How Much Does it Cost to Host International Bulgaria Conference Calls?

Bulgaria MarketHosting Bulgaria conference calls with international participants is an affordable alternative to meeting in person.

How affordable? Costs are variable, and it depends on which countries your participants call from, how many participants you have, and how long the call lasts.

However, let’s run through a couple of examples to give you a better idea of what to expect when hosting international Bulgaria conference calls.

Sample Costs for a 30-Minute International Bulgaria Conference Call with a Diverse Mix of Participants

Each country has its own per minute rates for joining a Bulgaria conference call, so you’ll need to look up the rates on our website for each country involved in your teleconference.

As an example, let’s say that your call will involve participants from the following countries at the following per minute rates:

  • Bulgaria — $0.32 toll free
  • Romania — $0.26 toll free
  • United Kingdom — $0.06 toll free
  • Ukraine — $0.32 toll free

Now that you know the expected per minute rates for each country involved, you’ll need to do a bit more math. For each country, estimate the number of attendees likely to be joining your Bulgaria global conference call and then multiple the per minute rate times the number of attendees to come up with the total per minute rate for each country. Let’s say that you will have 5 attendees from Bulgaria, 2 from Romania, 3 from United Kingdom, and 3 from Ukraine. Your per minute rates would look like this:

  • Bulgaria — $1.60 per minute (3 attendees times 0.32)
  • Romania — $0.52 per minute (2 attendees times 0.26)
  • United Kingdom — $0.18 per minute (3 attendees times 0.06)
  • Ukraine — $0.96 per minute (3 attendees times 0.06)

In this example, the total cost per minute for the entire group joining your Bulgaria conference call is just $3.26.

Use your total cost per minute along with your expected conference duration to estimate the cost of your global conference call. In this case, a 30-minute global conference call in Bulgaria would come in at less than $100 — $97.80 to be exact.

Sample Costs for Hosting a 30-Minute International Bulgaria Conference Call Using Local and the Dial-Out Rates

The first example looked at costs using toll free figures. If you want to reduce your costs, consider using local access numbers or moderator dial-out when available. For example, if your Bulgarian participants are in Sofia, using a Sofia access number would save you 23 cents per minute, or $6.90 over the course of the 30-minute conference call.

Using the same countries and participant counts, here’s how the numbers change when using local access numbers or moderator dial-out:

  • Bulgaria — $0.09 local (Sofia)
  • Romania — $0.09 local (Bucharest)
  • United Kingdom — $0.05 local (London)
  • Ukraine — $0.21 dial-out

The total cost per minute for each group of attendees breaks down as follows:

  • Bulgaria — $0.27 (3 attendees times 0.09)
  • Romania — $0.18 (2 attendees times 0.09)
  • United Kingdom — $0.15 (3 attendees times 0.05)
  • Ukraine — $0.63 — (3 attendees times 0.21)

In this example, the total cost per minute for the entire group joining your Bulgaria conference call would be just $1.23 — quite a bit less than a toll free international conference call.

Using the 30-minute duration we used earlier, this global conference call would cost $36.90.

Keep in mind that you can use a mix of dial out, local, and toll free access numbers, so your costs will depend on the choices you make. These examples should give you an idea of how affordable hosting a Bulgaria global conference call can be.

Have your international conference calling costs saved you money?

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