your ideas, thoughts, and business proposals with groups of clients, customers, prospects, vendors, and other attendees in an audio conference. There are several ways for attendees to join the call including toll free access numbers specific to Bahrain, moderator dial out, operator assistance, and easy access via the free Connect app. Plus, there’s no special software or equipment required. All you need is a phone to enable Bahrain international conference calls.
  • Bahrain virtual phone numbers — For one-on-one communications, consider getting a Bahrain virtual phone number. Our global virtual phone numbers for Bahrain are available in both toll free and national configurations. They look and sound like other business phone numbers in Bahrain, but they ring to the destination phone of your choice. This destination phone can be virtually anywhere in the world, yet your callers will never see an international charge for the call. Local tolls may apply for national numbers.

Why Use Bahrain International Phone Services?

International conference calls allow you to communicate with a group in Bahrain in one of the most cost-effective manners possible. Our service makes hosting and joining a Bahrain conference call as simple as dialing a local or toll free number. Built-in features like MP3 call recordings, auto-generated attendance reports, and crystal clear sound add even more value to the service.

Since everyone can join your international conference call by dialing a local or toll free access number, there’s no need to travel and expenses are kept to a minimum. Because hosting a Bahrain conference call is also easy, you’ll be more inclined to organize these meetings on a more frequent basis. End result: better communications, stronger relationships, and fewer misunderstandings.

Establishing a local Bahrain phone number is also extremely useful. For starters, your business looks as if it’s physically located in Bahrain thanks to the global virtual phone number. With the toll free version, your contacts in Bahrain don’t even need to think twice about calling you because they know the call will be free. With the national version, callers simply dial the number just like any other phone number in Bahrain. There are no exit codes or international country codes to worry about.

Advanced features such as country call forwarding, PBX extensions, voice mail, fax forwarding, simultaneous ringing, and time of day routing enhance the experience. End result: callers from Bahrain can easily reach you, no matter where in the world you might be.

Both of these international phone services can facilitate communications between you and your customers in Bahrain. Whether you need to pitch a proposal, negotiate a contract, solve a problem, answer questions, or build relationships, our international conference calling and global virtual numbers services can serve as a crystal clear bridge between you and your customers.

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Doing Business in Bermuda Internationally with Global Phone Numbers

Bermuda BeachIf you do operate a business that caters to customers in Bermuda, consider ordering global virtual phone numbers for Bermuda and signing up for an international conference calling plan.

Both of these international phone services are easy to set up, affordable, and available without contracts. Even better, they’re both beneficial to your business and your customers.

Benefits of Bermuda Virtual Phone Numbers

Getting a global virtual phone number for Bermuda allows you to have a toll free phone presence in the country — without a physical location. Global phone numbers can be tied to any international phone number. Thus, when a caller in Bermuda dials your toll free virtual phone number, you’ll receive the actual call on the phone number you’ve designated. This “ring to” or “destination” phone number can be located anywhere in the world. Unlike regular toll free numbers, global virtual toll free numbers are not restricted to a given country or region; they work worldwide.

Once you have your Bermuda virtual phone number, you can begin marketing your service and accepting phone calls. Bermuda toll free virtual phone numbers are convenient for your customers, and they ensure that your customers are not charged for their time on the phone with you. They also reflect your company’s professionalism and commitment to serving the island nation. By getting a Bermuda toll free virtual number, you are making it easy to do business with you.

Loaded with useful features, our toll free virtual Bermuda phone numbers make it easier for you to do business in Bermuda as well. For example, you can use time of day forwarding to deal with time zone differences more efficiently. You could also centralize customer service by routing all of your international phone calls into a call center. Using country-specific forwarding, another feature of our global virtual numbers, you can forward your incoming Bermuda calls to a specific call center, department, or sales agent.

Benefits of International Conference Calling

As your business presence in Bermuda grows, you may want to speak with groups of prospects, customers, business partners, or suppliers in a Bermuda international conference call. Our pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan is the perfect option because it’s always available to you, yet you pay only when you use it.

Like our Bermuda virtual phone numbers, your attendees from Bermuda will be given a toll free number that works in Bermuda but connects internationally. It offers attendees similar benefits such as easy of calling you, no concerns about tolls, and familiar dialing conventions. Callers simply dial a toll free number, enter the conference’s PIN, and participate in the conference call.

As the host of the international conference call, you have access to a wide range of advanced features such as a live conference viewer, the free Connect app, moderator dial out, MP3 recordings, auto generated attendance reports, 24/7 operator assistance, and more. Plus, all of these features are included free of charge. You only pay for the minutes used in conference calls, all at competitive per minute rates.

Both our Bermuda virtual phone numbers and our pay-as-you-go global conferencing services route callers over modern PSTN networks for the best sound quality, connections, and reliability. There are no contracts to sign, no surprise charges, and no long-term commitments.

Jamaica Global Conferencing: Tips and Tricks

Our Jamaica global conferencing service works beautifully with the free Connect app, which makes joining and managing conference calls very easily.

Jamaica BeachHolding a global conference call with participants in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean is a cost-effective way to communicate, especially when compared with travel.

Our modern, fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network allows for crystal clear reception no matter where your participants are located or how well equipped their nations’ own telecom systems are, or aren’t as the case may be.

While our pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan makes it easy to host and participate in Jamaica global conference calls, we have a few conference calling tips to help you get the most out of your time collaborating.

  • Review your participant list. Have you invited the right people? What are the per minute costs for each participant’s countries? You may find that some countries, like Jamaica, have higher per minute rates than others like the USA. If it’s going to be a short conference call or if you only have a few participants in Jamaica, this might not be a concern. On the other hand, if you expect to call to be fairly long or if you a lot of participants from Jamaica, you’ll want to be aware of those costs and consider using moderator dial out which has much lower rates.
  • Prepare for your conference call just as you would prepare for an in-person meeting. It’s smart to create an agenda with time limits. The more focused the better. Share your agenda with participants in advance so that they too can prepare.
  • Set up reminders in your calendar or time management system. Whether you use an online calendar, a to-do app, or any other system, set up a reminder so that you are alerted about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. You could even create your agenda in Evernote, for example, and the set up the note with a reminder. If you’ve scheduled the call using our system, we’ll also send a reminder. Reminders will help you to remember the call is coming up as well as give you a few minutes to gather your thoughts and review your notes.
  • Use our the free Connect app. Our Jamaica global conferencing service works beautifully with the free Connect app, which makes joining and managing conference calls very easy. If you plan on using the moderator dial-out feature to dial your Jamaican participants directly, you can do so directly from within the app. This app is also a good choice for your participants.
  • Record your global conference calls. You can also record your Jamaica conference calls with just a few key presses during the call. The app also has a record button. No matter how you initiate the recording, you’ll receive an MP3 audio file at the conclusion of your teleconference. Many of our users limit their live calls to a handful of participants and then later distribute the MP3 recording to a wider audience.

Finally, relax and enjoy collaborating with your colleagues around the globe. Because international conference calls are so affordable, you can hold them frequently, allowing you to build stronger relationships over time. offers Jamaica toll-free number access and dial-out access for international conference calls with Jamaica participants.  In addition, each caller can download the free Connect App for iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.  The Connect app enables connecting to the conference call without dialing an access number.

How has your company benefited from hosting global conference calls.

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