Tips for Hosting Belgium International Conference Calls

Time is a precious commodity, making it important to start and end your global conference calls on time.

Brussels Belgium Bruxelles imageNeed to host a conference call with international participants in Belgium? Whether you’re in Belgium or your attendees are, international conference calls have a few additional considerations.

Here’s what you need to know about hosting global Belgium conference calls.

  1. Your attendees will need a convenient and cost-effective means of accessing the call. If you use a traditional conference calling service, it most likely doesn’t support international callers. While you could give them a direct number to access the conference, they will incur international long distance charges in order to participate. This is a huge obstacle to overcome! Even if your participants are not concerned about the potential cost of the conference call, they may have trouble connecting.

The best solution is to use an international conference calling service that has local or toll free access numbers for each country. For example, attendees in Belgium will dial a toll free access number for Belgium while those in Chile will dial a different access number specific to Chile.

  1. Telecom quality is essential. While many VoIP and web-based conferencing options exist, they have their downsides. One of the biggest problems with IP conferencing solutions has to do with audio quality. Echoes, sound delays, drop outs, and noise are common issues with these technologies. When you have vast distances, these problems can become even worse. If you want all attendees to hear one another perfectly, make sure to choose a Belgium conference calling service known for its telecommunications quality. We use modern, fiberoptic PSTN telecommunications networks for the best sound quality available.
  1. Factor in time differences when scheduling your Belgium conference call. If most of your attendees are in Eastern Europe, time differences aren’t too dramatic. However, if you have attendees in North or South America and other parts of the world, they could be significant. Use a world time zone map to help you determine the best time to schedule your Belgium global conference call.
  1. Start and end your global conference call as promised. Time is a precious commodity, making it important to start and end your global conference calls on time. If these are recurring teleconferences, your attention to the time limits will be appreciated — and will help to build trust with your attendees. For example, they’ll know that you keep your word and will be more likely to attend future conference calls because they know that they’ll be well managed and run on time.

Use alerts and timers to keep you on track during the call, and make sure to prepare an agenda. If a topic requires more time than you scheduled, consider scheduling a follow-up global conference call rather than allowing your current one to run over.

  1. Finally, familiarize yourself with the international conferencing tools included in your Belgium conference calling plan. These are included to make you a more effective moderator. Below are a few of the most popular ones:
    • MP3 recording
    • Live Conference Viewer
    • Connect App
    • Moderator Dial-Out

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