Myths about Holding Global Conference Calls in Belarus

You’ll be impressed with the sound quality no matter where in the world your callers are located.

Belarus Minsk Academy of SciencesThe CIA World Factbook describes Belarus’s telecommunications system as “lagging behind its neighbors in upgrading telecommunications infrastructure” and says that rural areas continue to be underserved. Others have said that waiting lists for phone service are long.

While Belarus may have a way to go with its telephone infrastructure, business professionals often have to get creative in how they communicate with the outside world. One way is through global conference calls. However, there are a few myths surrounding international conference calls. We’ve busted them below.

Myth: You need a sophisticated phone system to hold global conference calls.

Not true. In fact, you can host global conference calls in Belarus using a mobile phone. Our international conferencing the technology is offered as a service, and there’s no hardware to buy. You can schedule and host a conference simply by dialing an access number or launching a free mobile app. Likewise, your participants can call in using any type of phone including landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP phones.

Myth: Global participants face high costs when participating in Belarus conference calls.

This is another common misconception. However, you can set up the call in such a way as to minimize their costs — or eliminate them completely. We have local and toll free numbers for countries around the world. For example, you could set up your global conference call so that callers in the Philippines dial a local number for the Philippines. You could issue a toll free access number for callers in Vietnam. You could even dial participants directly if so desired. Our international conference calling rates to Belarus are extremely competitive, too, further busting any myths about conferencing costs.

Myth: Sound quality is problematic because of Belarus’s telecommunications infrastructure.

If you use an inferior international conference calling service, you could encounter sound quality problems, but that’s not necessarily the fault of the Belarus telecommunications system. It all depends on how the conference calls are connected. Our international conferencing service utilizes advanced PSTN networks known for their quality and reliability. You’ll be impressed with the sound quality no matter where in the world your callers are located.

Myth: Long-term contracts, high monthly fees, and early termination penalties make international conference calling feasible only for companies with high volume conferencing requirements.

This myth is true if you choose an international conference calling plan that has long-term contracts, high monthly fees, and early termination penalties. But it’s busted when you choose our pay-as-you-go global conference calling plans. You can use our service as little or as often as you like with no recurring charges, no activation fees, no contracts, no minimums, and no penalties. Whether you host a single Belarus global conference call or many of them, you pay only for the minutes you use.

What other myths are holding you back from connecting with your associates around the world? Let’s bust them all.

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