Using International Conference Calls for Group Collaboration in Colombia

a participant from Canada might dial a local Toronto access number, yet the caller will be routed to the same exact audio conference room you just joined from Colombia.

Bogotá Colombia
Bogotá Colombia

Are you planning an extended trip or being reassigned to Colombia, South America?

While you’ll likely have plenty to keep you occupied, whether traveling for work or on vacation, you’ll need an easy, affordable way to communicate internationally during your stay.

Avoid costly surprises by lining up your international conference calling services before you go to Colombia.

International Conference Calls from South America

Staying in touch with your business partners, employees, colleagues, suppliers, customers, and family members while in Colombia is important to maintaining those important relationships, staying involved, and getting business done. However, hosting international conference calls from South America is a bit more complicated than it is to host a conference call when everyone is in the same country.

Some of the biggest obstacles are:

  • International phone number differences
  • International long distance costs
  • Time zone differences
  • Audio quality

For example, if you have people located in the United States who need to join your Colombia conference call, they may have trouble dialing a direct phone number to Colombia. They might not know how to place an international phone call or worry about their future phone bills. Meanwhile, people in other countries will likely have the same concerns.

Colombia International Toll-Free access number: 01800 7550003
Bogotá local access number:  14864889

You would need to activate an account to use these access numbers for
a global conference calls with your call guests.

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There’s not much you can do about time zone differences other than to be aware of them and attempt to schedule the most convenient global conference calling times.

Poor audio quality is another concern for hosting Colombia conference calls. While Colombia has a relatively modern telecommunications system, it’s important to choose a reliable international conference calling service provider using fiber optic PSTN networks to connect callers from around the world to your Colombia conference call.

Our Colombia Global Conference Calling Solution

Our global conference calling service solves many of the concerns you may have about hosting conference calls from South America. While you’re in Colombia, you’ll use a Colombia access number to join your calls, as will any attendees also in Colombia. Meanwhile, your participants in other countries will use in-country access numbers. For example, a participant from Canada might dial a local Toronto access number, yet the caller will be routed to the same exact audio conference room you just joined from Colombia.

Our superior PSTN networks and international conferencing bridge technologies ensure the best audio quality. All callers are routed via these networks, resulting in crisp, clear voice communications.

Cost concerns are eliminated with our international conferencing plan. If you issue toll free access numbers, your callers won’t be affected by costs whatsoever. If they dial a local access number but are not in that locality, they may incur some tolls but that shouldn’t catch them off guard. We even have a workaround — moderator dial out — for situations where toll free or city-specific access numbers are not available.

Our international conferencing plans for Colombia and dozens of countries around the world are available on a pay-as-you-go basis with competitive per minute rates. These plans are flexible, affordable, and convenient — and they’re perfect for all of your short-term or long-term global conferencing needs.

Sign up for a Colombia global conferencing plan today and begin using it immediately. Since this is a no-contract plan with no minimums, no recurring fees, and no penalties, you can use it when you need it and pay only for the minutes you use.